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beautiful and disturbing picture from a hospital in Taiwan. This son feeds his mother the way she fed him when he was a child!

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Bless this man realy,yes & sad at the same times
I wish that western culture would take a lesson from this lovely man, and start to look after their parents.
Taiwan, apparently a culture that still understands that the process of getting older is a part of life ...look how no one is staring at this man...can you imagine this scene in a European or American hospital?
sigh.. think its no life for her , this way. But lovely, that the son does this.
how disgusting i think my mom saw someone do that at my sisters soccer game GROSS
Pictures say a thousand words. Thanks.
today it does seem disgusting but once to our mother feeding us did not seem disgusting
it's rare in China mainland.i am moved
Jaydin how is this gross? It is beautiful the love he has for his mother! Some day when you are dumped in the nursing home and no comes to visit just remember this. GOD be with you!
you are so lucky because God gives you opportunity to serve your mother but some people like me didn't get this golden service in the life.
Whats disturbing about this? Love is beautiful, not disturbing ....
touching, can feel the love there.. love from a child that she nurture when in her womb during nine month of pregnancy pays off...
Jaydin... you're too young to understand right now. But the day will come when you, God willing, WAIT until you're an adult, finish college, get married and THEN have a baby... then, raise that baby to become the same kind of respectable adult... it will all make sense to you. At least - if you are raised with good values and morals.. it will make perfect sense to you. This man is returning all the goodness and love his mother gave to him as a baby.
What a lesson to use into our own lives...
This doesn't seem that unusual. I have done the same for my mother after she had 2 strokes and a heart attack. In the US, esp for folks on medicare or medicaid, nurses just don't have the time and patience to do this sort of thing.
And God Bless all children who cre for their parents when they are too frail to care for themselves.
This is how it should be. As our parents cared for us, we should repay this kindness by caring for them at their inevitable end.
Same here, I did it for my father. Heartbreaking, he was on his way out.
Miss you, Dad.
Paul Lumb
I lost my mum 6 weeks ago and my dad yesterday, and if icould do anthing for 5 more seconds with them i would in a heart beat, god bless them all ,,
This is different. The love is so true. Very touching, yet sad.
If someone says he or she loves u jst tell them that its a lie. But wen u see this picture u will evn knw the true meaning of love from a mother to a son.
in my language we say mayo mpapa naine nkakupapa..... mom look after me and i will look after you, but most of the time we act like crooks your mom does her part and you start living like she does not even exist
Paul ((((hugs)))) You have a bit of a rough road ahead. Grieving takes time. Be good to yourself. Cry when you need to. You have my deepest sympathy.
Touching...He who has a mother has everything.
Reminds me of the little book "I love you for ever"
So Heart Touching....
Today's shravan kumar
That's Very Humble.. That's how God want's us to be.
a great deal with all mighty allah to enter his beautiful world.
A beautiful and nice human scenery.
By the way, our possible future!
Very beautiful picture, this remind me of a verse from Quran:

And lower to them the wing of humility out of mercy and say, "My Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up [when I was] small."[Al Quran: Chapter 17, Verse 24]
thats the relation between mother and son............
who ever u are, god bless u ,amen
That's what I call human... No animal could do the same....
Hes so nice to care for his mother like that.
thats what islam told us , care of your mom and mom and mom and dad :)
the lowest of men ignore their kids
the normal ones ignore their parents
the superiority of a civilization is how well it treats its young and old
F.a.m.i.l.y = Father and Mother I Love You
wat a man ihave see in my life
Ein wunderbares Bild....und diese Selbstverständlichkeit ist toll. So ein Mensch hat mehr Vorbildfunktion als irgendein noch so toller Promi. Chapeau...
He is the real son...
Reminds me of the children's book "I Love You Forever". :)
Amazing picture... A long life he will have himself ... he's not forgot his mother.
So sollte es sein, auch wenn die meisten das heut leider anders sehen!
