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I've been playing with a little app maker called hey glide that's super simple and fast. It basically makes a wee website based on a Google sheet. I thought y'all might be interested! It took me a couple of hours, including faffing around with graphics and editing the design cycle stuff. I'm using the y4-5 MYP Design rubric.

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For those of you on criterion D...

I had an idea for how to document process without the dreaded journals...I'm trying it now with my Y5s and will update you all here but I thought I'd throw it in here in case anyone else wants to use it now. (My students are all each others' customers.)

I created a Google Form with 3 questions: customer name (multiple choice), update (paragraph), and evidence ( file upload). Then I created a Google Classroom assignment with a blank document in it "one for each". Then I went back to the Google form and used the add-on Doc Appender to populate the customer name question with the docs from classroom.

The net result (I might have to faff around with permissions a little on the docs) is that the students now have an assignment in classroom with two things - a link to the google form to fill out daily progress updates for their customer complete with screen captures, and a document for them as a customer to review the progress on their project that they can add comments to.

As a teacher, I can see it all - the updates are conveniently also listed in a spreadsheet so I can grade everyone as once (or see if someone isn't doing much) or I can go into the individual documents. My plan is that they'll update at the end of every class and at the beginning of every class they can review updates and ask questions.

I'm anticipating some issues with permissions and I'm not sure how the attachment links will work in doc appender. I'll probably set most of the involved folders to anyone in the org can view. Also if students "turn in" the assignment, they might stop showing up on the Form list so I'll have to watch for that.

I'm curious about your thoughts on assessment on say A1 - if a student only States or outlines, but also gives evidence (say, survey results), do you bump them all the way to a 7? 5-6? Or leave them at 3-4?

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One of my students shared this video with me - I think it's a perfect one to watch as many of us are just finishing up Criterion A and moving on to B...

I'm wondering what would be appropriate technical skill for a y5. I'm just finishing up a digital design unit and my students are all over the place, but I'm not seeing much by way of technical skills. Appy pie is pretty much a plug and play template, many of them found thunkable too difficult, no one even attempted xcode. They were supposed to make a digital learning experience and decide on a platform through their research but my gut feeling is that the unit missed the mark.

Is anyone clear on exactly what is technical enough? If they build a Google site is that too much of a template? How do I set requirements for meeting technical skill when they don't have any technical skills? Any digital y5 examples would be welcome!!!

My school (International school of Amsterdam) has an opening for an upper school MYP Product Design teacher. Proper workshop. Looking for someone experienced - we have a great team!

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I've noticed that when designing in 3D, students have a hard time understanding wall thickness, so I made a set of numbers in the same thickness in mm as the number. So the number 1 is 1mm thick and the 8 is 8mm. I didn't do 9 as I figured it could get mixed up with the 6 :-) the kids really like them and they've helped a lot!

I thought I'd share something I do with my myp y4 product design kids:

I have them print out their specs 
Take a piece of A3 paper and fold it in 4. They put their name on the back of the paper. 
Hand the specs and the blank paper to the person next to them
The person next to them puts their name in one of the 4 sections of the blank paper and then based on the specs, draws what they think it describes (10 minutes)
They hand the paper and the specs to the person next to them and they do the same (10 minutes)
They hand the paper and the specs to the person next to them and they do the same (10 minutes)
They hand the paper and the specs to the person next to them and they do the same (10 minutes)
Then the paper and specs are returned to the original person and now they have 4 drawings of how different people interpret their specs.
They use Camscanner and their mobiles to take a photo of the specs and the drawings in one photo
They upload the photo to padlet and add a reflection (I used to I think about specifications.

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I've been playing with Canva a little lately, please feel free to use this if you agree with it/like it! Pictures from pixabay, a great resource for free to use photos.
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