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Why I hate the HTC Butterfly after just 2 days

This phone should have been my new daily platform but omg HTC, you screwed it up big time.

First you are teasing me with a stunning design and build quality. It is light and slim, I love the soft plastic surface on the back and the shape feels so good when you are holding it in your hands.

When you switch it on your eyes will immediately be overwhelmed with the amazingly crispy image quality of this incredible 5-inch 1080p display. Seriously, you will find yourself watching the default gallery images for at least 10 minutes. Zooming in and out, trying to realize that this isn't just a prototype.

You will fall in love with the performance of the Snapdragon S4 pro and the fantastic HTC Sense UI 4+ with some awesome and sophisticated widgets. And then you will listen to in the internal speakers and omg, these are so unbelievably good (same level of awesomeness as the ones in the Sony Xperia TX). Last but not least you will figure that the camera is one of the best on the markets and that taking pictures and videos can be so much fun with the Butterfly.

And then, 2 hours later after trying out all the features of this Superphone, you will get a "4% low battery" warning and you might think that you are on hidden camera.

Yes, I kill the HTC Butterfly sealed 2020mAh battery in 2 hours. Even at standby it lost 20% in 3 hours with only the gmail app running in the background.

HTC built a Lamborghini with a 2 gallons gas tank! This has to be the most epic fail in the history of the smartphone, especially because the Butterfly is just the most amazing phone I've ever had in my hands.

Sorry HTC but the Butterfly is a synonym for your shrinking market shares. It shows the consumer that you are capable of building the most amazing phones that are out there and it also lets us know, that you just can't get it right at the end. This is such a shame!
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Before I read it, is it "It's not a Nexus"? 
Actually read it now, that's pretty bad. 
2 hours? ..... -_-
Damn non removable battery phones :-) 
I know all the plus points will make me buy one .. I'll just have to graft my 4000,mah battery from an old galaxy tab straight to the back panel .. yep its a shame HTC aren't gonna get their superphone building status any time soon .
btw, I am setting up my Galaxy S3 now. I have a 4600mAh Mugen battery for it, so it will become my new workinghorse
Mugen batteries are energy monsters ;-)
Looks like I need to wait for Motorola to build a successor for my Galaxy Nexus.
I wait for the Galaxy S4. That's pretty bad, because the Specs are so good on the HTC J Butterfly!
+Sascha Pallenberg I expected you to stick to your Nokia?

Thanks for the warning: The reason why I mainly stick to my carefully ROM tuned and batteries updated S2, is that it now works a normal day long. For my next phone I expect it to work as a #geocaching (well, maybe #ingress) device without any workarounds. I'd guess such a phone should work at least 36 hours normals usage.
Well, wait and see.
I was planning to buy one
It is better to wait for enhanced device
Just another example of what goes wrong with smartphone development over the last years. Bigger, brighter displays, faster and more cpu cores - and not running on battery power for just one full day of normal use.
"sealed" battery? That is a NON-starter for me!
Is it possible you got a defective unit? With the specs, it will never see Razr Maxx longevity but your standby seems particularly awful. 
Wow, just wanted to ask you whether I should get one, had my eyes on it.... Too bad. Desire (1st gen) is very long in the teeth.

Any other recommendation for a good phone about now? :)
It's the HD porn you watch, man.
+James Brunt no unfortunately not. I've been using only default settings because that's what the average user does. No tweaking at all. 
+Richard Lai Ok, you got me :D
On a serious note, I have heard mixed feedback. Best to give it another go with a second unit. I am still waiting for mine.
This is what we (all) deserve for always to wish high graphics and more ppi.
When will someone realize past the 200-250ppi barrier, the human eye don't see the difference (I mean, in NORMAL usage, holding our phone 1 to 1 1/2 foot from the eyes)
Maybe they will have a better version of it when it comes to sprint....hopefully
Let's see what they will bring up in Europe. If not the Butterfly directly, as they already stated, maybe an enhanced version with a battery capable of holding 2021mAh.
Still I would have bought it. Also the One X was called a battery killer, but mine lasts a day, esp. after the first firmware update. So, thats somewhat like okay ;-)
I bought the Verizon HTC DNA, which I believe is the same thing, and I could not love it more.  The battery lasts at least all day and the screen is simply amazing.  
Serious premature ejaculation there..
My HTC butterfly lasted much longer than yours. Check out other reviews on the internet. No one seems to have this issue. Yours could be defective.
It's because of the obsession to produce wafer thin phones that can't fit a larger capacity battery. Sure, you can get an aftermarket battery like Mugen, but
a) What do you do about sealed phones?
and b) Why can't the phone be given a battery out of the box capable of running 2 days nonstop with all 4 cores blazing, GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi and every damn thing enabled full blast?

