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thank you Apple for proving again, what you became! A company that's constantly stealing generic procedures and methods from other coders and designers, to turn them into a patent and use them against your competitors.

Cupertino doesn't care about the customers. They don't care about revolutionizing the educational market and they especially don't care about how their products are made!

It's all about the profit and the greed of the shareholders. "Think different" my ass, it's embarrassing to know how much money i've transfered into your system for the last 25 years. It's embarrassing that i actually thought you were different and cool!

You Apple turned into the superlative of an evil, capitalistic corporation and your trivial patents like slide to unlock, words suggestion, multiple source search and turning data into links, are revealing your DNA.

It's not about the digital revolution, it's about controlling markets and fighting competition!
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I love the correlation.But how on earth the patents are given to apple when the slide to unlock is invented even before the cultures are found.
I think Apple is trying very hard to become a monopoly. I'm just wondering how long it will take before it will become another major antitrust case. Also, how many judges are secret Apple fanboys?
Well done Apple. Money still counts most...
BTW did i mention that i do have a patent on breathing?
Please donate 0.01$ to my bankaccount per every breath or else i may sue you ;)
+Philipp Currlin : Judges bought iPod, iPhone or iPad to their wifes and childrens... They don't want to piss them off, it's family! <--- Sad, but probably true. But, I'm not desperate, competition (for now, it's mostly Android-driven) will rise and shine. The best way "fight" them, it's to beat them by giving customers what they want. Apple nearly destroyed RIM with their smartphones offensive. Someday, Apple will have to face the truth: they do not owned the patent for "innovation and design".
There is no doubt the patent system shares blame in all of this, but that doesn't mean apple is any less lame for taking advantage of it at every turn and being an aggressor, especially after spending years pretending to be 'cool' and 'different'. Apple is the Lars Ulrich of tech companies. Each time they pull this crap, they just create people like me... former apple consumers who will never ever buy from them again no matter what idea that patent.
Kay Urban
Contrary to you Sascha, I actually never spent one single dime on any apple products, Cupertino can go fuck themselves whithout my money :)
During the foundation of video studio, over $25,000 was spent on Mac hardware and software because there was no choice (RED workflow only worked on Macs in 2008). For the next generation of computers, I cannot imagine staying on Mac platform. It is ridiculous how inefficient the OS X (yes, 10.7 included) and how often it crashes. But you don't get a blue screen, you get a nice animated bomb. Just to make you feel better... it crashed, but at least it looks nice.

In comparison, Windows PCs usually don't crash if they're built with good quality components and the parallel system doing 4K vids only has one processor, instead of two Xeons in Mac Pros. Guess which one is faster...

Sadly from the company from 1980s and 1990s, all Mac as a platform turned into is - marketing and very little innovation.
iWheel, © 2011, Apple Computer, Inc.
+***** is a Monopoly. The strategic positioning with China doesn't help either. I wonder how much Tax $ America get yearly?? Now they want to try and ban Android 4.0.

this is 4 months old "news", funny how suddenly is pops up as "what's hot" on google+
I was promoting Apple products from Macbooks/iMac to iPhone/iPad
yes iPad is so good but the way they are dealing with there customers it's clear that they don't care at all !!!!

only one model,size,option and a lots of limitations for iPad and iPhone
it's not fare
How do you manage to get 2 'anti-Apple' posts into 'What's hot' in the space of as many working days? At least this one doesnt include a homophobic pejorative. If this is the best of G+, may 'whatever supreme algorithm that you believe in' help us.
You may want to direct link to Apples' website since posting that image may be a copyright infrigement, no? Ohhh, I typed Apple, am I going to have to pay to use that word? Doh, I did it twice!
+Neill Whillans Maybe it really is "what's hot". More and more people are becoming annoyed with apple's childish antics.
Really? What about Motorola/Googles antics with FRAND patents? Arent they worth a mention? They are seriously worse for competition than anything Apple has tried.
So true. Just glad I never owned a apple product. Never have, never will.
If Apple would stop suing everybody and concentrate on making great products they wouldn't have to worry about the competition.
They all need patents in order to protect themselves against patents that their competitors have, they all cancel each other out (Well actually Apple is a bit more aggressive than most companies when it comes to suing others). It's the only way they can survive.

