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Thanks for taking my picture +Max Braun!
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You look like you are ready for a jetpack in your future! Love the portrait angle. :)
That shade of blue is very slick. 
Agreed with +Chris Davies. That light blue pops right off the screen - nice color contrast against the green background.
Do you know what you can see through Glass?
The Future!
And I'm super jealous.... nice gig Sarah! See you in MTV soon I hope (August 2nd perhaps)

It looks good in blue, it would look awesome with the Pebble Blue colour that Samsung have on the S3
I find the longer hairs more appealing than those in the profile picture.
Great look. But can you actually see anything without your real glasses on +Sarah Price : )

Now for a real question. I know you take can photos with the GGlasses but can you see what the camera sees on the little display?

I think I'd end up looking at the world through the cameras lens instead of through my own eyes for a while. Just because it would be so surreal.
Can't wait until I get one early 2013!
+Sarah Price  but after 4 years you still have that Gmail twinkle in your eye right?  

Also, does this Google youtube video give a true representation of what you see (icons popping up, etc.) through Glass?  I was showing my wife this video and she was very intrigued with Glass.
+Darrin Brownlee of course, Gmail always has a special place for me :) regarding the video, its a concept video, but time will tell.
+Sarah Price I caught that reflection off the "Glass" on your first comment.  Not telling us anything until the time is right. :)
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