I'd take a half to one inch thick phone with higher battery capacity any day over the slim but bulimic ones that are available today/
+Sascha Pallenberg, how many charge cycles did you do before testing battery capacity?
This is why I love Samsung so much right now because they have a removable battery as well as the SD card slot
+Vincent Etienne What's wrong with your eyes? I'm holding my phone at 20cm distance for normal use (8").  It's optically bigger than my TV.  Why should I have a full HD TV and just 720p smartphone?

With a good visus, the human eye is good enough for 500dpi, hold at 20cm distance.
I got burned with the Thunderbolt (ironic since the lack of power was the major issue) and have decided not to go back to them until they have a significant change in their build quality, UI, etc.

I'm done with them.
I guess coming from a line of iPhones, where the only option ever was a sealed battery, its not an issue for me at all. Its interesting that there is so much focus on whether the battery is removable or not. As long as it gets me through the day and I can find a power source when it runs out, I am good. I can't see myself carrying extra batteries around.
Mike A
My droid DNA lasted a lot longer then that.
Get the Galaxy Note 2. This phone is amazing and the battery lasts me a day and a half +! Best phone I've ever owned!
I've had the DROID dna for a month and it lasts at least 6-8 hours per day. I install juice defender... Its a miracle
HTC rarely puts a big enough capacity battery in their phones.  I don't think they get it.
HTC is famous for having lousy battery's in there devices. That and not updating devices.
I have the US version and I am not having battery issues, well compared to my HTC Thunderbolt
Side by side I get longer battery life on my DNA vs my GS3. 
software issue... or death battery ...
When will all these big companies that use and depend on battery technology come together and put there money together to further battery technology? This is only going to get worse as our smart phones/tablets get faster and stronger.
Htc sucks with battery, always have and always will. They underpower their phones and are still thicker than the likes of Samsung and lately moto which all put larger batteries in. Htc is clueless which is why they are falling. Remember their one person who said people don't care about battery life? Come on htc
i have a overclocked htc sensation (@1.7ghz) and the battery works fine... 
+Sascha Pallenberg Excellent write up on the HTC. I do have a HTC EVO and battery life is horrendous! To solve this problem, I have a home charger, a charger in my car and a solar powered charger that I wear on my arm when I am outdoor. My phone spends more time on a  charger than it does on on its battery.
So If the only flaw of the HTC buttery is a weak battery, I would happily take one with or without a battery
+Vincent Etienne I most certainly see difference with my eyes. I will never go under the sg3 or the gnex PPI. I actually want more I still see jagged circles and the edges. Yes it is enough but even my text right now is a little more pixelated than I'd like... BTW retina is a horrible term to be using
I had idea with quad core monster and pixel rich display...tiny 2020mAh won't last...but battery dying in 2hrs is new low for HTC.
Welcome to android
If this holds up and HTC continues its fall, do we have a new definition for butterfly effect?
That's so sad. It should be better. 
Just like the original Thunderbolt. Htc needs to wake up or lose profits
+Frank Nestel what Rom and battery do you use in your sgs2? I have the aokp milestone 1, i.e. 4.1.2, with samsungs 2000 mah battery (20€ via amazon) - i got 48 hrs in 3g standby with moderate use, i think this is great!
Battery life and non removable battery, that's why after using HTC phones for years, I went with the bigger, badder Samsung Galaxy Note II, the biggest surprise on the new Note II...the battery life. I can go two days even with a lot of use.
i love guys that never use a htc but know everything XD... 
Weird.. I don't seem to have any battery issues. Both my wife and I can last throught 1 day with normal use. 
Whats the point in having a 1080p screens and stunning design when the battery doesnt last for even half a day ? HTC listen to consumers
we need a phone that can endure for a day .. 
Overreaction? The Thunderbolt had similar issues and in a month upgrades had solved the problem. It will be interesting to see if that happens here as well. Also, did the telco mess it up with their crap they put on?
+Bill Davidsen no, not at all. this is a clean non branded device from the local HTC store. I've checked a bunch of review and they came in with around 5.5 hours of battery life while doing a video playback test. I've been using it continuously (!) for 2 hours. Surfing the web, sending some emails, using the facebook app and tweetlante for twitter. At 20% of brightness I went from 96% of battery capacity to 4. 
Again, no heavy gaming tasks or anything that would kill the battery right away
I beg to differ. I had the Thunderbolt for a year and even after the "software" updates the battery lasted 4 hours. HTC continues to build great ideas that do not perform. 
