I have some very exciting news!
Velvet Glove - Notebook edition - will be available at Gen Con!

What is Velvet Glove?
Velvet Glove is a PbtA game where you play a teenage girl in a gang on the streets of 1970’s America. Your life is full of drugs, crime, and sex—and all that excitement comes at a price....

You can play as one of 6 playbooks:
- the Gearhead - hotwire cars & cruise the streets in style
- the Maniac - deal out violence & hurt others before they hurt you
- the Newbie - connect with others & show your resourcefulness
- the Radical - state your message & let no man silence you
- the Stoner - get real high & open your mind to the universe
- the Valkyrie - make a plan & suckerpunch those who underestimate you

This is the ashcan, hence the Notebook edition subtitle. It’s a preview of the full game yet to come, with everything you need to play. Come by the IGDN booth (3211) at GenCon and check it out!

Can you dig it?

Why I Made This Game
A couple of months ago, I sat next to two high school girls getting their nails done who chatted casually about a teacher who commented on their friend’s breasts. Being a teenage girl is hard. I remember getting catcalled as a young teen, being embarrassed by my developing body and being torn between the desire to hide and the impulse to strike back. I’ve read accounts of other women being sexualized as girls, and it was both sad and familiar.

I thought there was a game in there. Take my fondness for exploitation movies like Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill! and Switchblade Sisters, plus a little exploration of coming-of-age movies like The Outsiders, add in a gender twist, and you get Velvet Glove.

Velvet Glove is a way to explore the lives of these girls, but in a setting where they are the focus of the story. You get to play through a story full of excitement, hard choices, and, unlike most of the time in real life, sometimes the sleazy person ogling a girl young enough to be their daughter gets throat-punched.

I hope that the people who play Velvet Glove experience something outside their own personal history. I hope they get to indulge in being a little bad, and see that some choices are all grey, with no easy answers. And above all, I hope they have fun cutting a bitch.

This is the very first book coming out with my name on it as author, and I am terribly excited. I can’t wait to see other people playing and running this game.

So...can you dig it?
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