Neill, these patents are for protecting Android smartphones manufacturers against Apple and Microsoft patents, since they mostly are smaller companies who wouldn't be able to afford to have their devices pull off the market during the suits. Google has to do it in order for manufacturers to adopt Android on their phones.
+Cédric Olmanst The major thing Apple started is the switch from "pay us money" to "you cannot sell that product". This is a rather drastic difference for the customer.
You didn't really see requests for outright bans that often before except as very last resort.
+Neill Whillans Apple has been the aggressor. Motorola is obviously responding with a taste of apple's own medicine, and actually, from what I've read, Motorola actually gave Apple a chance to work with them on the FRAND stuff, and Apple chose to be difficult. Apple seems to think what is good for the goose is not good for the gander... this multiplied by their years of pretending that they weren't dicks equates to them being the scum of the earth as far as status quo big business bullies. The best defense you can come up with for this "good guy" company is that there are a few companies that have stooped to their level in response to their antics? I fail to see how Motorola responding to apple's aggression is' far worse for competition' than Apple trying to get their sole competition eliminated. Assuming you're an apple user, what are you going to do with your stagnant iOS when Android isn't around to push them to innovate? We all benefit when apple doesn't pull this crap. The ONLY explanation for Apple's trying to ban their competition is that they don't want to have to spend money to make a better product for you in order to keep up with the competition. Its clearly cheaper to fight in the court than to innovate.
Welcome to capitalism, where the ultimate goal is money, the more, the better, no matter how you get it, or how much all get screwed in the process. It's not just Apple, is all the system.

Is like the red queen run, you must run as fast as you can to stay in the same place, and even faster to advance, and this kind of things puts the brakes to the civilization. And we are already running out of time, out of space.
spot on +Jörg Wachner . Microsoft make a fortune from android device sales -- and one can argue about how fair that is -- but they negotiated and settled with most. You don't hear a lot about it at least in terms of fact. A business deal. job done.

It's the prevention angle that apple are going down that is by far IMO the most damaging

One wonders if it's also a sign that apple doesn't know that's next - they have nothing to make the next leap, and are seeing the competition level, or pass them. If they did one would think they'd put their energies in there rather than these battles
I have read the claims in the patent, and their claim is not the gesture of the finger, but the gesture on a sliding image on the screen. The Neonode may use a sliding finger to unlock, but there is no sliding image which follows the finger.
Apple's claim is that the image follows the finger along the predetermined path and unlocks the phone.
Quote: wherein the unlock image is a graphical, interactive user-interface object with which a user interacts in order to unlock the device: End Quote
Furthermore the claim is that the sliding image provides sensory feedback to the user.

Patent number 8,046,721,046,721.PN.&OS=PN/8,046,721&RS=PN/8,046,721

I am not going to deep dive related patents, but if I were also allowed to jump to conclusions with only a small piece of the information puzzle, I would say Apple's patent claim is good; but I would really need to see the counter claims.
+Nigel Jones You hit the nail on the head. Microsoft's actions come off as a little bit lame, but business as usual, and lets be honest, you should get paid for your ideas. They did the right thing. Negotiated. Apple's attempts come off as trying to eliminate the competition, which just seems so pathetic and desperate.
People complaining about the evils of capitalism on Google+ sound get awards for irony. Capitalism isn't evil; its the fairest system out there. Human nature just means that if someone can take an unfair advantage in any scenario, you can expect that many, maybe even most, will do so. That is true in capitalist, socialist, or communist systems.

Edit: Not that I agree with what the patent trolls are doing, but capitalism isn't at fault.
+vivek yadav make the screen image a rotary phone and a 4 digit code, plus the vibro interface can 'do the clicks', that'll be so retro!
While I understand the premise of this post, I have to thoroughly disagree here. Microsoft forced Apple's hand in the early days, playing hard ball when Apple just wanted to "get along." Steve, and subsequently all Apple brass, learned the hard way that if you want to play with the big boys, you have to play their game.