+Torsten Lohse Nope I dont have HTC butterfly , Iam fine with my Galaxy S2 intl...Have been reading in many reviews that HTC butterfly cant endure 6hrs if you are a moderate-heavy user .. Just asking why do these manufacturers ignore the battery factor for the design .. 
+Sascha Pallenberg Yep you are correct ... Butterfly wont endure the 6hr-8hr mark if the user goes for a intensive gaming & videoplayback 
+Yugendran N videoplayback doesn't need a lot of cpu load. this is all hardware accelerated by the gpu so you would actually get more battery life out of it. I will do a gaming test next week and film how long it takes to run down 10% of the battery.
+Yugendran N it seems customers value thin over battery life. I note that the Thunderbolt has a "huge battery" option, my daughter uses that. It takes a new protective sleeve to cover the baby bump, but does last.
Not to mention the $50.00 price tag you have to pay for the already overpriced phone.
+feka kaunt, I have a 1900 mAh battery bought for 8 Euros Summer 2011 (it fits, it does not need a new back), I have stock 4,04 ROM with the CF-Kernel, a carefully crafted Llama rule set and I rigurously kicked out apps which did do too much in background. I wanted this to be easier, but at least one can do it.
I belive it and no trust on HTC phones. I had only one HTC and it died on me and HTC customer service couldn't help me. No more HTC for me. 
+Virgil Dody it was on sale for $25, but yes, if you want something to improve your usage pattern, and the default is what the majority of users (or telco customers) want, you will pay. That's true for cars, computers, clothes (if you're not some common size). That's what keeps the "get on board" price down, mass production. There is a high price so telcos can buy a million for $200, sell them cheap with a plan, and not chip updates after the first year.
Its the screen.. the GPU can't perform properly.. plus that battery is small! Until HTC pulls off a 4k MH battery then there is no hope
Its still the first HTC I'll want to buy since the whole "ONE" design range ... always loved HTC for the longest time but stopped buying their devices after the evo 3d ( which I still love ) - so if HTC are trying to get back the customers that first took them to the top then I have to say well done ... even if I do have to keep my battery charger by my side all day long !
My DNA ( Butterfly) lastse through the day. I can get 18 hours with 4 hours of screen on or 34 hours with 2.
+Derek Ross I really don't know what you are doing with your devices but there isn't a single phone out there that lasts through one 8 hours day with me. Not a single one. I am even killing the Galaxy Note 2 battery after 5-6 hours. 
I've been using the butterfly only for websurfing, emailing, etc. the usual things I do and it died right away. 
Why are we surprised about this? It is a trademark of htc. 
Shame to hear that although I suspected that would be the case. For phones I think we still have to just assume retina is the limit for now. 
Sascha, did you reach out to HTC before posting something that is at odds with most reviews of the device? Reviews of the DNA are coming in with battery life ranging from 6 to 8 hours.  This seems highly irresponsible of you, especially when you are drawing conclusions about HTC as a whole, based on your unusual review experience.
This is interesting.  I have been using it for a week now and I am getting on an average 14hrs daily with talk, 2 emails , facebook, g+, camera, youtube, snapspeed, 30 min games on a daily basis. I am not a power user for videos.. thought. But I have no compalins for batter so bar on battery . I used to have a Nexus S - prety much same  batter on that with similar user in last 2 years. I am assuming u are a very power user assuming you kill Note 2 in 6 hours. This wont be the case with most of the people 
Im getting 12-16 hours with 4 plus hours of screen time so you got a bad device. 
Felix L
Just here to say I love my One S, and Sense is and always was the best variant of Android "skins". Touchwiz is not even near, and brings non-standard button layouts (menu-button on lCS+) and features you can replicate easily and better with market apps (buttons in the notification area on ICS+). The battery life on the One S is great, and the only reason I will not get the Butterfly is the screen size. Same ppi and specs on 4.3 or even better 4.0 inch, and I'd buy a Two S in a heartbeat.
I hope HTC gets back up again, they'd deserve it... and I hope you can report a higher battery life in a week or so ;-)
All this depends on your usage level .. people differ with their daily use paterns .
You gonna have to root it, run battery saving root apps.
Im completely stock and I get great battery life. If your loosing 30% in 2 hours of standby you have a serious wakelock issue. 
Or he could take it back and get a new one forget trouble shooting.
+Ivan Kautter If we are looking at the Engadget review it comes in at way under 6 hours while doing a video playback. I think it makes perfect sense that I am able to empty the battery in 2 hours the way I am using a smartphone. Again, this is a workinghorse for me and I am surfing the web, engage on social networks, leaving comments, writing mails and sharing websites, pictures, etc.

