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Sarina Brewer
Co-founder of the Taxidermy Art Movement
Co-founder of the Taxidermy Art Movement


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The beast?...

Lovetts Fine Art Gallery presents the group exhibition,
English poet William Blake wrote of nature; "The tree which moves some to tears of joy, is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity....and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself"

This event will feature over 100 new sculptures and paintings from artists around the globe, working in a myriad of genres and styles. The exhibition includes four taxidermy sculpture pieces by yours truly.

Show opens this Saturday, June 9th
Open to the public 10am to 5pm
More info at
Available work will be added to their website following opening night

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A taxidermy sculpture by Sarina Brewer that appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle this month, 13 years ago. It was part of the world's very first Rogue Taxidermy art exhibition that took place a year prior, an event orchestrated by Brewer and two of her colleagues in 2004. Over the years, this piece appeared in a number of hardcopy publications. Most notably; Juxtapoz, Maxim, FHM magazine (Lithuania edition), and De Telegraaf (the largest newspaper in Holland)

TITLE: North Woods Chimera
MATERIALS: Sheared raccoon, pheasant, wild turkey

Copyright ©2004 Sarina Brewer, all rights reserved. Photo and sculptural concept registered and protected under copyright certificate number VA-2-033-518. Derivative works prohibited under federal copyright law

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"Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, not even a......... actually, come to think of it, none of the animals in this house are stirring"

TITLE: High Horse
MATERIALS: Dyed vintage zebra mount, gold leafed deer antlers
Currently available. Direct purchase enquiries to

Sculptural concept copyrighted ©2014 Sarina Brewer. All rights reserved. Protected under registration certificate VAU1-250-503. Derivative works prohibited under federal law.

#Taxidermy #Art #TaxidermySculpture #FineArt #ModernArt #ContemporaryArt #PopSurrealism #LowbrowArt #Pink #Animals #InteriorDesign #Zebra #InteriorDecorating #PinkLove #HomeFashion #EverythingPink #WomenInArt #TaxidermyArt #PinkThings #PinkDecor #AnimalsInArt #RogueTaxidermy #TaxidermyDecor #FantasyTaxidermy #TaxidermyZebra #PinkZebra #PinkTaxidermyZebra

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A recent article out of Mexico from Redova Magazine.

[Spanish to English translation]
Today in our "Naughty and Perverse" segment, we will talk about one of the most polarizing and controversial artists of recent times; Sarina Brewer. Praised by many, criticized by others, Brewer stands out as an avant-garde sculpture artist who intersperses taxidermy and other methods with mixed media to create surreal and fantastic animals; beings with two heads, chimeras, and sirens as if from the nightmare's of anyone.

Brewer was born in the United States in Minneapolis, Minnesota. From an early age she became interested in biology. In 1992 she obtained a degree in Fine Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. It was throughout her career that she became involved in the conservation and taxidermy processes, getting involved first with found objects (objet trouvé) and then rescuing animal remains for mummification and desiccation.

In 2004 Brewer, along with Scott Bibus and Robert Marbury, founded The Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists (MART); an association that generates pop-surrealist animal sculptures using conventional taxidermy related materials in unconventional ways. The term "Rogue Taxidermy" was coined by MART and elevated the status of taxidermy to an artistic form. They differentiate it from conventional taxidermy first by overcoming its purely botanical and taxonomic intentions, and second by the type of materials used; which can include glass, ceramics, stone, found objects, metal, and other materials that are not seen in traditional taxidermy.

It should be noted that Brewer's work is less grotesque than it might seem. She has declared on many occasions the animals she uses are obtained from road accidents, farm deaths, or died in a natural way. She says she has never harmed an animal under an artistic premise. Sometimes her art also uses animal mannequins or objects that can be shaped like an animal. She is a dedicated rehabilitator of wildlife, and has worked as a volunteer in the biology department of the Science Museum of Minnesota for more than a decade. Her work has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Michigan, San Diego, New Jersey, and Ohio, with highlighted exhibitions including the Museum of Natural History in Geneva, Switzerland.

