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This.... I need this.

It's been on what's hot as a set of pictures posted by +TECHNICS ►, but I clicked through to the video for better visuals and the explanation.

There are no words for the awesome. It has skin, you guys. FABRIC SKIN.
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I saw this earlier! Very very cool!
+Marc Jansen the pictures were impressive but to see it in action? Did you see when the hood opened?!?!? My hopes for science have been renewed.

Now it just needs to fly...
Oh yes - that was so incredibly slick!!
Have you thought of running a Kickstarter?
Yes, I briefly travelled back in time to pre-comment.
Does anyone know why this 4 year old video (and car concept) all of a sudden have become a hot topic again? I remember it from back when they announced it in 2008, but I haven't heard much about it since; or at least not until now when the exact same video is spreading across the web again.
+Sarah Rios, I don't trust articles which include a Rickroll video. Also: I can't find any other articles describing this Muinch track test drive which aren't just Rickrolls.
It's a cool concept, but there are still a few bugs to work out I think. Rock hits side, rips fabric. Second rock goes through hole, futz something up. Ks in repairs...There are reasons for solid sides on fast moving and highly complex devices.
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