From a very technical point of view, it's not possible for me to squeeze out a full 8 hours of any smartphone that is available on the market when you look at the components they use and at the capacities of the batteries. Not with a 2020mAh, not with a 5-inch 1080p display and not with this SoC.

It's not irresponsible to say that this device won't fit in my life, it's irresponsible to use a 2020mAh sealed battery in such a smartphone
+Sascha Pallenberg  I looked at a number of reviews of the DNA before posting.  Also, if you can't get your facts straight, don't bother posting.  From the Engadget review of the DNA:

"Our standard rundown, which involves running a video on an endless loop, resulted in the phone holding out for six hours and 38 minutes, which isn't quite as good a showing as we saw from the One X+ and Optimus G on the same test. In terms of real-life usage, the DNA got us through a full day on moderate use, but it's quite apparent that the screen will drain the battery much faster, so frequent users will need to keep that in mind before heading off on the daily commute. There's a good chance you'll make it through a regular eight-hour workday if you're constantly using your phone, but you'll be cutting it pretty close."

Further, you didn't merely assert that the device didn't meet your usage patterns.  You took issue with HTC as a whole in the final paragraph.  I see little reason why the DNA or the Butterfly couldn't meet the needs of moderate smartphone users. Your mileage may vary, but throwing HTC under the bus because it doesn't meet your needs and not those of the average consumer is ungenerous if not merely incorrect.
+Sascha Pallenberg try turning off Fast Boot under the power menu. This made a significant difference on my HOX+. Also, you will notice the battery life continue to improve after each full charge cycle (charge to full, drain completely, repeat) as the battery is broken in. 
Well, it sounds like you need a new phone. Typical Lithium Ion batteries have a 300 to 500 change cycle before they reach about 80% capacity. If you think your battery life sucks now, just wait a few months. That said, I have had the HTC DNA since launch day. I wish the battery were bigger or at least interchangeable. It would lessen my battery anxiety I feel daily. I have exactly enough battery to manner it through a day on a single change. Automatic brightness enabled, 1.5 hours of unplugged Google Navigation (round trip) with the screen on, about any hour of email and Google+ usage over my 9 hour work day will leave me with about 17% when I get home. I can then loop YouTube videos which drop the battery 2-3% per minute until it just dies. In short, is a great phone for the way I use it.
Always when this POWER topic pops up you get the responses like turn off gps . Turn off WiFi . Turn off USB debugging!!! .. you know what I mean , and disagreements asside its a real problem that will only be truly sorted when devices thicken up and host 4000mah plus batteries .
+Ivan Kautter I can throw each and every company under the bus in an opinion piece. Hey 90% of my comment is about how beautiful this phone is but my final verdict is, that I just can't use it.

And yes, HTC has a fundamental problem. The Butterfly is one of it and their One X+ and the VS and the gazillion of updates, upgrades and new models they release during the year without even having an idea of how HTC should be positioned as a brand.

Have you ever been to an HTC store? We have plenty of them in Taipei and they are empty, always. But for the last two years those shops are getting surrounded by Samsung stores and Apple retailers and boy are those busy businesses

HTC is the company that could but they fail to deliver and they are lost in a confusing marketing and product-strategy.

+Miguel Clarke thanks for confirming this because this is roughly between an hour or two more than I am getting out of my Butterfly. 
Sorry but I am a hardcore user and I am going through about 10 smartphones a year to test them. I've been using the Galaxy Note with a 5400mAh Mugen battery for 3 months, the Galaxy Nexus with a 4000mAh battery for about 4 months and now I've been switching to the S3 with a 5000mAh battery.

Besides all that, the Butterfly was offering me the worst battery life of any phone I've been reviewing this year. If you look at each and every review on the web (once again +Ivan Kautter ) you will notice that it's inferior to all the competitors that are available. Look at the components they use, look at the capacity of the battery and you know why. 
That's what I've been saying for months. HTC and battery life aren't best friends. 
+Sascha Pallenberg I am glad that I don't have those needs of my phone! My poor phone would just melt. I love the phone, but I will never be far away from a power source.
+Sascha Pallenberg It sounds like you have a lot to say on the issue. Perhaps you could take your observations on HTC and present it in some more coherent format than writing a hit piece on a device that was reviewed well in the form of the DNA by many, many other outlets.

