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I have a Kiva account, but never made a donation. It looks like even then, you don't count as a new user, and the offer doesn't apply.
so sweet u..ohyeaahh..ohyeaahh.
I'd just donated to a really sweet widow in Nigeria. She's offering a TON of money from a trust fund from her late husband, killed in some war somewhere, or something. She promises to pay us all back, too! Just gave her my bank account number and scan of my passport for some legal stuff. I hope it works!
Seriously, though...even a nice lump of cash is not enough to get out of poverty. Getting out of poverty in most cases means having the means to change your crooked third-world government, leave your country, or become part of that system. Sad, but true. Cash only prolongs your suffering. Why? Money runs out, and if you cant have a way to get it on your're screwed. Most of these business loan applicants dont think things out very well, have zero idea how to run a business, or are in saturated markets; most plan on reselling things, not producing anything. What happens when the economy goes bad, which it is in these areas? Poverty AND debt then. Do they have debtors prisons in these countries? You'd be doing them a disservice and putting them at risk for a poor loan if they exist!
sarah im not speaking about money,i mean do you know android software and can you programme any application in android?
that's not probleme i'm hamza from algeria ....
hi sarah parez, my name is sam and i would like to get to know u
is that fine with u /:)
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how kindy action girl, hope your dream comes true .. :)
Sarah Perez you doing well weather other here is ok much rain then stop now
ah ab
ISLAM !!! very interesting
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