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Sarah Price hung out with 10 people.Alex Gawley, Jason Cornwell, Mark Striebeck, Robert Stonebridge, Manny C, Jason Cazes, Warren L, Brian Kennelly, Brett Carver and Jeandiata Smith
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Sarah Price was in a video call with 10 others
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If I were not at Starbucks, I would be all over this. Drat...:(
Dunno if you guys can take this right now but I'll post my question anyway:

Gmail for Android: Can an option be added for the app to start in the Labels view by default?
i'd really love to not have all the contacts of my circles appear in my chat list. I follow lots of people but don't want to chat to most of them. Dunno if this is Chat, Gmail or Plus
I've ended up with several gmail accounts for the same reason, personal and professional, but now have multiple youtube accounts/google+/gmail etc.
I came in about 8 minutes late. Did they discuss about task improvements?
Any progress with the text formatting problem as seen by Outlook users?
I want my accidentally deleted drafts back... can you do anything with that?
Sorry, I missed the questions here -- I was looking at the main Gmail post. I'll read the questions here and come back at the end if we have time.
If you get married / divorced, it would be good to be able to change your name.
Question: Why does the "not bulk" button appear to do nothing? There are emails I receive that I would like to go directly to my inbox, but for some reason they end up in the 'bulk' folder and usually overlooked. Selecting these emails and clicking 'not bulk' doesn't appear to change this behavior.
Anyone dreaming about putting G+posts into Gmail in a thread format, literally seeing G+ posts native within Gmail?
At that point you have a single product, and being neither fish not fowl, it will neither fly nor swim well.
Not sure about that. There's an extension to add Facebook to Gmail already.. G+ could be just another extension.
Even though I changed to "non-discussion mode," the system still sees the email connection. So if I delete a message from my inbox, it deletes the rest of the messages tied to it. This is annoying and I have lost emails I would like to save. If I select "non-conversation mode" it would be nice if it acted just like "Outlook." Each email stands on its own.
+Tim Webber Also, searching in Chat should prioritize contacts that are actually available for chat. I have a fairly large contact list, and search mostly offers 6 contacts e-mail addresses, useless.for chat.
The avatars are all grey blobs, and take up huge space.
when will the Android gmail application be updated to use the same group(s) as the groups in the on-line version?
It seems they keep saying to keep using the product and 'get use to it'. Contrast issues and text buttons rather than icons are still an issue. An issue that it seems they are saying there are complications in fixing. What complications? Themes are an artistic issue - get a new artist or let users roll their own themes. As for text labels for buttons, I can see it being a language issue but it should still be addressed, or make icons that actually more meaningful.

C'mon guys, you are still dishing out old answers to old, still valid, problems.
Will the Android Gmail app every support lab features like the desktop web app does. For instance I use superstars but in the app I can only select one star
that was a cool hangout! thanks for doing this :)
Is there somewhere we can view the hangout from the beginning? I missed the questions about tasks and would love to watch what was said.
Too bad some questions weren't unanswered because of the timing (mine included) :( Good hangout though, it's nice to see Googlers trying to get in touch with users this way. Congrats for that.
Thanks everyone, and I'm sorry we couldn't get through more questions. I think we could easily run a Hangout for 24 hours or more and still be answering questions :)

I'm working on the video and it's looking like it did record properly. It's still processing so I can't say for sure, but I should be able to post the link soon. Please check back on +Gmail tomorrow.

+Paul Chambers -- your question was next but we didn't get to it. +Alex Gawley & team know that the experience for small screens isn't ideal right now. We don't have an update right now but it's definitely something we're talking about.
Any chance we can get formal answer to all the questions chosen? I would recommend it be one question, one post. So that each issue, and Google/Gmail answer, can be commented on by the community separately.
Thanks for hosting this. Nice to know Google has a face. :-)

And apologies for sounding so pretentious. I promise I don't act like that in person. Even though I'm wearing a suit in my avatar.
+Sarah Price I'm looking for some numbers for GMail Germany. Do you know how many GMail-accounts exist in Germany? Or is there any chance to find something about it? Thanks a lot!
+Jason Cazes You weren't pretentious at all, thanks for coming! I really appreciated having your perspective there.

+Mattes Moormann, sorry, we don't share that information as far as I know.
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