That is a great photo, very inspiring and sad at the same time.
I'm sorry but this picture just freaks me out..
awwwwwwwwwww....thats so sweet..
and the thing is no one would do that now..
I am in same condition. My heart sinking .....
Yes, exactly 'beautiful AND disturbing'......
wow that son is a great man. he was feeding his mom like a baby.
How can we post pictures? if you now email me at joshben17
This is Filial piety(孝順).....BTW we don't need god to have this.
not every1 has da courage to do it,,,hds offff.........very rare incidence,,,god bless
He breaks my heart from being stuborn to my mum.God bless him for that.
God bless this man, hope Allah guides him
God , pls noone should not have such situation in the world.
I feel so sorry for those here saying this is gross or disturbing or creepy, that you have so little compassion and love inside you... it you that is creepy and disturbing, not the son and mother in this photo.
Just a reminder of how precious your life is to just waste it with doing wrong. Be kind pass it on.
Picture show reflection of his mind .stay a child as long as u can aschildhood is the world of miracle
Devotion & love a blessed women to be held as such. Bless this man and the photographer for sharing.
There´s nothing wrong. She was there for him as he was a child, and now it´s his turn.
different cultures have different ways of dealing with stuff...Just like people in India riding on the top of a train, doesn't happen here.
The only thing disturbing about this is the fact that someone thinks it is gross ,,how could you say that?,,God be with you in YOUR time of need !!
nice post Rob H 'Love & compassion are necessities NOT luxuries.Without them humanity cannot survive ! Absolute admiration for this man and all like him !!
A very touching picture. As a father to a son and daughter, my hope is that the bonds built will stand the test of time.
For myself i wish to die befor that happens. Cause as we learned from the old romans, it's not enough to have a good live, you need to have a good death to. Sayed by a famous roman at the end of a party while his doc bring him to death on his own will.
Admire the guy...we need more ppl like him here on this cold earth
That's true mother and son love, something that this current society is lacking.
so moved by this picture. seldom there will be such sons in modern China
Blood runs thicker than water.
I really hope that I never have to exist this way.
once the mother looked after him like this....good work.
I be proud to be Taiwanese! !
Thanks for love, love is only on great virtue.
great ..........really hats off
touching, can feel the love there..
Aaw! THe man must care a lot to be doing that.
If I live that long, I hope I have someone that devoted and loving to take care of me.
I lived in Taiwan for 2 years, and was married to a Taiwanese for 10 before she passed. While I didn't see something quite like this, I will attest that over there they do take care of family members well, and especially aging parents. You are considered a jerk and an outcast if you abandon family - especially your mother (even over father). Where did we lose this over the years?
Wer ist die arme Frau auf dem Foto?Was hat sie?joline.
I'm proud to be Taiwanese! !
How many Westerners would do the same, instead of dumping their old parents into an "institution" where most of the time they are tied up?
The mother who taught true love to this son.. hats off to this gentleman... We all have such a wonderful loving heart (nothing flesh related) within us, but the more we civilized the more we hesitate in expressing...
The picture is made of love.
Not disturbing, but beautiful. Love is the only commodity that we can give away and still have more.
Nina JC
I now look in on my elderly mother and anticipate more responsibility as time passes. I find this to be beautiful as the poster says, but the only disturbing thing about it is that I, in my life and corporate culture, will not have the time, freedom from salaried work, or social support to perform such constant personal care. That disturbs me to me core, because I will lose an opportunity to 1) be deeply involved, and 2) be very close to her to comfort her near death.