Truly, it's the patent system in general that should be criticized, not the players that utilize it to save themselves from being sued into oblivion by useless, fabless, patent trolls.
+Colin Collins Don't blame the gun, blame the one holding it. But still, is a gun, meant to kill, available to everyone, even the ones that don't care about other's lives or don't know how to use it. That exists some alternatives that are also bad because the human factor don't make it good, We are slowly getting the tools to change that... too bad some copyright, or patent, lobbyed law, or just because don't, will avoid that to ever happen.
The notion patents create innovation is what's wrong. +Michele Boldrin wrote an excellent book on the subject, Against Intellectual Monopoly, which debunks this myth. I highly recommend it to anyone who thinks patents are necessary for economic growth and innovation.
I am an Apple fan in general but am against software patents.

Sliding to unlock is obvious and non trivial and there is prior art as this image so well demonstrates. This patent and Amazon's 1-click shopping patent need to be targeted first for revocation.
+Mike O'Sullivan you should be tired of people who assume others are not taking action, only because they're not themselves ;) Hundreds of thousands of us are taking action every day.
Apple are Evil... and you wont catch me owning any of their products any time soon... Crippled, out of data fancy looking paperweight hardware running jumped up Linux clone OS.
how about stop worrying about what apple and other companies are doing and go get a life and do something with it. that way instead of wasting your time complaining about how things are done, YOU can actually get something done.
Its Sad to see actions of this sort from a company that pretends that its evolutionary & leading, taking patents on common idea's & using them to stop science development if it came from someone else
I think Apple just revolutionized new things for us: Envy & Selfish
+Gil t. Wojcik i am getting things done each and every day and i have all the right to complain about things whenever i want to, especially when i spent a decent amount of many on a company :)
"Get a better idea out there and you may be the next richer Jobs!"

But these "better ideas" will never be able to develop if companies like Apple continue to abuse the patent system.
The courts will ... (sorry my flipping, slider phone just rang) figure it ... (sorry again, my netbook battery needed charging) out.
You know, I'm pretty sure I had a program on my old Treo600 smartphone from Handspring that allowed you to unlock it by sliding an element on the touch screen. This was before the iPod touch as well.
+Joshua Kiley nobody gives a fuck, apple is ass, i have an ituch and the apps are laggy and self exit, ppl have a pretty display an the hype of having an apple and ignore all the problems this thing actually have, like the last iphone4 where it had to be held a certain way to get signal? ye, thought so.
+Joshua Kiley I remember when the "revolutionary" iPhone first came out, my first thought was "my knackered old Treo can do ALL of that, except the GPS, and it has a keyboard so I can actually type on it"

In hindsight, my Treo was more like a touchscreen blackberry than an iPhone.
It'd be nice of the court to make a list of common technology used across the board by all these companies and declare that tech as off the patent list, off limits for litigation for the common good and advancement of technology.
Why is Apple always picking a fight, i just don't get it..
We need some serious cleaning in US Patent... the whole thing is a fucking joke..Spit 
Screw apple. By the way this was posted with my galaxy nexus using voice input after using face unlock. I did think different when I got this phone instead of that shitty iphone :-)
Min Ko
The ones who let those phony software IPs granted are to blame first. And yes Apple is pure evil, I am boycotting Apple already. It is now time to action.
Hmm Apple file a lawsuit against another phone manufacturer..... that is about as original and unexpected as most of the patents they claim people are infringing. What confuses me..... why do the US patents office keep granting these ridiculous patents?
Isn't the Android circle unlocker really a multi-function multi-directional controller? I mean you can unlock the device, but it can also be programmed to trigger individual applications directly from the lock screen without having to unlock the device.

