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The very first 7-inch Intel Bay Trail tablet that runs Windows 8.1

it was shown during the Microsoft keynote at Computex and we were able to hunt it down!
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The case design is ugly in my opinion (and I'm still not gaga over Windows 8), but the form factor and the possibility of running Office and Outlook would definitely be interesting for me, because I need it for my job. This could definitely be a contender to Android and iOS in the future.
+Nino Novak So other than the hardware and the OS you like it? (Just kidding). I agree that the design looks like late 50s early 60s. Maybe they were going for something Mad Men inspired? Can't decide if I like it or not. Need to see it in person I think. I've yet to find any "metro" apps I particularly like. Windows 8 desktop works pretty well. I don't avoid the metro/modern/store/whatever per se, I just haven't found a compelling experience when using my notebook. I device this size used for media consumption might be different, BUT would have to be competitively priced with my Kindle Fire HD which works great for what I do with it... 
+Jeff Ammons I totally agree about the need for that compelling experience. I doubt I would find it on a Windows tablet just yet though. For my hardcore work I have my Windows desktop, no doubt. But for everything else I have my Nexus 7. I'd buy it 'just because' :-) 
+Frank Nestel That's true. I have the 16GB version and thankfully haven't felt the need for more local storage space yet. If you work primarily off the cloud like me, the 16 is more than sufficient. The 'Wi-Fi only' aspect is more of a problem than the lack of memory expansion. I have to use tethering on my cellphone to connect to the cloud when I am on the road :-) 
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