THIS is absolutely PRECIOUS!!! It is GOD's pure unconditional love this son is giving his mother who gave him birth. In the bible we are told to honor our mother and father and he IS. This is sad however so BEAUTIFUL ~~ I would love to see this in any United States hospital or European hospital. People have become so cold and callous busy with their lives that it's much easier for them to dispose of their parents at nursing homes rather than to keep them in their home and care for them when they now are in need. They go visit the parents in the nursing homes WHENEVER and IF they have time which is very sad totally different from this culture and others. This man, this son is blessed already in God's kingdom for he is doing what Jesus Christ would do....Jesus Christ the King of all kings was here on this earth and yet he never sat on a throne, nor did he wear fine clothes....Jesus Christ served the poor and the needy~~ God bless this man!! THIS IS the way it should be. Thank you for sharing such beauty. :)
Ade Nan
incredible love !
a little distubing yes but beautiful aswell it's definatly a croud stopper i can tell u that lol xx
A mother alone can feed & care dozen child, but dozen child cannot take care like, they was cared before
How many of us wuld do that? +Sheila Roller totaly agree witu.
How many of us wuld do that? +Sheila Roller totaly agree witu.
discussed this post with 3 people in a hangout.
awe man,it just goes to show that she not only taught him well,it shows how well his wife or spouse would be treated....he is a full man,for this simple pic tells a thousand stories,what a lovely pic thnks for sharing sachha pallenberg :)
How beautiful, I just can't imagine taking that picture. At the end of the day, or life for that matter, family is all you have, cherish them and treat them well.
oh gr8 family :). Is she really comfortable with this ? her legs and neck aren't comfortable I feels :( ..
Great human kindness. Wish all men understood how important this is. I guess not everyone was loved like this man was by his mother, who clearly understands. I truely thank you for posting this. Take care.
Very strong image, its wonderful to see that love and selflessness to this degree still exists
amazing, you know we are the only creatures that can do that
Why isn't the GOVERNMENT taking care of her?
What I find the saddest, is all the remarks where people are surprised. This is how we SHOULD be. But, because people these days would not normally do this, we are all surprised. I would expect no less from my own children.
Each year scientists across the world uncover more and more startling facts about the brain and mind. One thing is very certain: we can't know exactly what a person is thinking and feeling. Even when a stroke - or even coma - strikes a person mute, they are finding that there is some essence and intelligence within the living person. It would do well for all of us to treat the those who are very old, or those who have brain injuries as if they completely understood what was happening to them.
This picture above really touches me and I liked reading what people across the world had to say about it!
at least he's taking care of her
Anna H
some what normal
+Nina Johns You hit a good point. It is disturbing that our culture and jobs are designed to NOT allow for stuff like this.
This REMINDS Me of the Robert Munsch BOOK Love You Forever!
unconditional love...begets...same !
We all could learn from this.
thats the relationship to a mother and son ;pitnam: wtf
this is sad picture. the meaning is beautiful it's the love that son has for his mother. i know the feeling 24 yrs ago on march 13,1988 my mother die in my arms. so ask yourself that question would you do the same i know i did and i know that my son will do it for me to.smiles are free.
If this was at an airport or other public location, I wouldn't be too disturbed. But as a medical provider, I find this disturbing that the photo was taken at a hospital. I hope that the photographer was either directly related to the subjects or had explicit permission from them to post on the web. This can be considered a violation of patient privacy.
some body love people and they diont like him how will he do?
<3 this is whats called true and unconditional love...
wow ! its nice and i salute to that son who loves his mother lyk this and i think this is the correct meaning of love
smiles are free, so it is tender, and love. Sorry, but I don´t see a lot of them around!
the best of all so for and i solute to the man having such character.
Oh! What an affection/dedication ...... very very touching.
so touching movement..........
awe that is so sad ...
Surely there is a better solution.
nowadayz.....the world has become like this.........:( :'(
Compassion and love is a human attribute. Could be for another human or an object.
no no +Andrea that's not sad.... she is a fortunate mother ..old age is the truth of the life..she is alive and old and have such a caring child.....!! :)
mate you will not see very good to day
why is it disturbing??
i think its a unique picture!
