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Love these photos taken with a "non-professional" camera, and all the tips for lay-photographers like myself. I'm inspired to work on my photography skills!
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actually if you look at +Android Photographers (or the better folks on Instagram, etc.) you'll see that you don't even need a "proper" camera ;)
Truly enjoyed your photos. As a professional trainer, we know that Rule #1 is "Always have a Plan B." I applaud your pre-planning. But I have to say, I was expecting a story about the flea-market find or the disposable cameras purchased at petrol stations or the new smartphone that turned out to have an unexpectedly great phone. Having a nice compact Canon as a fallback was a pretty sweet Plan B. Good on you for you excellent planning.
+Vaughn Page Those photos are by Allen Rokach but they're pretty cool, aren't they? You're right though, there are a lot of great photos taken with smartphones and I'd love to see more of them too.
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