Further, I would suggest that those of you in the tech business have an obligation to use your access and knowledge of products, which are not available to 99% of the people in the world, in a responsible and measured manner. Focusing on your particular user experience is of no value to me, much as the usage patterns of the tech intelligentsia have little or nothing to do with the average user. When you say "the consumer" you act as if to speak for all of us, but I dare say you do not speak for most of the users of smartphones nor the typical HTC customer. Someone who knows enough to know that the Butterfly exists will know what tradeoffs he or she is making with regard to battery life if for no other reason than the sealed case.

I for one do not find HTC's products confusing in the slightest. It is offering some of the most attractive and functional Android and now Windows phones on the market. The products are aimed at medium to casual users who value style and build quality over power user features, but who don't want to sacrifice performance. In short, HTC is just trying to make the best damn phones it can for most people who can afford a 70 dollar a month plan here in the US.
Standby lost 20% in 3 hours?

Sounds like screen time out is off while full brightness.
I would not buy this phone nor accepted as a gift. Hmm ok maybe as a gift I will accepted then put it up for sale on ebay. Shame I used to love HTC phones until they became crap. Remember the evo on sprint that huge cause of the screen real state. Now htc makes phones without a removable battery and no sd card with a tiny 16gig hard drive ha. Htc has officially lost me. Love sense but hate what they have done with their phones. I believe htc was the first company with a huge screen phone
You ever wonder maybe you have a bad battery from factory ? I know people that there's last a day or if not 12 hours 
Pretty sure your unit is defective. There is no way in hell that HTC would release a phone like that. You should already realize this.....
Ethan S
Yea, quite a pain in the ass. My one x dropped 10% battery when I just fully charged it and use it in the following morning.
"Hey, guy actually using the device and has experience with something I don't, you're dumb and should realize that there's no way that a manufacturer who has flubbed their last few releases could have possibly done it again." -+Brian Durden 
+Sascha Pallenberg battery life on day 2 is not a good indicator of overall battery life. Please repost when you have conditioned the battery. I would bet that the battery life gets better than 2 hours, but it will probably still be poor. Also, if you were running 4G in a area with poor reception and the screen set at 100%, your gonna have a bad time.
I don't think its defective .. you only have to think about the stupidly small battery vs the 1080 screen and add a heavy usage cycle = just a few hours straight usage for a flat battery ... this is why phones like Galaxy Note 2 have 3000mah power packs ( and lower specs and power requirements) .. the device will likely last most of a day with light use but its actually quite logical that heavy constant use will result in a flat battery on such a monster 
HTC should of kept it like before. Removable battery and visible SD card removal without having to remove battery. Internal batteries aren't that great for 2010+ smart phones. 
+Steve Wright there is no need to condition a li-polymer battery. this is a myth imho but of course I've been trying each and every step (fully recharging it and then letting it completely run out). Of course I will try all of this again and I will also produce a video to prove my point.
I have an HTC DNA which is almost the same thing, your phone is janked.
+Shannon Bodine When was the last time you've been using your phone for 2 consecutive hours without any idle time? That's exactly what I did
+Sascha Pallenberg I am amused how many people actually still have this battery conditioning misinformation coming from NiMH batteries. (where it is a mandatory practice)