Had se na guzre vo pyar hi kya,Pyar karne pe majbor na kare vo ikrar hi kya.Intezar to sab karte hain,Sanse tootne tak jo sath na de vo yaar hi kya.......Love you all friends. 
love and care are very great things. We all like it....
love and care are very great things. We all like it....
Ak Roni
Now its rare & he is a great son . God d bless him.
everyone should be sooooooo much caring !
There is an old African (Akan) saying: If someone looks after you to develop your teeth, your also look after them whilst they loose theirs. Moving picture.
This is what we do as a child .pic can say too much, good wishes to them .
Wow. so sad.
He's a nice son.
This is awesome...what goes around comes around.Parents need to take care of kids as they would like their kids take care of them...amen.
This is heart wrenching. It reminds me of the beautiful book from Robert Muensch "Love you Forever" which I can not even read through for sobbing.
This is so powerful. It tells us all how lucky we are.
why wold u post something like that that is sic
That's really cute...I hope its true though
wow? u kidding...what's so "wow" about it ? It is sad and disturbing...
I think it quite inhumane to actively keep people alive when their life has degraded to the point that they literally cant do anything. do you think its really what she wants? Is she happy?
Is that a little girl or an old lady?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
There is nothing like mother,she has no substitute like like the time factor.Do good have good.As you sow shall you reap.
she did a good job raising him. dont know many people who would do the same thing.
The best son in the history of humans..... ;)

I wish majority of sons in the world are like him. I wish him and his mother well.
That right there is live by example.
something that in the U.S. is long gone, care for the elders
Hi Jeganathan,
May I share this picture to micrblog in China MainLand?
The real "Circle of Life!"
this mother got a very good son
I can't plus one this one.... That breaks my little light skinned heart:-/
Duty. Familial respect. Asian culture (in the process of being westernized). So many concepts that can be inferred. 
Can we be son like him? its a true love and respect that son has towards elders, when we look ourself and around we count our achievements in terms of position, status, money but true achievement is our childrens, make them human rather then money churning machines.
Mother brings up many children but those cant care for two just father and mother.We cant pay back our parents.They have no substitute either,as you sow shall you reap.You get parents one though you get every thing but parents lost every thing lost.
Even if this sounds weird, this makes me want to cry. So many people around me talk about how they hate their parents, and how they can't wait to move out. This guy is truly amazing, it's evident how much he really loves his mom!
Have you asked them to share this very private moment with the whole world?
Touching... !!

"Rabbir humhuma kama rabbayaani sagira" - "Lord be merciful to them (parents) for they have brought me up in my childhood.." (Al- Quraan 17:24)
» "Lord be merciful to them (parents) for they have brought me up in my childhood.." «
I don’t see any mercy in this situation. If I would believe in god, I would pray to him never to let me exist in such a way.
Love and compassion is beautiful but its a very sad picture though
thats is funny him feeding his mom and holding her as a baby i thought but not tring to be mean but i thought that was a kid but not tring to be mean i mean i met grow that way i mean im not but then now it is nice to do that for ur mom <3
Just a heartbreaking story but this is what true love is.
Lord, we pray that you will be with this family as they go through the circle of life! May you bless them and show them happiness even through times of despair! Oh Lord, we pray that you will help this family and help his mother thrive!
And he will never pay her back whatever he did. I love you mom
+Thomas Jäger as you are an atheist then its really difficult to understand by you the reality and system beautifully managed by Creator, Allah. We muslims do believe that this life to this world is actually a test to pass to enter in the paradise hereafter. and, surely God tests everyone by putting them in different different situations. Those who are in difficulty have been put in so to test their patience in such situation. Those who are in joy have been given all luxuries to test whether they admit thankfulness to god or not. For different people, may be different tests. A good human and a muslim is he who cares more about other than himself. Ofcourse, we should seek from God to save ourselves from such pathetic situation, but surely we should also pray for them for their betterment.
