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Dear Upcoming G+ Teens,

I apologize, I may have overreacted when I first heard you were coming over here. In my head I suddenly imagined a lot of trolling, flagging, and self-censoring of public posts from the adults. In short: drama.

In all honesty I shouldn't be doubting you. Many of you are mature beyond your years (like what I'm so far out of teenagedom that I don't remember? Thanks +Bliss Morgan and +Eoghann Irving for the reminder!). Maybe it's the adults I'm doubting. I see so many immature adults that I think it's only going to get worse when the "younger" crowd moves in, but my experience should tell me otherwise. I played online games with you for over a decade. Hell I'm just now a decade out of my own teenage years and I remember the bias I got if I introduced my age before interacting with the "adults" in groups. Tossing you teens in here will likely give you a mental and emotional boost in regards to maturity, and maybe your youthful energy and optimism will be a bright light for some of the adults. Hell, maybe you'll make some of the adults more mature.

I think maybe my only request of you would be the same request I make to the 18+ crowd. When you make your own posts or reply to someone else's, take +Wil Wheaton's advice. "Don't be a dick." (What? Don't look at me like that. I know you've heard worse from your own age group.) Don't troll. Don't flame. Don't spam. Don't take things personally. Be respectful. Participate in the discussions and you'll find you'll really like it here. We aren't your average social media group.

Much <3 from us "old peeps,"

Sarah :)
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Ima hoars! They are open and they have been going into hangouts.
Oh. Well...I'm sure it will be fine. I suspect that I'll spend a great deal more time in my circles and much less time in the public stream.
BTW, LOVE the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you like stupid pictures +Sarah Rios? I have a whole circle for stupid shit that's fun and sometimes slightly NSFW. Lemme know if you want in.
I had to snatch that picture. So funny.
+Aaron Crocco if only you could see some of the people I have circled... lol. Yes, toss me in there :)
Done, +Sarah Rios. Don't say I didn't warn you. ;-)
BTW, the circle's called "Suck it, Trebek".
I was a teen not so long ago myself. I'm still waiting to be surprised by their maturity. I'm merely no longer surprised by the immaturity of adults like myself and yourself ;-)
BTW, I've had an idea re Music Monday that I wouldn't mind discussing with you for shits and giggles :)
Soon as I get home I'll plus you in on a convo :)
Add me to that goobers circle. I might like to join the writers silent hangout sometime.
i want to be a poet i dont hav necesary can i fulfil my dream
Learning to spell correctly would be a great help. 

Constructing sentences such that they flow instead of jump is one of the ways to make poetry easier to appreciate for a reader. 

Regarding the rest, study the classics, study more modern poetry, and write what you know. Also, it's imperative that you don't get discouraged by failure. 
This is really helpful for the teens
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