Actually with conditioning Li-Io and Li-Po batteries you wear them out. You have to keep them close to full charge as much as you can.
One thing I'm quite uninformed about is lith-poly batteries ... is it true they stay in better order if not drained to zero each day? . Mostly I charge each of the 4 phones I carry at least twice a day. Who is best informed here? Am I helping my batteries or is it tottaly irrelevant? 
+David Severn Whenever you can charge your Li-Po battery. You will cause no harm. There is no conditioning for them and just to tell you the complete truth you can not discharge a Li-Po battery completely because a circuit will disconnect it earlier than full discharge.
I may have miscalculated this but a 5000 mAh battery in a phone is practically equivalent of the battery on the low end MacBook Air. No doubt the voltage must be different, but I think that is fairly indicative of what the preferred platform should be for a power user that can go through a 5000 mAh battery, i.e. the laptop should be preferred.
+Sascha Pallenberg I know li-ion batteries need a few charges before you can really get full capacity charge out of them, but not sure on the li-poly batteries. Hopefully your battery life will improve, but I would guess 4 hours continuous use would be the max for that phone. My HTC Rezound was that way when I first got it & had a little more than two hours on the first two uses, but it did max out at about 3:45 hours at day 4 I think. I feel your pain-wish HTC would double the size of their batteries. Even if that made the phone a little thicker, it would blow the other phones out of the water.
+Edward Kreutzer poor choice of words on my part. I meant calibrate, not condition. Fully agree that draining the battery to 0 is a bad thing, especially for non-removables.
+Sascha Pallenberg did it get any better? I was(and still am) considering on buying the Butterfly as soon as it arrives in Europe,but from the day it got out I was sceptical about the battery life. My One S currently is able to get me throughout a day with normal use(calls,messaging,facebook,mail,games,browsing etc.). What surprised me about the Butterfly was that on the One X+ they put 2100mAh battery,and it is 4.7 inch 720p screen,but on a 5 inch screen with 1080p they decided to go with a 2020mAh battery. This was the reason why I was thinking on maybe waiting a little bit more, at least until the HTC M7 comes out(if it comes out that is),but then I saw a review about the DNA that changed my mind.
"Battery Life:  I was skeptical when first powering on the DNA. I thought, at 2020mAh, there is no way this battery is going to get me through a day. It has proven me wrong each day over the last week or so, easily powering me through days without having to worry about where the nearest power outlet is. On my first charge, I was at 14 hours off the charger and still had 14% left. It has only gotten better since."
From what I know,the Droid DNA, Butterfly J and Butterfly are the same phone(considering the specs,not the networks,frequencies and all that). Making it throughout a day is what I expect from my phone,so if the review above is true,I am surely going for it.
+Julian Müller Yes,I know that,but the international version,the HTC Butterfly will come .. soon. I was just saying that the USA version(Droid DNA),Asian version(J Butterfly) and European/international version(Butterfly) are actually the same phone with the (lack of) microSD and LTE being the only difference. Therefore,if the Droid DNA achieved the result that was mentioned in the review above,the butterfly should do the same. And that is opposite of what +Sascha Pallenberg said.
This is really sad.. A 2020mAh battery for a 5" beast of a phone.. I'm sure there's something wrong with your phone because no matter what, the phone should not have sucked so much juice out of the battery that it should die in a couple of hours.. ~ 7% dip per hour on standby further testifies this. Does your phone get hot? i'm thinking the processor is maxing out unnecessarily..
On a side note, DAMN YOU HTC!!! Why on earth do you put in such measly batteries in your phones!? Look at the Note 2.. It flaunts a 3100mAh battery. I'm sure thousands of people would sacrifice a little bit of thinness for not having to run for a charging point thrice a day!!
+Viktor Bojadjieski I've got a new model and I am going to test it next week. Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed because I still like this phone
Every single time...I own 4 HTC phones for their quality and also HTC Sense. But battery life kills me. HTC, are you so stupid?
I would encourage people to add +HTC to your circles & comment on their threads. Hopefully the more people that comment regarding these issues, the more they will listen.
I have a butterfly myself, all I can say is: You're wrong.
Go get it replaced, my phone lasts a whole day on 3g with push notifications from every app. But what I will say is that it took about a week and a half of refilling its battery cycles to get to this stage, for the first few days the battery life only lasted half a day with 3g. However, go charge it for a few cycles and it will be fine.
+Richard Liu you are using it as an Idlephone. As soon as you switch in the display, you will be in a serious battery drain situation. My Butterfly already got replaced and I have about another 20 smartphones to reproduce this statement. A 2020mAh battery in such a device doesn't cut it. If you get a day out of battery life out of it, this is because you don't use it.
Plus trust me, these battery cycles and refillings are a myth. 
I'm not a hardcore user. Most users (who actually have a job that's not mobile phone dependant) might not find this phone's battery life too bad. I'm charging it once in 4 days. I have about 1 hour talk time (per day), I take lots of photos to advert goods on eBay, it streams audio to my car's head unit via bluetooth when I go to and return from work (about 2 hrs per day), and finally, I use the GPS sometimes during weekends. Though I've noticed that the GPS does drain the battery a lott (abt 2 hrs of continuous GPS uses about 30% of the battery). At work and and home it's always connected to WiFi for Facebook updates and the occasional google or youtube search. I never watch full movies on the phone coz I don't have the time, and if I'm at home I have a dedicated theater room for that. Again, if I don't use the GPS function, i get 4 days of use before requiring a charge at which point it shows between 7 to 11% remaining battery :) And i have to say it's the best phone I've owned so far (migrating from HTC Touch HD, HD2, iPhone 4,5 to the Butterfly)
Frankly I think this review about the battery isn't entirely true.

