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The "Gaming" circle, I have created it. All you MMO, FPS, RPG, LARP, console, board game, arcade, app, social media, etc peeps let me know if you get your game on so I can sort you accordingly.

Much <3
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Coat me in honey and toss me in that circle, yo!
Yup! I like them all, but to me it's like music: There are excellent and dreadful entries in every genre. I'm also trying to push into edugaming in my career.
That, too, +Sarah Rios, though I'll admit I go to fewer arcades now that I effectively have more gaming than I have time for in the comfort of my own home.
+Martin Pooka +Michael O'Reilly our bro-in-law has an old school arcade machine that he rigged to not require any coins, so he can turn it on and play it whenever he wants. He also has a Hook pinball machine.
+Sarah Rios It's never to early for honey. And slide me into this circle as well. =)
I had two arcade games in my house until we started having kids and had to turn some rooms into "bedrooms" and stuff.
Ohoho! So what is your gaming background Ms. Rios? I shall have to add you to my circle of Gaming Allies at the least
To be honest, I'm mostly a PC gamer nowadays, however I've not played anything since November... Except for one brief session on RockBand on the xbox. I need to sit down and start playing games again, especially with Mass Effect 3 just around the corner... Unfortunately I'm mostly a single player rpg fanatic, but with no time to dedicate to it I don't get chance... I've got a huge, ever growing pile of games on the go, and almost all of them need restarting so I can find the stories again.

I'd love to get into a tabletop rpg group, but not found one near me... :(
+Matt Redding Consoles: NES, SEGA Genesis, N64 (Zelda: Ocarina of Time!), PS 1 and 2, xbox, xbox360, Wii
PC: Civ 3 and 4, some other super old school ones that you still had to have the CD to run like Phantasmagoria or Shiver
Online: EQ, WoW

I haven't ventured into the world of social media or app games because I tend to get obsessive when I start something new, so I haven't even played Angry Birds or Bejeweled or anything. I've seen other people play them if that counts.
+Matt Redding I FORGOT TO MENTION "DOOM" AND "QUAKE" AND "DUKE NUKEM" UNDER PC HOW DID I FORGET THAT. Fail. Those were the games I cut my gamer teeth on.
Sure! PC: Shogun 2, Civ V, TF2, Portal (2), Skyrim, FO3, FNV, Minecraft, Empire Earth, Balgur's Gate.

Man, I play a lot of games.
I'm an old school gamer, so sign me up!
I got all you gamer minions sorted through +James Mayes ^_^ Now I feel like we need to have a gamer's hangout. Maybe we will do that on Monday!
+Jaime Cooper I used to play CoH all the time...loved it...until I was wooed to the WoW side... :D
I am a FPS gamer and some platformer type games like Mario
Yep :-). Just got back from a trip to help move my mom to Vegas.
+Ryan Techau and I bet you had a horrible time while you were there. I mean that Strip, it's so boring... ^_^
+Sarah Rios I actually didn't go to the strip. Only got to go to one casino in north Vegas. Oh and Utah sucks. I got a souvenir from the Utah State police a nice speeding ticket :(
Games huh? Yeah, I could crawl into a circle like that. I do me a bit of WoW now and then. Nothing heavy - I could give it up any time - honest. I've done most genres in my time. Back in my college days it was D&D, Diplomacy and Sweaty Betty. On through Doom, Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy. So many more I can't even remember - it was all a bit of a blur - but I was there. I might have to seek me out a Skyrim dealer soon...

So what's in this circle thing anyway?
+Andy Burke nothing yet. Just a way to sort my minions. Although you guys might get a notification if I do decide to host a gaming hangout :)
I've finally faced the facts I'm a girl gamer. Used to deny it... but there's really no denying it now. I much prefer social type gaming. So, I play MMOs a lot. Mostly WoW (been a Horde tankadin on Ravenholdt since 2007), but I do play G+ games and used to play Facebook games from time to time. I go in and out of spurts for the social media games. I'll eventually be playing SWTOR... have to get my PC set up again though first since it doesn't like Mac gamers.

For consoles, I have an NES, PS1, PS2, Wii, original Gameboy, and a DS. These days I mostly play the dance type games, but I used to be really into console RPGs.

Outside computer games... I also help run a Harry Potter forum based RPG that's been going since 2003.
I actually never played any of the pokemon games +Sarah Rios. Surprising, I know! I had this crazy idea I was too old for them.

And yet...

I was obsessed with Kirby's Dreamland on my original one.... to the point I played it anytime I wanted an easy to beat game I could sit with for awhile. I don't even remember how many times I beat it. >.<
+Susan Tournour Never too old for games :) I may or may not have been able to name the original 151 Pokemon in order and correctly label their type(s) back in the days when I played it a lot. Don't judge me. >.<
I think with all the WoW players there are, somebody should organise some G+ cross realm dungeons... assuming we all have toons on the same faction.
+Susan Tournour THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. Since I suck at PVP I volunteer to be the initial distraction and sacrifice myself so that my fellow PVPers can kick some ass.
I don't think you can cross realm PVP yet, +Sarah Rios. Pretty sure its just for the 5 mans for the time being. I heard raids might be coming soon, though? But not PVP yet cause of the battlegroups.
Definitely couldn't be on my server, +James Mayes. RPPVP server so it has name rules... but could be a few moments of sad entertainment on another server! Sad since we'd die... die badly... and die quickly.

Shortest city raid ever.
Definitely a Gamer. Computer, pen and paper, whatever...
+Michael Harries lol! I don't have a Gamer circle anymore but I did stick you in the TARDIS circle :)

(general geekery, tech, and science stuff, so you go there even if you have no idea what the TARDIS is. lol)
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