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Dear Everyone In My Stream,

You guys are so quiet today. You know how I know that? I was actually able to catch up on my stream through yesterday afternoon. That never happens. Also, I made a Toesday post and no one saw it.

Madness I tell you.

Are we all making up for yesterday and being, dare I say it, productive today?

Cautious Poke,

Sarah :)
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I've had a bit of a busy Tuesday - with driving the wife to work (we only have 1 car and I need it later today before she will be off of work).
Well, Primus turns 5 tomorrow, which means my parents, my grandmom, and my BFF and her son will be staying at my house this weekend. So, I've been cleaning. ;) And still have way more cleaning to do.
I'm not productive until after at least two hours of awake time. I envy the morning bouncers.
+Randal Lovelace I should be busy but I stressed myself out to the point of mild anxiety, so now I'm doing everything in my power to distract myself from said anxiety in order to get some work done. Sometimes I hate my brain.
+Sarah Rios I've known a few people that get anxiety attacks, they can be rather rough (thankfully I don't have anxiety like that - maybe too much 'fuck it' in my attitude)
I wasn't able to spend a lot of time on Google+ today (it's evening here in Denmark), and tonight I have a communal eating at my dorm kitchen followed by a meeting (so the low activity from me will continue).
I've been to conscription examination today and got deemed "unfit," which I'm quite pleased with. Now I can avoid spending between 4 and 12 months on compulsory military service, which I really didn't want to.

Sorry, I was out and about :)
+Katey Springle Lempka I am so obsessed right now with cleaning things. Maybe that's why I don't want to work. I want mindless busy activity that will look pretty when I'm done with it.
+Randal Lovelace re: coffee timer - that requires the forethought to prepare said coffee maker a day in advance, which sounds good in theory, but since I haven't formed the habit I would forget more times than not. Also, not drinking coffee or tea every day saves me money :)

re: anxiety - normally I can brush it off (I try to do a lot of mental preventative maintenance) but sometimes it sneaks up like a ninja and then I have to resort to learned methods of tricking myself out of it.
I often post pictures with my toes in them, and actually did today. But I didn't see your Toesday post.
+Alina Cathasach I'm a morning bouncer if I happen to get started early and can work uninterrupted for a few hours. If not, it all goes poof and I'm like every other zombie in the office.
I save money by drinking coffee (per cup vs per can price on soda or other drinks is drastic)
+Ayoub Khote I would so love to be "out and about" right now, even if it was just to run errands. How's your day going? :D
+neng K you've still got time! go forth and make a Toesday post!
+Lily Alice and I think I was posting while you put up the picture of your toes, so I didn't see yours either. Now we've both missed each others' posts!
I swear the world woke up yesterday morning and thought "OH CRAP, I've been slacking off for the last three weeks - I have too much to do and it all has to be done NOW!"
I keep getting distracted, but will go find it now!
I'm training an intern to use Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign at I'm a little behind in my stream. Not that I really post much anyway.
We had a train wreck weekend and Monday so I am just doing real life damage control. Things are better(MUCH BETTER)
+Sarah Rios, not everyone. Every male in Denmark at some point after their 18th birthday have to undergo a conscription examination and if deemed fit, a draw will take place to determine whether or not they will be forced to serve (no deployment/war required). I've gotten my conscription examination postponed for the past five years because I've been studying engineering, but since I'm almost done now, I had to see if I had to serve (which I luckily was "unfit" for).
I spent the bulk of my morning out and about with The Littlest Admiral; we've finally landed at the library to pick out some books and now we're both computing, he with the educational games and me with the... this. :D
Been a busy morning for me, and haven't had the focus I want. But it's day 14 with no migraine, so I'm pretty happy. Crossing my fingers I can go a whole month without one, but going two weeks is amazing for me! Just tired right now, about to take my first nap break. ^_^
Didn't miss the penguins, but unfortunately back in "do work" mode today - 8 hrs of data validating, a two hour break and in about an hour, back online to do more work....
Busted! (I was working... sorry... I'll do better).
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