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The first ever EducationOnAir conference is taking place today. Educators are holding 46 Hangouts on Air discussing a number of topics in education technology. Don't miss this session by +Sean Beavers on using Gmail to keep track of your digital life, and check out the full conference information at: eduonair

Edit: Session is over now, but see the handout here:
Unknown is hanging out with 5 people right now in a live Hangout On Air! #hangoutsonairPaula Deal, Sarah Price, Julia Fallon, Greg Marshall, and Erin (Isvik) Flage
Gmail: The Heart of Your Digital Life
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Mas Mor
Hi dear +Sarah Price ,hope you do great. My google account has been disabled (from 24 March 2012) and I have really no idea why this happened. I have sent over ten times emails to google and unfortunately there was no answer! I even don't know why my google account has been disabled. I do need my account, I have very important information in my account.Please, please, please , please give me at least the reason why so happened. and please tell me what should I do now?I'm so upset.I want my google account back, please please please help me. thanks in advance
Hi +Sarah Price ,daily to check 100 mails I need to go back same no. Of times.why won't there be flow like G+?Is the Gmail team thinking in those lines.Especially those who use google apps accout and who depend extensively on gmail,it is a hiderance to productivity.
+Sarah Price These EducationOnAir conferences were great. Allowed me to drop in on these to pickup tips and learn from others. Would be great to see other ones in the future like BusinessOnAir, GoogleAppsOnAir, etc.
Thanks +Sarah Price and thanks for the link +Vanessa Schneider with all the archived hangouts. I jumped in on the Social Media & Chromebook one but didn't realize there was a place for the archives. So are these done at the same time of every week?
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