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Here's a little piece I wrote following yesterday's Helpdesk Hangout.

During the course of the discussion a number of points were raised that deserve further clarification.
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a guest post, wow, how defiant of recent trends... :) 
+Sasch Mayer I meant the article you linked to here is a guest post in the website where it appears. Make a Google search for guest blog fork 
well, it was meant to be somehow funny, how you linked to a blog that has or invites guest posts, even if it is not clear who is guest or not, it was meant to be a friendly amusing observation :)

No worries... :-)

We're not really worried about the whole guest-post storm-in-a-tea-cup, since our posting guidelines are damn strict. So far not a single submitted post has made it through the net. ;-)
Yep, it is very clear that all is good there +Sasch Mayer , this is why I knew you will take it in the friendly amusing way it was intended :)

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