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Interesting tips on making your email more search-friendly, including optimizing your subject line for keywords that you can use to find that conversation later.

Do you frequently search your email? If so, do you think about "email search optimization" when you are composing?
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I like SEO of the subject line. That one little thing would be tremendous to the search function!
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I try to minimize my email searching by categorizing important messages I may need later, and starring important messages that definitely require further investigation or reply.  I do have to fall back to searching from time to time, but chide myself for poor organization if I find myself doing it too often.
I do search. However, gmail does require accurate spelling which isn't always possible. It would also be great if when I search a contact, all of the possible emails of that contact would show up rather than just from a particular email.
Pet peeve:  when people reply to one subject on a completely different subject just because they are too lazy to start a new conversation.  Messes up future searching.
Wildcards. That's what I want. 
It would be good if Gmail allowed me to attach 'tags' to an email so that I could later find said email by searching. All too often I receive an email which hasn't got any useful keywords.
It does +Jonathan Seyghal, they are called labels and are probably located in your left pane below your various email boxes (inbox, important, sent mail, etc for example) and above the Chat section of the pane.  When you hover your mouse over it an option for "More" should appear which should reveal options to create new and manage existing labels.  Once made, just drag the label you want onto any email and it will forever carry that label.  When you click on that label in the left pane, all emails with that label will be listed.
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