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What is “functional” jaw development?

Ultimately the "arch" is determined by the size of the palate. All our teeth fit along this arch. The palate develops in response to the repeated action and position of the tongue during the first 10 years of life. Because the final position of the teeth depends on the equilibrium between the tongue forces from one side, and the resistance by the cheek muscles from the other, we call this “functional” development. A fundamental pre-requisite for proper and “functional” forward development of the jaw are nose breathing with lips closed, and proper tongue posture during swallowing. This, together with a healthy diet and proper chewing will allow for a well developed jaw structure, a wide smile, and a large airway.

As this development occurs during the early years of a child it is advisable for any successful orthodontic intervention to start during this critical growth phase BEFORE the age of 10.

For an in-depth treatise of early childhood jaw development without amputating healthy teeth see


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It took the FDA a long time to approve zirconia dentals that had been used in Europe for a long time. This is probably the reason why the source of origin for the best of these bio-compatible implants is Switzerland.
For the one-piece implants the patient has to wear an appliance during the 4 month that the implant needs to fuse with the jaw bone. Since the introduction of two-part Z-Systems implants this inconvenience can be eliminated.
For a complete treatise of dental implants we have created a special website. Please use the information on to get all the information needed to make a well-educated decision if a zirconia dental implant is the right choice.

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Early Childhood Caries “Bottle Decay”
Recent research shows that breastfeeding and its duration are not associated with the risk for early childhood caries (ECC). Independent research has found that increased risk for early
childhood caries is rather associated with older child age, poverty, and maternal prenatal smoking.
Bacterial colonies of streptococcus covering the teeth, known as plaque, will process sugars coming into contact with them and produce acid as a by-product, which in turn will cause enamel to become softer and porous. These white chalky lesions will then progress into the more advanced decay seen in rotting teeth,
especially in upper incisors of children between the ages of 2 and 4.
In the past it was associated with babies sucking on their formula milk bottle in bed and going to sleep with it, thus creating an environment for the decay-causing bacteria to thrive on the pooled and fermenting milk on the surface of their teeth. Nowadays there seem to be other aggravating factors, and thorough attention has to be given by parents to keep the teeth clean from the bacteria that cause this condition.
Diet, proper oral hygiene, Xylitol gels, some homeopathic remedies, and proactive dentistry can all be used to prevent or slow down this

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Bio-compatible Implants
One important area of expertise at our dental office is that of dental implants. As a natural dentist Dr. Sarkissian's objective is to use only those materials that are most compatible with the body. For many years the only material available for dental implants had been titanium. A good and strong material that did work well, but fortunately the FDA finally approved completely metal-free zirconia implants. This type of implant has been in use in Europe and other countries outside the US for many years and has a very good service record. 
To educate you in all aspects of dental implants with stress on those with the best bio-compatibility - zirconia - we created this website to give you all the information to make the best educated decision which way to go with a dental implant.

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Is it OK to extract healthy teeth to make room in cases of crowding?
This question should be answered with a resounding 'NO!' If there is crowding that means the arch's size is already deficient, Why, otherwise, would there be crowding. Extracting teeth, especially healthy ones, means to submit to that deficiency instead of fixing it. Just like you would train a muscle that is not strong enough to become stronger, the solution to a crowded arch is to make it bigger. This way a full set of teeth can be accommodated.
During the more than 20 years of my practice, I have yet to see an adult who has undergone braces with bicuspid extractions as a child who has not suffered one type of damage or another. There is ALWAYS a damaging consequence to braces with bicuspid extractions, according to my observations.

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The Very First Dental Experience
does certainly leave a lasting impression, and many times it will determine the course of future dentistry in an individual. We strive to give them extra attention and care, with our prime objective being the creation of trust and confidence. This is stressed during the first appointment, in which no actual treatment is carried out, but only a playful introduction to the dentist, to the intraoral camera, and an examination is completed.
On treatment day, smaller children feel much safer when on a parent's lap. They get to explore all the tools the dentist uses. All procedures are first demonstrated on something else out of the mouth. Cartoons playing on a monitor installed on each treatment chair ensures that they have ample distraction.
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