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The Live Below the Line Challenge has caught me by surprise this year - my friend Chad emailed asking if I was doing it over the weekend and I didn't realise it was starting so soon.

Anyone who knows me on FB has probably realised how big a part of my life food takes up. Unwinding after a job is usually done around a table, socialising with friends, the same. The love of photography and food has made this portion of my life readily accessible to anyone who chooses to see what I post, and I told Chad that this year, a big part of me felt like a hypocrite, because of how food centric I've been.

At the end of this week, as usual, I go back to normal life. 

For Chad, a big part of it is about being aware and raising not just money, but awareness. I thought about it all weekend, and decided that he was right. For me though, the awareness, or re-awareness, would begin at home. It's easy to lose sight of things that help keep you grounded sometimes, and this year, this challenge starts with me.

I looked through the organisations that I could donate to this year, and have chosen Possible, a nonprofit healthcare company that delivers high quality, low cost healthcare to the world’s poor -

If you'd like to join us in eating on $10/day, we'd love to have the company - we've found that having team members helps with feelings of isolation and anger.
If you'd like to donate - even if it's a dollar - every single one counts, as this challenge helps show.
If you'd like to share your opinions - for or against what we're doing, this is welcome as well - awareness is impossible without conversation and that's a big part of why we keep doing this. 
We also appreciate your advice on where to shop and what to buy - more people than we realise live on restrictive budgets and have to make these food buying decisions every day. 

Thanks again for taking your time to read what I share and for sharing your views with me. 


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We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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Tune in!
Today LIVE on "The Grid:" Scott responds to the comments on the Creative Cloud subscription-only model…PLUS, an interesting new idea for Adobe

It's going to be a WILD show today, as we start with a look at the feedback from this week's Adobe announcements, and then I have an interesting idea for Adobe --- something I think photographers would absolutely love, but I need your help on it. We'll be taking your questions (and comments) live, and we're going to have some cool giveaways, and a whole lot more, today at 4:00 PM ET (New York time) at  --- see you then! (also, can you share this, pass it on, give it some love, etc.). Thanks!

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Nice! Happy Birthday Stefan:)

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My bro:)
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