No, the battery wont drain itself to 4% after 2 hours of usage if the battery charged to full. If you just got it and it pops a 4% after 2 hours  its because new phones aren't full charged.

Yes, I'm using the Butterfly. 2 hours of intensive tower defense gaming only costed me 40% of the battery. Very contrary to your claims.
+Harshan Wickramasinghe With the type of usage you described,one charge in 4 days would've been doable with 12020mAh battery,but certainly not with 2020mAh :). The 2 hours mentioned in the post might not be true as well,but I am sure that 4 days isn't true either. For a phone with those specs,and that battery,making a day out of it would be great and I think that's the only thing most of the people are expecting and (hopefully) getting.
+Tan Chia Way you might wanna read my article again. It is my job to do such reviews and I won't do a battery life test without having it fully recharged
perhaps it's just the matters of the new battery for a new devices. It's commonsense even I bought a removable battery for my Galaxy Notes before this,the battery is last much much more longer after a few days. And I truly believe that the battery could do better after a few full charging cycles that "fully activate" all the cells in the batt. Do not unplug your charger immediately once it reached 100 percents. Let it charge for a little longer for another 1 hour, and the battery could stand much more longer (based on the experienced I had with hox) 
thats weird....i've been using HTC butterfly for like 5 days now and dont have any issues with the battery. It really depends on ur screen brightness and what apps were u running and how many apps running in the background
+Eshvin Gill trust me I know all of this and that's why I described everything in one of my additional comments. ;)
Gotta say..somethings wrong.  I get 36 hours standby--with some text and phone calls.  Somethings wrong.
Hey I get like 22 days of use from my HTC hero with it in aeroplane mode and the screen turned off !! .. Yeah okay so I'm poking fun here but there's usage , and there is heavy usage .. I think we can all see the fact of the matter is that this device would benefit from a double capacity power pack !
I read your review and understood YOUR needs and expectation of the butterfly. The butterfly reminded me of my Samsung S2 not long ago. Bought the butterfly last week and so far loving it. After learning a lesson on how to preserve battery life, experience with the butterfly has been good so far. Not much difference in battery life than my partner's iPhone5. Loving the screen and picture quality from the camera. FYI I am on 3G push service for emails, fb and twitter. 1-3 hrs online reading. Not really into games. 
I don't know what happened with yours, but I played game with my butterfly in 2 hours and the battery only drop from 60 to 44%. I think this phone's battery is awesome
Guys, I think that this battery problem can simply be solved by using a power bank. Just buy power bank which is more cheap than mugen battery.

Its weird why no one said about this. It doesn't matter if the battery can be remove or not, just simply buy the power bank. 
I never have this fast-drain battery problem on my Butterfly. I guess you might got an imperfect Butterfly. However, I also have got SGS III along with Butterfly. I admit that a HTC's battery drains faster than SIII ( 2020mAh VS 2100mAh) but not as bad as that you said.
I have to say,I was very sceptical about the 2020 mah battery on this device,received mine the other day,fully charged it unpluged and used it for almost 20 hours on a single I wasn't going nuts on it and in WiFi the whole time,made three five min phone calls watched four short he YouTube vids.sent several text checked my emails and my eBay and pay pal was almost dead after about 13 hours,I went to sleep and power save came on and it limped till about 20 hours.I have to say I was impressed and the battery life is comperable to my LG optimus g and its 2100 mah.adding a custom Rom soon to the butterfly and I'd say you def have a Lamborghini again
Hi Sascha, it's not possible! I have very good experiences with butterfly battery! Approximately 20% more battery stamina than Galaxy s3! Probably you have bad device :-( 
your htc are made from CHINA. lol
I am somehow shocked how many people are trying to convince me that my Butterfly had a problem with a battery.
Guys, I know the TDPs of each and every single component in such a smartphone and you are just breaking the laws of physics when you are telling me, that it lasts longer than 6 hours for you. This is a smartphone, not an idlephone!
Just curious. Can you post the battery usage chart that you drained it in two hours? 
This thread makes me happy. It will still be here in about 10 years .. my HTC will still have about 10 percent battery by then I'm sure. 
Fair-trade officials in Taiwan are looking into reports that Samsung paid people to criticise rival HTC online. Samsung is alleged to have hired students to post negative comments about phones made by Taiwan's HTC
Wow.. I kinda don't think SP is being paid by Sammy though. ... :D 
nope I am not and this won't happen at all.
btw. battery life on the HTC One is way better which is a matter of the smaller screen, bigger battery and more efficient SoC
The htc one is a different device all together.. And yes it does last very well indeed. Anyway if you really don't like the butterfly so much please let me buy it from you. Can't buy it here in the UK and I'm not even slightly bothered by charging it 3 times a day :D 
whose got HTC butterfly? ITs good for internal battery ? which one better between HTC butterfly n Samsung galaxy s4?
+Sascha Pallenberg may i know HTC batterfly will last longer aafter searching using wifi ,hotspot n mobile data?
Batterfly !!.. is that a play on words for Battery and Butterfly 
+Sharath Appaiah this isn't possible! As soon as you switch on the display, the screen draws way over one Watt (at 50% brightness).

