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In case you missed it, Gmail now has custom picture themes. I've been testing it for awhile and love it. What picture are you using?
Introducing custom themes in Gmail.  Find your perfect image and make Gmail your own.
Posted by Greg Bullock, Software Engineer Themes have been an important part of Gmail ever since we launched them back in 2008. Not only do they let you personalize your inbox with fun backgrounds, bu...
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Hmm, I shall have to take a gander. I've been using the dark theme for a while now and could use something new. Thanks +Sarah Price! 
I just want a similar theme for all products that I use in Google Apps. Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Groups, should all be able to provide the same theme, for UI continuity across the apps. I use Google Apps for work, and for home, and I would like a different UI theme for my work stuff vs. my home stuff, so that they are distinguished visually.
I just like the way it is. Google decides the best, keeping simplicity in front line.
I agree with Mohsin. Keep it simple and light. Don't be tempted to sexy it up =)
It would be nice if I could have grabbed a background image right from GDrive with one of those picker dialogs.  Is there a way to do that and I just didn't see it?
+John McWade Sorry I missed your question! You can choose an image from one of your photo albums in Picasa Web / Google+.
Sarah, Hi:))
this is not a nice old editor of themes (which, I had in the old look  Gmail), this is just a stupid general background
and why, not have separate sections colors and text colors.

Why so far, no arrows, to review the drafts?
I use a custom picture of Miku Hatsune. Now I can't close my GMail ever again ;)
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