Apple is really turning into the worse kind of abusive monopolist, in the classic tradition of railway barons and banana companies. Every device category in which they are dominant, they are resorting to abusive anti-competitive practices as part of their regular business practices.
Apple is just playing the same game everyone else is playing. You want it to end? Then outlaw software patents!!
well clearly samsung should just have a virtual keyhole and you turn with your finger "rotate to unlock the tumblers" or something. unlocking is not hard to do when you have the key. you can even not even use a lock... you can have a picture of a ribbon or string in a bow and then pull it to "open up". samsung lost the case, but it's barely a loss. 2 free ideas. BOOM!
+Cary Scofield any chance that you can link to similar cases? What about HTC or Samsung trying to sue Apple for such trivial patents?
Wasn't it Apple who was going after Samsung because of a community design that defined a tablet pc as a square with round edges and central display?
Sorry bro but in terms of smartphones and mobile computing it's Apple that tries everything to kill competition.
I still agree with you that we need to outlaw these shitty software patents, especially when they were used before someone actually filed them!
Imagine if apple had the same monopoly position as Microsoft we would all doomed. Apple is evil empire, people are starting to recognise it now.
anyone seen that movie "Anti-Trust" ? I used to think it was MS... nope its definitely Apple!
This is why I will never buy any apple products ever!
You Google Fans Boys are becoming more and more like the Apple fans you despises...thats silly and funny.
Apple invented two new markets with ipad and iphone...and now everyone wants a part of it...thats ok its competition.
The thing is, the competition is for the most part selling a stripped down bad copy... and making crappy looking icons .
Just remember there would be no Androids out there if Apple iPhone didnt changed the world on June 29, 2007.
Fake ass apple they copy everyone and say thats my mine IM gonna sue webos got so much stolen by apple and they still can't multitask like it not even android..haa. How you like them apples.. 
What was that popular late 90's phrase? Don't hate the player...
Max Lee
Buy vizio! eventually they're gonna come out with their new line of computers that'll be wayy nicer than Apple :D Even better, they'll be running windows :DD
Skype uses data links in web browsers too! They suing Microsoft?
ouch #applefags that's kinda insulting, I mean the sliding lock is all Steve Jobs' idea
lol. +Joshua Kiley , I know. I was mentioning that to +Bean Emoto .

So much hate here. It's as if.. ideas can't be respected. Certainly Apple didn't create the sliding lock, but.. were they not the first to implement it into a mobile device? Isn't that the point?
Apple wasn't the first to have slide to unlock in a mobile device, though. Neonode was.
Good Lord, Google+, you are becoming the Fox News of social media.
People will hate whoever is the biggest/most popular.
Oh dear we have a door like that! o.O best change it before we get our asses sued for opening a door... ;)
+Dwayne Harris and people won't get what i said, no matter how obviously i am pointing out how sick this system of trivial patent lawsuits is! You've just proven it :)
On the other hand, I believe that patents were "invented" to protect inventors (more or less individuals) from big companies, so inventors got fair share if someone wanted to produce what they invented. But today patents are just a powerful tool in hands of these monster corporations (like Apple). And their goal is just to squeeze as much as possible from us (consumers). And nowadays these monster corporations are stronger than any government in the world!
Ridiculous tripe. Just because something else operated similarly, does not make it prior art. Slide to unlock was most certainly new in the way Apple did it. Of course all the fandroids want Apple's slick innovations but without the "stigma" of buying Apple products. Pathetic!
... the day you eat from the apple tree, that's the day you will die.... i didn't say that, read or heard it from somewhere. Please is this true?
That's been around for hundreds of years!!!! I totally agree!!!
Monster corporations would never exist if there wasn't a government... The "intellectual property" idea is nonfunctional... private property was created to avoid conflict for goods... but what is the point of power protecting things that are not scarce?... government is preventing natural human development
If the "fandroids" wanted Apple's "slick innovations", I'm fairly sure they'd just buy apple products. I bought apple products prior to switching to android and had no concerns about "stigma" when i used them. Speaking of ridiculous tripe, what stigma exists in using one of the most widely used devices ever anyhow? That it would be too common? It makes no sense that someone would want the same thing as apple but wouldn't want the same thing as an apple for fear of being the same as someone with an apple product. Is your argument then that even though someone did it before, it was different, so its not the same, but when android does it, differently than apple, its similar and their OS should be banned from sale in the US? Something here is pathetic all right.
Is it wrong that I clicked this post to read the stupid comments that were going to be written?
+Ronald Porter "If it's not patentable a patent will not be issued. If two people submit the same product for patent the law says the first one to submit gets the patent."

