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How many apps do you have installed?
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Way more than i should.... Especially now that i am rooting and ROMing my phone.....
i am using iphone and i have just 15 apps
I have about 50 installed, but have installed probably a couple of hundred over the time I've owned an Android phone.
Just passed the 200 on my HTC Desire S
Jaro O.
Galaxy S 2 --> 99 just cleared it up recently..
28 currently, HTC Desire. A period I had about 100. It depends on waht ROM I'm using :) However, I am to recieve my Galaxy Note tomorrow, and I should easily reach the 100 mark again (;
I had my Android phone for about 4 months and I downloaded about 10 apps.
106 on my iPhone right now, 89 on the iPad.
Yeah, I would be more interested in how many apps used in the last 90 days.
+Robert Cooper I did an unscientific scan and I think I've used a little over half in the last 90 days on the iPhone. Less on the iPad.
Nah, if you count Google TV a few more. I use some apps there all the time I never use on tablet.
I've got 65, not including the Iphone native ones. I use fewer than half of these regularly though.
+Robert Cooper The iPad vs. iPhone ratio is interesting. I tend to use a my iPad for a limited set of apps, because I'm more likely to use it at home, where I have other, full sized computers more accessible.
Ping Lu
120. Not using every single one of them regularly, but from time to time it is better to have an app installed than installing it on the go
Yeah, I would say I lean the other way. I use my tablet for stuff I would never on my phone (Netflix, Kindle, Evernote, Most Games -- Recently Sim City) My phone to this day is still really for IM, Email, crosswords, and Podcasts. It is rare I am far enough away from a 'real computer' or my Xoom to reach for the phone.
nut nut
Thanks for sharing.
iPhone that is getting smashed tomorrow and traded for something better. 
Don't have have a smart phone. On my Android VM, I have none.
To make it clear, I own a number of Android devices each generally has over a hundred. There is a common set of apps among them plus some unique apps. My apps are constantly fluctuating with discovering new ones that are useful or useless and outgrowing old ones.
according to appbrain 150 between 2 phones and a nook color, probably slightly higher due to a dozen or so since I synced (does not include apps that overlap between the devices)
500,000 apps and 499,900 are all the same crap apps
120 apps I use about 30 off of my front page on a daily or weekly basis. LogMein Ignition by far most useful for IT support staff!!
That's on an iPhone 4s. I still think ignition super useful be it droid or iPhone!
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I really confuse to buy I phone or Samaung Galaxy, Plz help me!
i would like to know how can i improve the use of my smartphone and wich kind of apps are the most recomend for the one that use android
met natl,....nice to meit you
150 and my software down and untill now i canot repaire it :((
I'm 19 - but there are other reasons why I don't own a cell. It just makes me feel strange when people try to get my number and I say I don't have a cell, like I'm from another planet.
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Interesting thought, but the 'other' reason why I do not have a cell is far simpler than that. I am a mute and, not being able to talk, a cell seems relatively pointless.

As to my parent(s) not allowing me: I am away from home (the States) in Germany, studying. I left home just after my 18th. I have considerably less restrictions in my life than you can imagine.
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Perhaps you ought to take this conversation over to a different channel, rather than filling up what is an interesting entry by someone not involved in this conversation - which is well off topic - at all. But, before you do that, how about reading my comment (I'm a mute, I can't talk) above and toning down the 'get a job' stuff?
gosh i did not mean to hurt you like thaT SORRY i did not mean it like that so please i am very sorry please dont take it personal i would never do something like that to anybody i am very sorry and I was just giving you some advice
wtf that is your fault u dont have a phone or dont have a job broke butt
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27 apps, Android (HTC Legend). The limited space on the device makes it a pain to add any more apps.
due i know how you feel i have the same phone and it is like that all the time it is like going to t mobile for a better phone than before but they all suck