Why I hate the HTC Butterfly after just 2 days

This phone should have been my new daily platform but omg HTC, you screwed it up big time.

First you are teasing me with a stunning design and build quality. It is light and slim, I love the soft plastic surface on the back and the shape feels so good when you are holding it in your hands.

When you switch it on your eyes will immediately be overwhelmed with the amazingly crispy image quality of this incredible 5-inch 1080p display. Seriously, you will find yourself watching the default gallery images for at least 10 minutes. Zooming in and out, trying to realize that this isn't just a prototype.

You will fall in love with the performance of the Snapdragon S4 pro and the fantastic HTC Sense UI 4+ with some awesome and sophisticated widgets. And then you will listen to in the internal speakers and omg, these are so unbelievably good (same level of awesomeness as the ones in the Sony Xperia TX). Last but not least you will figure that the camera is one of the best on the markets and that taking pictures and videos can be so much fun with the Butterfly.

And then, 2 hours later after trying out all the features of this Superphone, you will get a "4% low battery" warning and you might think that you are on hidden camera.

Yes, I kill the HTC Butterfly sealed 2020mAh battery in 2 hours. Even at standby it lost 20% in 3 hours with only the gmail app running in the background.

HTC built a Lamborghini with a 2 gallons gas tank! This has to be the most epic fail in the history of the smartphone, especially because the Butterfly is just the most amazing phone I've ever had in my hands.

Sorry HTC but the Butterfly is a synonym for your shrinking market shares. It shows the consumer that you are capable of building the most amazing phones that are out there and it also lets us know, that you just can't get it right at the end. This is such a shame!
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