Funny how you condescendingly call everyone else children, yet you hold an inaccurate and naive notion of how the current patent system functions in praxis. Seriously, I encourage you to listen to the NPR investigative piece +Vandré Brunazo mentioned about patent trolls. There are thousands of semantically identical patents granted. And because patents can be sold to other companies at any time, any alleged infringer can be liable for as many times as the patent switches ownership. The patent system is broken. It now does more harm than good. Period.
"It's not about the digital revolution, it's about controlling markets and fighting competition!"
Fitting how a post like this circulates everywhere on G+, but not in my Facebook circles.
Award us the patent, get a free iPad is how apple gets away with it, same reason movies use Macs iPads etc, throwing their money around
Holy fucking shit, you retarded troll. If the USPTO grants Apple a patent that you don't think should be patentable - BLAME THE USPTO! The system is broken! If we're allowed to take advantage of a broken system for our own gain, it's not our fault. Fix the fucking patent system.
Everyone does this, in fact the iPhone(first one) actually looks like a phone Samsung patented a while back. They need to change the system. The last update I saw for the ipad/phone had a bunch of crap the android os had since day one. Apple needs to learn to live and let live.
"Cupertino doesn't care about the customers." - and how many Android owners are still waiting for their ICS update (feeling the love...)? Oh wait, android isn't fragmented....
Maxim i
thankfully Samsung is a much bigger company then Apple, so they can take them on in court
Apple has become what it once fought against. It has now become the Microsoft of this decade. Really sad to see what apple has become.
"especially don't care about how their products are made!" foxcon doesn't just supply apple, you should go research it (firstly) and secondly, have a look at the global suicide rate per 100 000 people and compare that to foxcon... and how dare foxcon offer people jobs, they should really just go robotics.
Imagine if someone had patented phone numbers in 1907 and the courts upheld it. Where would the world be? I think that educated consumers are sick of all the patent wars. I wonder how John Q. iPad feels. Scared? Bored? Apathetic?
People buy crappy Apple things?
The difference between what's hot and what's good is intelligence. Spending 200 dollars on a pair of jeans that look no different than what you'd see at wal-Mart with no added quality is what's hot... But also very stupid. This is how I also view apple crap.
Apple is to tech what Disney is to public domain fables.
Oh my God, grow up..... Competition is good, it keeps the manufacturers producing great products! Just because you "Hate Apple" you wind up posting the most ridiculous comments.... every manufacturer out there copies from one another, most will buy the other products just to dissect it and find out how it works..... so CTL-ALT-DEL back to your cubicles.... get back to work!
Stop trying to control what is inevitable !
You are all using computers made in the same conditions Apple's are, and using a service by a company that stole the iPhone form and user interface, then gave it away to get market share, then bought Motorola for the patent portfolio so they can engage in the same tactics. All you freedom fighters, look in the mirror.

Techtainer indeed.
This is off-topic but... Why does Apple use HP servers to hold the data for their Cloud Computing OS? Can't make their own servers?
+Steve Ryan I think the reason people are "hating apple" is because they want to eliminate the competition that we all agree is good... and not eliminate as in out innovate, but eliminate as in have it banned by the courts. Believe me, I'm thrilled every time apple comes out with some new feature because that means it will push the industry... same goes with android. iOS would not be what it is today without android, and vice versa... its just so obviously that simple. Unfortunately, one of those players has been trying to win by innovating and improving on the others ideas, and the other lately has been trying to win through the courts.
iPhone form? You mean it looks like a phone? User interface? You mean it has icons that open applications? Hmmm?

The purchase of Motorola and specifically the patent portfolio is primarily aimed at protecting the manufacturers that produce android hardware.

