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That won't help as I don't use IE anyways.
Aren't Chrome and Firefox doing this already? I expected all the comments here to be along those lines, not "darnit Microsoft! let me continue to have the older buggy version of the browser I don't use!"
+Gyan Gather, not that much more people actually. In certain countries it's not even the dominant browser anymore.

I believe this is a good thing for browser security and moving the internet forward so us web developers don't have to worry about those on IE6 anymore and have to waste time running to an old XP machine that still has it to make sure it works.

I don't even use Windows, I use Ubuntu so this doesn't affect me at all except that I will expect a lot less calls from family swearing they didn't click anything, why are all these porn sites popping up. That said, IE is the ugliest browser I've ever seen. I'm even tired of how slow Firefox is and have been moving all my clients and family to Chrome.
Some of us still continue to use IE because Blogger doesn't work with other web browsers.
You have to understand that the majority of average computer users do not even know what the word "browser" means, let alone that there is more than one. They know that they have an icon labeled "Internet" and they click it. Nothing more. You put too much emphasis on tech-savvy users. You need to live in the real world. I run a small computer repair shop and if I talk about browsers and Chrome, Firefox, etc., all I get is blank stares. Average users DO NOT know what all this stuff means.
+Laurie White, what are you talking about? I haven't used IE in honestly over 5 years and have had absolutely no issues with Blogger.
But i dont want IE9, thats ok i know how to go back to 8.
This is great news. I wish the article called them out on being the only ones not to support HTML5 on their own OS, XP. Each version they drop backwards support for their own OS.
IE9 is only supported on Vista and newer, IE10 will only be Win 7. At that rate IE11 won't run on anything!
+Carlos G. Limardo IE is the only browser that will let me into Blogger. I searched the problem on Google, and apparently, I am not the only one with this issue. Blogger is totally ignoring the problem and won't respond. Blogger is so easy for my purposes, that I don't want to move my blog.
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No Chrome is the best. However don't use it too long because it eats up memory with sustained continuous use.
Like I said in Twitter Sarah... OH GOD THE DEVELOPMENTAL HORRORS!!! lol This is by far the best move I've seen in a long time by Microsoft.

MS, good go!
well I have lot of days yet to enjoy the almost last version =P