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Any of you that have not seen Doctor Who are hereby invited to a series of hangouts specifically for watching Doctor Who. Because you cannot go any longer without the Doctor. You just can't.

Also, there will be crazy pajamas involved because it's officially an unofficial slumber party. Without the slumbering.

+Rachel Desilets, +Daniel Koeker, +Amy Knepper are the first three poor souls that have been chosen. Tell me, Doctorless ones, when shall we have the first round of shenanigans?
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Seriously? There are people out there who haven't partaken of the Doctor?
Damn that sounds like fun! Too bad I'm already acquainted with the Doctor! ;-)
Mike St
Which Doctor are we starting with.. I just bought the "David Tennet Years" collection.
ROFL you guys. We will probably start with 9th doctor as that's the beginning of the recent episodes.
I'm up for it :) I vote we start with Ten just because he seems the most likable
and miss the history with Rose. unthinkable!!!
How many years will it take me to catch up if we're already on Doctor 9??? Wednesdays are out, otherwise I'm fairly free.
The first season with the 9th doctor isn't my favorite, in fact I still watch it mostly for Rose, but it's necessary background for the other (better) seasons.
Yeah, you have to start with 9...My friend here has just started at the very beginning and he's finding it hard work....
+Amy Knepper the episodes/movies with the other 8 doctors have spotty availability, especially since a significant chunk of the episodes were lost in the UK.
+1 for the wibbly, wobbly, timey-wimey..... stuff.
Post May 3rd. Wednesdays are also out for me to... I have... things.
And will you be going through the complete series episode by episode? or just hitting highlights?
I named the title of my book after her.

What do you guys got? :P
+Eric Hubbel it will probably depend on everyone's schedules and access to the episodes. If it doesn't look like we can do it more than once a week, I might just host a weekly viewing of a few episodes (firsts/lasts in seasons, Christmas specials, etc) and have people watch the others on their own time. Separate hangouts can happen for those with no access to episodes.
Yeah you have to watch the 9th to get the full appreciation of how the Rose/Doctor love story began and evolved...Amazing television that was
I'd prefer if we photoshop Donna out of everything!
+Eric Hubbel nuuuuuuuu! I like Donna! Yes, she was annoying at first, but I felt for that woman, especially at the end. You are special, Donna! You are! sob sob
+Rachel Desilets How much will you stand by that title when asked to change it by a publisher? ;) Just sayin.

And I might have to name the character I created this morning for a picture book after her.
+Reggie Norman Yea, that's why I'm not a huge fan of Rose
+Eric Hubbel Please! Donna was the first companion not to fall in love with him and actually gave as good as she got. Granted her voice was annoying...
Redact +Sarah Rios. I dont know wanna know about the end!!! I'm starting the two part series 4 finale tonight!!!
Rose is a whiney little snit. I'd even take Martha over Rose.
Ooooo I'd take Martha over anyone. Cept maybe the Doctor's Daughter. =)
+Eric Hubbel Imma try not to be spoilery here but WHERE DID SHE GO? She hasn't made any other appearances AT ALL.
She's having babies with her father!
I'm talking about Georgia Moffet. Who are you talking about?
+Sarah Rios Yes, isn't Georgia Moffatt the daughter of one timelord (actor) and the gf of another? I forget which, but I think Peter Davidson is involved somewhere.
Daughter of Peter Davison, wife of David Tennant
coincidentally Peter Davidson is David Tennant's favorite Doctor and I believe made him want to become an actor.
Yes, I was talking about the character. She was only in the one episode and left us hanging.
Like I said...having babies with her "father", David Tennant. =) Lucky guy.

Edited so as to not let people think the Tenth Doctor is a pervy.
+Eric Hubbel you're a nut. That unresolved loose end in the story arc seriously bothers me.
story isn't over yet. We got at least two more Doctors coming. at least. ;)
+Timony Souler I'll add you to the list :) (sorry about the late reply, I got all sidetracked with Hubbel)
+Sarah Rios I heard about it once, but haven't seen it since. I'll do some digging.
I went to go get Mac and Cheese and this place blows up.

Well, I'll sit here munching. And watching. Like a creeper.
omgmacandcheez yay! now i know what imma gonna have for dinna
+Rachel Desilets Well obviously... there is no other kind. I don't buy anything I can make, unless I'm out and about and can't get to a kitchen.
also, #bacon #RiosFan #aaronwoodisdope
I'm handing this over to Rachel and Anthony since I'll be on the road.
haha. I wasn't going to make him read through 90 comments to read his hashtag
I'll drop in and out for as long as you're on episodes I've already seen (which is all of 9th doctor, and a bit of 10th thus far).
My productivity is gone today you guys. It's just gone. lol
I hereby claim the #tacos hashtag in the name of Deavopolis!
+Anthony Deaver The other day I made a breakfast burrito with cheese, taco "meat", and tempeh - does that count?

It was delicious.
+Sarah Rios I don't think I'm ever going to be able to read your thing, it's been open for like 15 minutes with nothing getting done #riosfan
Ok here we go. Bacon Shell Taco with ground beef/lamb mix. Bleu Cheese crumbles.
Really? the post died after I left?
Whoa, I want in! I haven't missed any of the doctor who eps, but who cares? :)
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