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Sharing public updates on Google+ has gotten really creepy. Yes, I'm talking to you, weirdo commenters. Going back to private sharing now.
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personally, I like the random comments I get from people I don't know :)
those naked pics were leaked by accident I swear
I'm very selective with my public posts. Is too intrusive, going to check my posts now..
lol, Gives you a chance to use the block feature.
I rarely post anything publicly, although I don't get many creepy comments in any case.
I like G+'s iPhone app that shows nearby public posts. It's something that facebook is missing which is rare. I haven't really gotten into G+ but the app is keeping me around.
Sometimes the weirdos are fun. I don't post much in the way of personals stuff so most of it is public.
As in what... people you don't know sharing your public posts?
Wait, before you leave could you just tell me what you're wearing?
I don't get any crazy comments, but I'm probably not the type of person who get's crazy comments from internet stalkers. :( dang my boring life!
It is a shame there isn't an option to see who doesn't add you back - you end up commenting on people who have no regard for your comments.
Just change your profile pic to some ugly old hag. Then see if the lewd comments go away... :))
Either Block few people who make weird comments or better restrict comments to only your circles though you post public.
Everytime I share something in public I get like 4-5 people circling me for almost no reason. So I don't share in public either!
+Kamal Tailor Unfortunately there are many men out there with "issues" and the Internet allows them to express them with much less fear. :(
:( I haven't said anything creepy you can put me on the non-creepy circle
Then plz do add me to your circles so I don't miss your shares. :)
Didn't see all of 'those' comments coming...... SMH
Oh, that's sad, I really enjoyed your posts. I promise to not be a creeper if you keep posting? Even though this is my first comment
I don't blame you Sarah. Look at, well, this comment thread. Some, perhaps most of the comments are fine. And some are rubbish.

To everyone saying she can block or report them... sure she can. But given how many people do this you're basically asking her to spend a fair bit of time doing that. It's also not really a scalable solution. Could Sarah block 5 commenters a day? Sure. 50? um.... 500? No. As G+ grows, this will become a significant issue for people like Sarah who are fairly prominent. It also means that the comment threads are MUCH less useful for those of us who'd like to actually discuss a post. I find myself spending far less time on G+ threads because I just don't want to wade through all the crap.
+Sarah Perez where do non-weirdo commenters sign up to be circled for your non-public updates?
risk avoidance is not a solution! here r the options: Remove; Block; and Ignore. well somebody have 2 mow the lawn 4 the grass 2 look gd.
sad, but I get it. perfect example of why the circles thing is a good idea.
hope u feeling better. happy new yr!
That's just such an odd comment. The world is weird and your world is something new, different, understandable or is it wack thickless and divine? Social diversity is curious. Come back when ur curious.
Hi Sarah! Greetings from Stockholm! Nice to get acquainted!

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Could you add me to your private circle then? I'd like to be able to direct my tech questions to you. I'm sorry to hear that a few weirdos have ruined it for the rest of us.
Agh i hate spammers, A profile with a great pic sharing internet information not personality of her means its spam the same on twitter&facebook and more, dont trust this is fake girl!
hello sarah i am siraj my city is kolkata.
Hi. I'm Carl. I don't think I'm creepy, but I do like tech issues.
Sarah, did you stop blogging here? I'm barely catching up on G+. But thanks for the great tech work, Sarah. Maybe I'll catch your work over at TechCrunch instead. Happy New Year!
what is differance b/w symbian and andriod.which is better.
Is that something you opt in to or out of?
sorry sarah i don't mean to scare you but i think i remember u from camp...
hiiiiiiiiiiihoooooooo, there is someone here ?