I am sure you know all this, but are choosing to ignore it.
+Dave Pentecost Saying that android stole the iPhone form and UI from apple is like staying one side of a great debate as fact. There are plenty of people that simple don't agree with you. Many people will point out that the tired old "android looked more like blackberry" argument is based on pics that are very early, and that by the time apple released the iphone, android looked pretty much like it does now. Then the other side will argue that android got sneak peaks at apple's UI before it came out and copied it, and so on... the debate will go forever back and forth... the truth probably lies somewhere in between. As for Motorola, you're really interpreting google's decision to your favor. Motorola was bought as a defense for handset makers that apple couldn't seem to leave alone in their quest to eliminate their only viable competition. There is no indication that google, prior to apple's nonsense, would play this game.
Ahaha well done +Sascha Pallenberg !!! This is how I wish all bloggers would react every time they mention any story about these bogus software patents. Every blog post title on Verge, Engadget, Gizmodo etc should be something like "Bogus Apple patent lawsuit filed in X court", "Apple files for yet another bogus patent and plans to ban X Android device for X bogus reason". That is what a real journalist/blogger does! Re-copying +Florian Mueller press releases without any basic logical critique is not ok!
+Dave Pentecost I meant to add... I don't disagree with you about the foxconn comments, but I think the reason for the outrage more with apple is that a). They're big enough to do something about it. b). They're announcing the stunning levels of profit at the suffering of others. and c). Once again, their image is much much different than their realty. They pretend to be this moden, free thinking, intellectual, pseudo liberal, positive, clean, company, and its bullshit. They're the walmart of the computer world... hell, they're the microsoft of the computer world.
Steve jobs did say he will spend every penny of apples cash to destroy/annihilate Android... Well that's what apple are doing now #TeamAndroid
Ah, but you see... you forgot to add "on a computer" which changes everything!
US 97.7B lies in their coffers. Enough to hire lawyers forever.
Software Patents, there's has to be a better way?
It's your bad.
Corporations aren't your friends. They're ruthless capital machines greedily gathering money for investors while oppressing half the world and hiding it for the capitalistic desires of rest.
Apple didn't "turn into" anything. "Think Different" is what we call an advertising slogan. That you took this in your mind to the logical extreme is 100% your fault. Don't scrub your conscience clean now that the scum has risen to the surface. Admit that you are, and have been, a part of the problem and do your diligence to repair it if it weighs so heavily on you.
If not, don't. But this righteous post about "the good old days" when iPods came from dandelion puffs sounds a bit childish.
superior trolling. well done. (stupid post though)
i think the stock chart for apple.. speaks alone. all it does is grow, grow, grow. it doesn't ride the wave... it makes the wave.
Is this the bullshit that circulates on Google+? Mundane ramblings about information that is already known and committed by several corporations? The biggest problem with corporations is their use of the 14th Amendment.
Your post has just reassured me that Google + is worthless
Did you read that Apple is suing Samsung in the US to keep them from selling the Galaxy Nexus here based upon patent infringement, and that they simultaneously are suing Motorola Mobility asking the court to preemptively keep MM from suing Apple to enforce its (MM's) patents. Crazy
Corporations are made to make profit. There is no room for people... only money.
Who did it? People! We have created this monster to kill us.
Apple is the Microsoft of old, the only difference between the two MS swallowed up the smaller companies, Apple wants to sink them. TF i do not have an Apple Product ...
I don't think you should be able to patent ideas, just inventions. Even then, you shouldn't be able to patent it unless you have production plans and the ability to carry them out. The idea that these folks can sit around and patent an idea with no prototype and no plans on ever producing anything, but then expect to get paid millions is stupid, in my opinion.
Apple doesn't mind competition being cheaper, they mind them being better.
I think appel will get the patent for multitasking even before they get it right on the iPhone. All this give appel the patent even though they did not invent it just shows some fraud in the patent office. If I was google I would take the patent office to court to open up who is who's bitch and then cancel all the wrong given patents and that Apple has to pay back every ones law cost that they had to pay and refund income that the competitor lost because of the ban.
Duh... you only just figured this out? It was obvious the very second they released DRM heavy iTunes along with an MP3 player with a sealed battery. Then the 6 month refresh cycles confirmed the strategy of 'lock em in, then bleed em dry'.
I agree with you. Apple just like to collect the dollars. They have never offered anything free, neither they did anything for humanity. They just want to reserve the ideas and technology to themselves, and for this, they are ready to sue any company in the world.
Can't they take a hint from the auto industry? 
Shared on the Dark-side for my homeys over there, the Fools!
+Dan Suhr To bad it was only on USA would have jumped on it if was for sale in UK, the sale of the Century! :-( I'm missing out!
+Jim Bradshaw You may have been shown this post because it matches what Google thinks you like, based on some algorithm. If that's the case then which do you think is more likely to get you more of the same type of post - ignoring the post or interacting with it?

