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Javascript Benchmark on the Intel Atom N2600. This little x86 processor is about 60% faster than the Transformer Prime with it's quadcore ARM and 220% faster than the iPad 2.
Talking about mobile computing performance....
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What kind of numbers do you get if you run the test on different browsers? Similar numbers?
Be still my beating heart. My Prime has a sad.
How about power efficiency? I don't think the N2600 looks quite as good when you look at that.
Try Firefox mobile. I get 1400 to 1500 scores on Sunspider using a Samsung Galaxy S2.
+Frank Rehse it will be superior in terms of performance per watt. I have no doubt about it if we compare it to a dualcore Cortex-A9 SoC.

+Chris Robato 1059ms on Firefox desktop
Using IE9 and an Atom N570, I get like 69000 on Browsermark. I get nearly 115k on Browsermark using Chrome on the Galaxy Nexus.
My old Atom N230, using an Acer NetPC, gets 1000+ figures on FF and 1200+ figures on Chrome.
I'm not sure how relevant the Sunspider Benchmark is with todays browsers......
I do think one has to test Firefox on the Transformer Prime.
Browser benchmarks don't really multithread so much, so they don't show the advantages of multicore. Real world browser use tend to multithread more though as stuff like Flash creates their own thread. Still, an Atom core is more the equivalent of the upcoming ARM Cortex A15 core than the current A9 cores.
I think Intel will still lose when it comes to GFX...
dfferent browsers different results dont forget!XD
+Sascha Pallenberg Lots of people tuning in here, Are you planning to pull together your findings into a full post?
369.8ms with a cheap desktop Athlon II X3 450 - phenom - at Chorme 17 Linux Mint12 with kernel 3.0.0-15 while playing a flash video stream.

Atom is still far from being good price / performance for desktops and far from ARM low voltages at tablets and phones, next gen you say will be better.,%20%223d-cube%22:%5B13,14,10,11,16,13,14,12,16,13%5D,%223d-morph%22:%5B14,10,11,14,11,11,11,13,13,11%5D,%223d-raytrace%22:%5B23,21,19,24,18,11,17,13,28,16%5D,%22access-binary-trees%22:%5B3,2,3,3,2,2,2,2,3,6%5D,%22access-fannkuch%22:%5B11,10,9,9,11,10,11,9,11,11%5D,%22access-nbody%22:%5B7,7,8,9,9,7,10,8,10,7%5D,%22access-nsieve%22:%5B7,6,8,6,7,7,7,6,7,6%5D,%22bitops-3bit-bits-in-byte%22:%5B6,5,5,7,6,6,4,5,6,4%5D,%22bitops-bits-in-byte%22:%5B7,7,8,7,7,6,7,7,10,8%5D,%22bitops-bitwise-and%22:%5B11,9,9,9,9,9,9,10,9,9%5D,%22bitops-nsieve-bits%22:%5B9,10,7,9,8,8,7,7,7,7%5D,%22controlflow-recursive%22:%5B3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,4%5D,%22crypto-aes%22:%5B10,9,10,10,11,17,10,14,12,12%5D,%22crypto-md5%22:%5B5,5,4,6,6,9,6,5,7,6%5D,%22crypto-sha1%22:%5B4,4,4,5,5,5,6,3,4,4%5D,%22date-format-tofte%22:%5B17,20,26,27,23,19,24,33,37,30%5D,%22date-format-xparb%22:%5B57,65,100,52,114,78,135,82,53,73%5D,%22math-cordic%22:%5B7,5,7,5,7,6,8,6,6,6%5D,%22math-partial-sums%22:%5B12,12,14,13,12,12,16,13,14,12%5D,%22math-spectral-norm%22:%5B9,9,9,7,6,7,10,9,10,7%5D,%22regexp-dna%22:%5B11,11,11,12,9,15,11,10,10,10%5D,%22string-base64%22:%5B6,8,6,7,6,9,6,15,7,7%5D,%22string-fasta%22:%5B15,15,15,15,17,14,19,17,15,16%5D,%22string-tagcloud%22:%5B20,21,21,32,25,28,31,20,22,21%5D,%22string-unpack-code%22:%5B32,35,31,31,32,30,32,30,30,30%5D,%22string-validate-input%22:%5B17,24,20,19,17,16,21,19,20,16%5D%7D
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