Guys, you won't rewrite the laws of physics here!
+Sharath Appaiah you don't lie and I've got your email but you are missing my point. My smartphone display is switched on for at least 4 hours a day, means I am actually using it. Making phone calls and a little bit of whatsapp doesn't drain the battery. Once again, this is  5-inch display which draws up to 2W (depending on the brightness. The butterfly has a 2020mAh battery and I would guess a voltage of some 3.8 means we are ending up with a capacity of under 8Whr! 
I am actually using the device and not only for a couple of phone calls!
There is no way that anyone can overcome the laws of physics with this specific handset
+Sharath Appaiah you just might wanna read my initial article and comments. No, I am barely making phone calls, this is an internet device and I am not sure if this is different for you in India but my smartphone usage has no impact on my sexual life
why should bother, if you dont like the butterfly just switch to others. if you like it just use it like me
+reka wibawa I am a mobile device reviewer. It is my job to bother about hard- and software :) Of course I am not using it.
my words not mean to you sir, but others who complaining about htc's battery. 
+Sharath Appaiah and this is exactly why I am blocking you right now. Sorry I am not interested in having such a stupid discussion
Bought Brand new HTC BUTTERFLY, Open box and insert sim, Wifi stop wroking after insert sim, has try everything and wifi not working , Hate htc now :( lost 700$ :(
Such an article about HTC battery. Just get juice pack and that's all. I agree that the battery is not big enough but there is always option to put additional battery and will be even sync on without any problem. Pretty soon comes new Butterfly - the upgraded one. For those people who have problems with HTC phones. Dear people there is no any 100 % phone in the world. Just get the guarantee and that's all. But the fact is that HTC has great sound, best camera, best design - in and out. I discovered HTC one year ago adn do nto want to go for other brand even though I have simple HTC Sensation XL. I dropped it so many times casually, and this is without Gorilla glass, it works very well.  
Bought a brand new HTC butterfly bring it to Pakistan (pakistan) WiFi stops working . Contact htc they said we dnt release a patch / batch for this country. Its unlocked phone . I m using it without wifi. Bullshit HTC . Dnt help me to fix this . I lost 800$ want to sue this HTC shit company. Bloody cheaters 
+Hussy ameer But it is made for specific countries only. We did not get at all any Butterfly in Israel. Even though I saw somebody sells it I wanted but did not buy as I know if it is made for the specific countries it will not work well for others.
Just to refresh this again... My phone has no issues at all and there is a reason why HTC brings the Butterfly S to the market with a 40% bigger battery!
+David Davtian I have connected and they said we are working on this. But its been 3 month. Again connect them and no reply 
I am sure that HTC marketing was worst in the world. HTC phones are most. Why HTC did not sell Butterfly all over the world ? Scared or what ? I wanted water resistant phone from HTC but unfortunately it is not made for our country, Israel.  I hope new Butterfly S will be available for all countries and Israel as well. 
I m using two HTC phone . One is HTC J E321Z its waterproof and working fine . But not so great as I want. I spend 640$ for this. But I regret it I should buy iPhone 5 well. Can say bad luck and other butterfly is uselesss without wifi ;(
+Hussy ameer There are so many people willing to have HTC over iPone. Sell your phone  and that's all
Hai... Hye i know why ur bettry drop just 2hour into 4%. I have experiment.first if ur see u getting error at screening.. u just say it to crsipy rite?... Yes that is part ur just not notice. butterfly not balance at Sense 4+.whit control brignest..but.. after ur update to 4.2.2.. all going fix.. but im sure ur frusting at that moment ... All human got error just report to HTc. Mybe there will learn to get some solve.that my opinion.coz i butterfly to... So Patient having Great Device.
My 1-year-old Butterfly can easily last 1 day. By the end of the day, there are still 40% left to play some 3D games such as Asphalt... before bed time. I think the problems come from software and setting side.
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