Alternatively, you may be looking at this post in the "What's Hot" section.
If memory serves me right, Apple once sued Microsoft for stealing the concept of desktop User Interface (the one where you "visually" click My Documents, as opposed to bash command line). But as it turned out Apple, in turn, nicked the idea from Xerox.
I agree. even though i'ts hard to find a totally pure company,apple has been rubbing me the wrong way for the past 10 years.
A few years back (pre ipod) there was a notion that it was Microsoft who were the bad guys, and Apple were the good guys .. the underdog with their "alternative" OS and products/fan base

Now that Apple have got much bigger, we are seeing them for what they really are .. the big corporate bully trying for a monopoly and locking everything and everyone in to their products
If you ever read "In the Beginning...was the Command Line" it basically shows how Apple and MS share the same thought process. The only real difference is ones a software company and the other is a hardware company, both companies only care about the almighty $$$, and not their users .
Ha ha...funny , but kudos to Apple for coming up with a world leading GUI. I dont see why they dont deserve the patent on it.
Apple lost to microsoft. Same will happen against android. They know it and thats why they do these desprate actions
It sounds to me like they are also claiming they invented auto-complete, aside from T9 hasn't Google kind-of had that thing wrapped up for a while now, I think the internet even made a thing about it
+Sascha Pallenberg I have no Apple gadgets here, and dont wanna buy any i-something shit. I like my Galaxy very much. But, sincerely, all the big companies, like Samsung or even Google, at a high or low level, do the same thing Apple is doing, right? No?
Weli A
sounds like Apple is on a life support.
Playing Devil's Advocate, Google isn't exactly the virtual Messiah either.

In the end, the consumer has the final say on who lives and who dies (no company can exist unless someone is buying their crap). So really, it all comes down to who you prefer to wipe your ass for you. Personally, I've come to find that Google provides mine with the best tools and services for the job.
they should come out with a unified solution for using the patents, this way its like pulling each other down.
I'm really techtained now. Yes apple should go and innovate some more. So that unimaginative morons can copy their stuff, and then claim to do it better.
It is true but they won't lose regardless
butthurt fanboys make me lol.
Stupid Crapple they don't even deserve a capital letter so it's stupid crapple
it's complete nonsense these patent cases. OK I understand the importance of intellectual property etc. but I think that this could be completely redone, because it stops the technical development.
the Name Apple it's English Patent, so how come it's copyright for them !!!!!!!!
+Sascha Pallenberg Slide to unlock existed on other cell phones before Apple released its iPhone. It is really hard to understand how Apple managed to win a patent for Slide to unlock? It is very shocking. Who were the lawyers and who was the judge? Have all these people invested in Apple stock? Apple won the Patent and but question is what's next? Apple's 'slide to unlock' patent win could halt Android sales in Germany
really stupid, how can this be granted anyways. Its a mockery of patents in general.
well Apple is full filling the dreams of millions of people and this is what matters and the deserve every piny spent for them... so losers who is trying so hard to mess with the image of the best tech and future company of this era.... pls be advised that Apple doesn't need any piny from ur side and hope u identify ur selves to them so as in the future when u beg for a share of there life essentials .. they kick u out.
+Glenn Costello -face unlock works fast for me and in the rare occasion that it doesn't work you're quickly forwarded to your second preferred method to unlock (slide, password, or pattern)
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