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On the 16th I asked all you little minions to recommend those plussers you most wanted to meet in real life with the intention of sharing these wonderful people on Circle Sunday. The original question was more specific, people you would be proud to introduce to your other real life friends and family, but after 170+ comments it got a little skewed! :) I wonder who derailed the thread, +Anthony Deaver and +Eoghann Irving.

I also got mentioned a few times, so I'm in this circle, but I suspect you all were kissing up since I was the one that started the thread in the first place. ;)

I've had this list circled for 3 days now and there have been some hilarious finds. Go through these profiles one by one to make sure you want to add them all. Don't add wholesale! These are all great people, but not everyone will be interested in the posting content.

Thanks everyone who commented on the original post! I think I might do this again for next week. <3

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blinks and looks innocent

Temporary insanity?
How did I miss this conversation? Blames SW:TOR Just based on the pictures in the circle that I can see, it looks like you covered a lot of the goods ones. :)
Don't blame me, it was all +Eoghann Irving I had nothing to do with it :-)

Did someone menton tacos? I distinctly heard tacos... ::wanders off looking for tacos:::
Thank you +Sarah Rios I'll go through the profiles of those I've yet to circle. At first glance, I've already made some good choices in the past :-) Glad to meet all of you here on G+
+Aaron Crocco so I've been thinking, what's the next circle topic I could do? This one was people you'd want to HIRL. I was thinking I might ask for a list of epic thread derailers, or maybe a list of your favorite NSFW people. Ideas?
+Sarah Rios I think HIRL is tough because it's geographic. The other ideas are good, NSFW is always fun but dicey. I'm game for either of those two. ;-) Can we do a shameless-promotion circle? LOL.
+Dirk Reul you're very welcome, and nice to meet you too! (BTW I have no idea where to stick you in my more permanent circles... you're in randoms for now until such time that I sort you into other circles on a whim!)
+Aaron Crocco LOL! What criteria should I use for the shameless self promotion circle? Writers? Crafters? I'm-awesome-and-popular-so-please-circle-me peeps? Under x-amount-of-followers peeps?
+Sarah Rios Randoms is fine with me, I mostly post pretty random things as you might have noticed in the last days :-)

But in general you'd find me in these circles of yours I suppose:

Did You See That?
Science, Tech, and General Geekery

But feel free to put me in whatever circle you like of course :-)
I'm little by little going through every single person in this circle to figure out if they belong in my high priority circles. This takes a little while but hopefully I'll encounter many new interesting folks.
+Sarah Rios I'll limit it to the current games (the other list would be too long ;-) )

Portal 2

pen & paper; whatever system we felt like, I used to DM on AD&D (Planescape, Forgotten Realms, Dark Sun and Dragonlance)
I played Shadow Run, Call of Cthulhu, Star Wars and probably a few more I just cannot come up with right now :-)
+Sarah Rios Heh, I have no clue. I only suggested it since my book is coming out soon. I'm #Shameless. :-p
+Aaron Crocco oh hey that reminds me I've actually done separate shameless promotion posts for people to link me their books. I look for new reads now and then and like to keep a list handy of my fellow Googlians' ebooks :)
Ooooh. Would you wanna help with my book's pimpage? I'd love you forever. :-p
I love this ^_^ It's so much easier than clicking on every profile and seeing if you like that person. (Hi people in the circle!)
+Anthony Deaver we had "taco salad" Friday night. Imma have to steal that recipe from my coworker and post it for you all. Also, I see what you did there :P
Sorry I already derailed someone elses thread a week or two back with my peculiar version of tacos. :D
What did I do?

(seriously, I have no idea what you mean)

Are there any +ers in the Fort Wayne, Indiana Area? I'd like to have a Hangout In RealLife somewhere. Maybe even set up a computer or 2 to have a running online hangout. 
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