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support and solutions for thriving beyond divorce
support and solutions for thriving beyond divorce

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Should you keep the house during divorce? Well, it’s not just about the house, is it? There is no way you’re letting go of the car, the jewelry, the investments, your pension, your hard-earned income, or the Baccarat crystal goblets either. And you’re pretty adamant your divorce attorney will agree.
Unfortunately, the law and recent statistics are not in synch with you. According to financial studies, divorcing individuals need a more than 30 percent increase in income just to maintain the standard of living they had before the divorce. Divorce is like that. It’s really about loss and opportunity.

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Divorce does not need to be an explosion worthy of Page 6! SAS for Women is New York Post quoted on a healthier approach. Can you imagine an ex saying this.... ?

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Axe the Anger After Divorce in 4 Steps

Step 1: Buy Crazy Glue.

For many of us -- all joking aside -- contending with the feelings, and in particular, anger after divorce is an ongoing struggle. Why? Because divorce and its legion of emotions disrupt everything you know and (used to?) hold sacred in your world. No, your marriage was never supposed to end this way! Yes, you have every right to be furious about it. But you really don’t want to be that bitter, angry person forever. That person is not really you.


If you are still steaming, swearing, venting, struggling with your anger after divorce, we get it. We felt it. And now, we want to help you. Here are four steps to take to release your anger in a productive way:


Everything you see reminds you of the Old Days. People, places, things. Each time you see, smell, hear, or feel something from those days you get flat out MAD. (Why? Why did divorce, wait, let’s start with your mate! Why did HE have to come along and ruin your life?) Well, don’t let your surroundings make you any angrier. Move stuff around. Throw things out. Give things away. Switch it up!

Check out the KonMari Method of decluttering like the goddess you are. Pick up a copy of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo and start asking yourself does every item you own “Bring you joy?” You’ll be able to remove everything from your surroundings that invokes anger or reminds you of your ex, your past life, your divorce. Free yourself of this cluttering, cloying, anger-inducing “stuff” and the emotions it conjures up (... and keep reading for the next 3 steps you can do to feel lighter and act more strategically with your life.)

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Divorce is complicated...and really, really hard. We want to help. The Essential Divorce Survival Guide -starting Monday March 6th, is a FULL FREE WEEK OF LIVE WEBINARS to help you cope and even thrive in the divorce process.

March 6-11, 1:00pm EST

Each day at 1:00pm EST, a CDC Certified Divorce Coach will join you to explore a topic and open it up to your questions toward the end of the hour. Kim Mishkin of SAS kicks off Monday with "Making the Decision to Divorce, Questions to Ask Yourself." We hope to see you there.

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Whoa! We polled the SAS for Women community on whether the current political climate is influencing their feelings/actions about divorce, and the results are fascinating!

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How to know if you (yes, even you) are a victim of domestic abuse ...
and exactly what you need to do to get safe.

I heard my phone chiming early this morning, and I knew something was up. First texts, then a call, and then another.

“Kim?" my friend Andrea asked when I answered, "I have a friend in crisis and I need your help.” She'd just found out her friend was being abused by her husband.

“I knew something was off but I had no idea it could be something like this. I just don’t understand, how could she let him do this to her?”

It’s nearly impossible to understand unless you’ve escaped domestic violence yourself, like I did.

The best explanation I could give my friend was that when I finally found the courage to leave — and once I got some perspective — I thought (and still do) of myself as someone who was brainwashed.

Domestic violence is impossible to truly understand unless you’ve lived it.

Brainwashing is a theory that human subjects can be subjected to "an impairment of autonomy, an inability to think independently, and a disruption of beliefs and affiliations."

Well, if you put it like that, yeah, I was brainwashed. (Read more by clicking below ...)

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"When it is time for a divorce, don’t consider it a failure, but rather a learning experience."

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Education is power. And not just when we are talking about divorce.

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