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Sarah Price hung out with 8 people.Brittany Alexis Blackmon, Matthew Izatt, Jesse Hollington, Filipe Gazzinelli L. F. Werneck, Remy Bergsma, C Man, Kim Beasley and James Cridland
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Sarah Price was in a video call with 8 others
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can I join with video and audio - e.g. get invite
another killer is gmail mobile contacts - mobile version doesn't support contact groups
I am lacking audio :( , so I'm gonna have to bail, but boy does this seem interesting. I am currently working on integrating a new web mail client for our web hosting and dial-up customer. I so which we could use Google APP for domain. Our systems here are so antiquated. Which me luck, and no that wasn't a typo we still have dial-up subscribers.
Totally agree with +chuck kesson Can't tell you how many times I've had to email my co-workers while out at a recruitment events and found it sooo cumbersome to type in each contact.
+Sarah Price This is just great! Keep on having these hangouts!! I'm so enjoying this :)) - No comment or suggestions for now but if I do have any I will make sure I share them with you and your team ;-)
it looked like a youtube video on the stream... very nice broadcasting!
I don't suppose Multi-User in the iOS app is coming any time soon, is it?
+Sarah Price that was very cool - hope I did allright for my first G+ Hangout :) Nice to see you guys doing this: keep it up! Kudos to the Gmail Mobile team :)
Hate to sound like a broken record but is there any way that we can make Gtasks available within the gmail mobile app just like you can see it within Gmail on desk top.
Enjoyed viewing your Gmail hangout. Maybe next time you can incorporate the comments/questions that people submit who are watching.
+Chris Berryman yeah somehow even I couldnt get it either .. Should we have another hangout to discuss hangouts :)
hey , guys . How do you make a hangout , or how can i "video chat" ? because me and my friends, want to video chat . So please help me . Thanks(:
If this was about Gmail mobile, then I have one more suggestion:
Can we have notifications showing the number of mails unread? That way I don't have to run a widget. It'll be more pure. Thx.
Dann D
pancrazio carbotti -This was my logo i had on my profile , But not any more
How can I disable "Consider Including" feature in GMAIL?? any help please
Hey Sarah...i am an user from India who uses google on the go from my HTC droid phone. I was using a feature called the "SMS Channel" Recently i wanted to use it and i am unable to access he webpage it sems the issue is on googles server. I have a hunch they stopped it due to govt rules but have no confirmation. Since you did recently hung out with the mobile team i though you would be the best person who can know or have the resources to know. Please Advise.
I guess the days of the KISS principle is gone. I start down a path but never seem to follow it straight to the end. Made a discovery, I am a read and understand before pushing keys. I am now getting instructions (thank you). But stirs up rust in older brain and leads to more questions. I would have like to have listen in on conversation.
Im like sooo lost do I hang rooms with use .
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