He is doing the greatest service of his life. Serving the parents. We must all do that. It gives us immense punya.
O God be merciful to them (parents) as they were in my childhood.." (Al- Quraan 17:24)

Its good and how its disturbing btw . He is doing what he is suppose to do . He is lucky
This is truly and act of love and beauty.
lest we forget about filial piety. The path to heaven begins at a mother's foot.
what the hell is wrong with them
Although this may disturbing to some; it is more touching to know this mother has a wonderful & loving son to care for her. If only the rest of the world were this caring!!
I Salute the guy. it is really rare to see this selfless love..
It's sobering to realize that this is really becoming more common now. And the idea of me being in that position one day, I would rather not live to be in that state. This particular picture is disturbing because it appears to be in a public place and though I am not aware of the mother's mental state which may be impaired, no way to know but this is humbling and yes even humiliating thing to happen.
big baby
is ja voll schreg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
That is why we call them Parents. Without them no one can be born. We must feed them with good faith and happiness then you praise God.
we should get lesson from it
El amor de los padres es incondicinal para los hijos y el buen hijo belara en su vejes ,que cuando el era un nino por que "DIOS ES AMOR".
- An example for us all, pay back time if she is his Mommy.
- Chapeau!!
- Que bonito ejemplo!
The shame is we would not see this in the west,some cultures honor and take care of there elders.
+10 for who captured this heart touching moment
The picture says it all. I'm glad to see some people take care of their parents the same way they took care of us when we needed it. 
what a shot it makes you wonder how many people don't even speak to their parents
This is disgusting and another example of why Google is a RED and YELLOW disease!!
This photo builds compassion in all who view you.
that's disturbing, that woman is beyond help, she should be euthanased. one wouldn't put an animal through that.
Sascha Pallenburg is such a perv u look tht stuff up in ur spare time? This is just sick!
oh my gosh (OMG) thats really sad :(
evry gud turn deservs anoda, GOD bless the son!!!!!.
god bless every god son to his mam ??
Just had to stare at this picture its made me happy and sad so many motions sturing in my head..
This picture demonstrates how we should care for our loved ones and clearly is the antithesis of what our so-called enlightened society would have us do with them. How wonderful for this son to provide such love, care and tenderness when his mother, his former carer, is so vulnerable, as he was once. The cycle of life? Perhaps.
I admire this man, I would do the same. Wish him every strength.
Love knows no bounds. He is showing the same kindness to his mother, that she gave him when he was little. My guess is she has senile dementia and he is probably her only living relative. God love and Bless you both.x
Imagine for moment if we lived in a world where this kind of compassion was commonplace. Such a shame that the OPPOSITE of what we see here is the norm. It's pathetic, our world is so COLD.
I can only hope the son's children - through his example will do the same for him when he is elderly.
omg it sad !!!watchin it !!!!
people in europe is faraway from this
This is fucking disgusting.
God bless them and Allah taala may gve us opportunity to fed our parents like he does...
god bles U
I've heard it said that, if you found yourself in a disaster situation and you could only save one family member, Asians save their mother whereas Americans save their child. Asians see it as "you can have more children but you can never have another mother".
وفاء ورد للجميل وعمل انساني
beautiful human act
Bizim ulkemizde olsa teyzenin maasi vardir yanindakide yasasin diye bakiyor derdimde bunlar bizden degil muhakkak insanliktandir helal olsun.
meet nikhat_@gmill
Bu bizim buralarda olsaydı,kesin kadının emekli maaşı vardır adamda ondan olmamak için bakiyordur denilebilirdi neyazikki.anneyi sevmediginden değil geçim şartlarından dolayıdir denirdi.
sorry i am new here please hep me all my brother 
such a good thing . where now a days sons are living their parents , it is so great thing to see . feeling happy
lovely looking though feeling sorry for them..
Asians still hold the culture of taking good care of our parents until old age...if not a responsibility but for love and care ^^
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