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What's going on with HTC or how a Taiwanese institution falls apart

So there were quite some rumors about a bunch of managers leaving HTC recently.... wanna really know what is going on?

Well forget about the suits! Those guys never stood a chance when it came to credibility and reputation. The Seattle team of HTC was pretty much a bunch of clowns... at least from the perspective of the Taipei headquarter and to be honest, when I read the Tweets of these guys, I feel the need to finally confirm this (I've been listening to these statements here in Taipei for quite a while... the US team was never taking seriously)...

But how about the real deal? Engineers and designers!

HTC is bleeding out and unfortunately I am not exaggerating at all. During the last months and weeks I've been talking to several engineers that were leaving HTC to go to ASUS, Acer or even some ODMs like Quanta or Pegatron. 
I am not talking about people that you can easily replace but long time HTC fellas that were taking a lot of experience and IP with them.

Talking to insiders and IT-guys is one side of the story but I am seriously getting concerned when two taxi drivers in one night are telling me that people they know left HTC to start a new career at a competitor.

Just to let you know: Taiwanese are proud of HTC and these guys have a market share over here of around 25%!

All these developments in the last weeks are just giving one very clear and alarming signal: The Apple patent and the HTC First/Facebook deal were some very desperate moves to secure and bring in some cash!

I love HTC and I am a proud owner of the best smartphone that is available on the market, the HTC One! 

But seriously guys, this isn't about spreading some bad news or drama, this is actually quite dramatic and I have a feeling that the next financial results (even though the One is quite a success) will confirm this!

HTC is in survival mode!

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What is the CEO gonna do about it? Will he step down as he said though the One sales seems going pretty good.

I love HTC too and all these happenings make me a bit sad, especially those always critic to the brand when they barely experience it. I hope there will be a change for good in the coming weeks.

I will stay tuned and thanks for the information shared.
+Javier I. Sampedro I think he needs to make sure to hire some real people for the US market instead of these clowns that were tweeting about this mess in such an unprofessional way.

HTC NEEDS(!!!) to  focus on quality and the brand. So here is what I would do:

- Stop releasing devices like crazy. You are not Samsung, which actually is a company with a bigger marketing budget that overall revenue of HTC! 
- Focus on just 3 platforms: lowend, midrange and highend and make sure to produce and invent the 3 best in class handsets
- Overhaul the branding: Go for the underdog idea (because we love underdogs) and attack Apple and Samsung for producing average mass market products.
- Focus on quality and design
- Do some smart social media marketing
- get back to your roots as one of the smartphone pioneers
- no more desperate Apple/Facebook deals. Hurts your reputation
- look at the HTC One, regroup and realize that you are capable of building the best handsets in the world!
Very good points +Sascha Pallenberg especially the marketing strategy and release just few devices. Now comes to mind that just announced the Desire 600 as a mid-range, also there were rumours about a One mini but I don´t really see the point, don´t need to follow Samsung with all their crazy variations.

Stay real to their roots and Taipei HQ put order in the US division. Is not serious people tweeting things like that, they were not compromised with the company and defend their products
+Javier I. Sampedro HTC needs to stop inhouse fragmentation and cannibalization! They just don't have enough marketing money to run the same portfolio as Samsung. This makes me wanna offer to do some guerilla consulting for them: I will show up for only one day, tell them what doesn't work and will never come back again.

HTC really needs a big ass kick to wake up... I just hope it is not too late!
Some bank robbing going on with in HTC it self...
Very good points! +Sascha Pallenberg I really hope HTC manages to turn things around because they know how to produce great (if not excellent) phones.

Unfortunately nowadays quietly brilliant doesn't cut it anymore and competitors with much weaker phones but a loud story/ big mouth manage to sell more units. 
+Sascha Pallenberg These are absolutely very valid points you list here and I hope htc gets it, on the other hand isn't this something (not want to shift away from the subject) there are a few more tech. companies out there which should do better to follow same points?
 Just they have more money in the bank, isn't doing good for the customer, they just can cover more stupid decisions.
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