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I was inspired to put up this picture for +Shoes Monday  curated by ... oh, lemme look that up ... 

Curated by +Laura Harding +Carmen Schmidt +Erwin Vindl +Mee Ming Wong +Thomas Andersen +Ananda Sim and +olga kafka, who I apparently can't tag. :\

I was inspired for 2 reasons:

1 - the brilliant work of +William Mazdra 
2 - duh, I have awesome shoes! They're not fancy or exotic, but they're mine and they are so me. haha!
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+Sarra Robinson I'll get my eyes or monitor calibrated. Lovely all the same.

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+Tom Tran and +Sandra Parlow remember how like, a few months ago we were talking about various yoga poses and the ones we could/would do and such?

Something about wheel pose ... how you weren't able to do it yet ... and I said you had until I was 6 weeks postpartum or something, blah blah blah ... 

Well here I am, 6 weeks after having a baby, outside, doing wheel pose. It's not the prettiest wheel pose I've ever done, and I had to fold my shirt into the waistband of my pants because the wind kept blowing it up my belleh (nobody wants to see that), but it's done. Legit.

Wheel pose.
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I used to be able to do this when I was a kid!

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50mm Spring Photography by Suffolk photographer Liam Frankland. Colourful and creatively focused 50mm spring photography.

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For my European friends (or anyone else who knows):

How much difference is there between one shoe size and the next? I got these fabulous shoes for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, but they're a little too small. I ordered the next size up. Is that going to be a sufficient change?
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^^ there. I have it on good authority. :)
Hello? Anybody there? Knock knock!

It's #webcamwednesday  today for +Isabelle Fortin!
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I'm sure if that redness on my cheeks wasn't there I'd be more gorgeous!
Thank you +kimberton pemberly
My face likes you back.

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Spring is on the way.  :)
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+Sarra Robinson it's a good technique in photography, always good to have something balancing another thing in the image.
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Attn: +Jeremy Hodges 

Yeah. We totally did it. And it's delicious. :)
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Brilliant. I knew I loved my waffle maker for making quesadillas, but now I have a new idea. 

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Is it any wonder why I got the answer wrong?
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The smallest dog in the world should not be called a dog. If it can be mistaken for a rat....not really a canine.

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+Jason Kowing didn't you say something about awesome veins a while back?
I have some pretty good ones, but this crappy cell phone picture is all I can get.
Seriously, they look way better IRL. :)
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+Tom Tran you are correct, phlebotomists gush all about how great my veins are. No rolly veins for me. :)

+Pat Kight I used to get stuck with a 16 guage needle (basically a drinking straw) twice a week when I donated plasma.

+Wendy Chase I hope you are very healthy and don't need your veins poked much!

+Jason Kowing the veins in my feet are not quite this awesome, lol. :)

Sarra Robinson

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So sorry, +Adam Kenigsberg

Y'all just can't catch a break can you? Even in a silly game!
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Yeah, I'm aware that WWF doesn't accept proper nouns.

This was actually me just teasing.
Have her in circles
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