Brewer's universe oscillates between the magical, the grotesque, and the incredible. Her fantastic animals, some better achieved than others, demonstrate the full potential of the creative naive that the human being can give. As if it were a bestiary, it manages to explore part of the fears, superstitions, and magical beliefs to achieve creatures out of this world. Some simply united with others, others represented in paradoxical situations, or others more abstract, the variety in Brewer's work is extensive. More of her work at

Photo by David Bowman Studio

#ContemporaryArt #ArtHistory #PopSurrealism #LowbrowArt #NaturalHistory #TaxidermyArt #RogueTaxidermy #TaxidermySculpture #Taxidermy #TaxidermyArtist #FemaleTaxidermist #WomanTaxidermist

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Lamb Chop ©2012

An old piece of my art that is too seasonally appropriate not to post this time of year. I began incorporating animal remains into my art 25 years ago while earning my BFA at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. This type of sculpture was the precursor to my taxidermy work. My mounted carcasses appeared in the first-ever Rogue Taxidermy art exhibition in 2004. I coined the phrase “esodermy” to describe this variety of sculpture and it illustrates the diversity of work the genre of Rogue Taxidermy encompasses

~ "Esodermy: Sculpture made from the anatomical portion of an animal that is normally discarded during the taxidermy process, which is then preserved and presented in a lifelike pose that mimics conventional taxidermy" ~

The word esodermy is drawn from ancient Greek: Eso = within, dermy = dermis (skin). The word esodermy translates to “within skin”. Displays made from preserved corpses were popularized by 18th century anatomist Honoré Fragonard, whose work inspired the Gunther Von Hagen’s Body Worlds exhibits. In keeping with this sentiment, esodermy is also an exploration of the beauty and wonder of internal anatomy.

My work has been governed by the humane and environmentally responsible procuring of animals throughout my career; roadkill and natural deaths are mainstays. Every animal I use is recycled in as many ways as possible. Esodermy is the embodiment of this philosophy. There is no repurposing of the carcass in modern taxidermy; the skinned body is discarded unless the skeleton is from a species deemed worthy of salvaging or the meat is going to be eaten. It’s the unorthodox method of recycling behind esodermy that makes it so important. Esodermy is designed to create dialogue about the blurry line that separates beautiful from grotesque, and garbage from resources. I create this type of work to promote the “waste-not, want-not” credo that I have championed throughout my career. The founders of the Rogue Taxidermy art movement (Robert Marbury , Scott Bibus and myself) used these tenets to construct the philosophical framework of the genre. Our implementation of these precepts marked the beginning of a trend in sensibilities among newcomers to the genre as they adopted our ideology. “Ethically sourced” is now a slogan among virtually all artists using animal materials. These practices neutralized the negative stereotypes associated with taxidermy and became the transformative element that led to the unprecedented popularity taxidermy has been experiencing in recent years. Without this ethics platform and its critical reframing of taxidermy, the current taxidermy revival never would have occurred; Taxidermy would still be demonized in the same way as the wearing of fur coats.

Learn more about the multifaceted genre of Rogue Taxidermy. Follow this link to see examples of work by different artists that exemplifies the wide variety of mediums and styles the genre encompasses.

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The sculpture of taxidermy art movement co-founder Sarina Brewer in a recent newspaper article out of Buenos aires, Argentina

#Art #ContemporaryArt #Sculpture #VultureCulture #DarkArt #DarkArts #Taxidermy #MacabreArt #Goth #Gothic #TaxidermyArt #RogueTaxidermy #TaxidermySculpture

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Ten years ago this month: Putting the "x” in taxidermy. A trend was born

The Rogue Venus – My encore appearance in the British fetish magazine Bizarre, October 2007 issue. The shoot was orchestrated several years prior by renowned Los Angeles photographer Robyn Von Swank – a fabulous subliminal rendition of the iconic 15th century masterpiece The Birth Of Venus by Italian Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli.

The juxtaposition of doing something manly, while being excessively girlie, is as empowering as it is alluring. My work demonstrated that a woman expressing herself in a medium traditionally labeled as masculine [taxidermy] not only preserves her femininity, it accentuates it. Other articles about my work followed in magazines like Bust, Penthouse, and Sinical; all reverently exploiting the sensationalism of "my look" versus my art, something that was considered unorthodox for its time. The persona inspired woman of all ages and spawned an international "taxidermy babe" phenomenon that continues to gain devotees exponentially a decade after its debut. TaXXXidermy – Because nothing goes together better with dead animals than bright red lipstick, stilettos, pins curls… and a cosmo.

#FeministArt #Feminism #Feminist #WomenInArt
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