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Adulthood = Chocolate cake for breakfast.
Pretty sure.
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So I didn't know that an excellent throw was possible. Much less on a curve ball. Much less at a stupid Golbat. (This was my 5-7th throw) I'm pretty proud of this throw!
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Good job!
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This is so cool!
(Japanese article) Watson saves Japanese woman's life by correctly identifying her disease after treatment failed. Her genome was analyzed and the correct diagnosis was returned in ten minutes. Apparently first ever case of a life directly being saved by an AI in Japan. | r/Futurology at
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This was surprisingly difficult.

Indirect h/t +Adam Liss​
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Is it bad that I got them all right?
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I am sharing this because I'd actually been planning to ask this same question. Feel free to comment on either my post or the original (or both).
Honest questions for Trump supporters:

1. Do you feel his campaign is mostly positive or negative? Why? Are you happy with it?

2. How do you feel about the way he talks about the people and groups he dislikes? Why?

3. How do you feel about the factual errors he's made, whether they're denials of his own words ("I never said that") or misinformation (confusing the Democratic VP nominee with a Republican NJ governor)?

4. Do you support him strictly because you feel Clinton is worse, or because you'd vote Republican regardless of the candidates, or do you feel he has the qualities you want in a President? What are they?

I've tried to keep my questions open-ended because I'm genuinely interested in your thoughts about Trump as a supporter. I'm happy to listen to whatever you have to say about him, but this is not an opportunity to drag either candidate through the mud.
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+Bill DeWitt Oh, yes, they're very relevant. But I'm clear about how I'm voting, and I understand the reasons why. I know what I like and dislike about each candidate. But I don't understand the opposite viewpoint: which issues are the ones that tip the scales? What matters, and what doesn't? Are the reasons rational or emotional?

I can guess, but I don't honestly know. And I'd like to.
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Caught this guy in the same place as Jynx. He's now my new highest.
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I have him, but I got him early so he's weaker.
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These guys are back! I loved watching this show.
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This is beautiful. I will use Yelp a lot more often now!
Now here's a way to find those Pokéstops
If you're already looking for a nice place to grab some dinner for you and the Mrs, why not grab some Pokemon Go supplies while you're at it? Joining the list of companies looking to capitalize on the recent Pokemon Go craze is Yelp who now has a filter in their app for searching restaurants and businesses with nearby PokeStops. Just open the app, tap on the filter button (right next to search), and scroll down to turn on the PokeStop Nearby filt...
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Beautiful math!

h/t +Yonatan Zunger
Primes with no sevens

This is a prime number whose decimal digits are all ones.  It has 317 ones.  It's not the world record.  The number with 1031 ones is also known to be prime! 

Even larger guys like this are suspected  to be prime.  Are there infinitely many?   Mathematicians believe so, but they can't prove it.

Why do they believe it?   The main reason is that they have an estimate of the "probability" that a number with some number of digits is prime. We can use this to guess the answer to this puzzle.

Of course the whole idea of "probability" is a bit weird here.  A number is either prime or not: the math gods do not flip coins to decide which numbers are prime! 

Nonetheless, treating primes as if  they were random turns out to be useful.   Mathematicians have made many guesses using this idea, and then proved these guesses are right, using a lot of extra work.

Of course it's subtle.  If I wrote down a number with 317 twos in its decimal expansion, you'd instantly know it's not prime - because it would be even.

In the European Congress of Mathematics, a number theorist named James Maynard just announced something cool.  There are infinitely many prime numbers with no sevens in their decimal expansion!

And his proof works equally well for any other number: there infinitely many primes without 0 as a digit, or 1, or 2, or 3, or 4, or 5, and so on.

This is big news, but not because mathematicians really care about primes with no sevens in them.  It's because proving something like this requires a deep and delicate understanding of "the music of primes" - the way prime numbers are connected to wave patterns.  For more on that, here's something easy to read:

Thanks to +Luis Guzman for pointing out this article, and thanks to +David Roberts for finding James Maynard's paper on this subject, which is here:

• James Maynard, Primes with restricted digits,

He shows that if your base b is sufficiently large, you can find infinitely many primes that are lacking a chosen set of digits, where this set can contain up to b^(23/80) of the digits.  Unfortunately I don't see  how large b must be - he may not have worked this out.  If b = 10 counts as sufficiently large, then since 10^(23/80) is about 1.94, this result would let you avoid any one digit in base 10, but not two.  In any event, he does prove, separately, that you can find infinitely many primes that avoid any one digit in base 10.

  It uses cool techniques, like "decorrelating Diophantine conditions which dictate when the Fourier transform of the primes is large from digital conditions which dictate when the Fourier transform of numbers with restricted digits is large".  It also uses ideas from Markov process theory - that is, the theory of random processes - as well as hard-core number theory concepts.

#bigness   #spnetwork arXiv:1604.01041 #numberTheory #primes  
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So here we have a pretty concise comparison of each candidate and their stances. One is a pathological liar, so I'm throwing out pretty much everything he says he stands for, because I can't trust him. I distrust Clinton too, but to a lesser extent: I believe she's an expert at backdoor shadiness, but factually she's been pretty correct, so I believe that what's stated here is what she really represents. Gary Johnson only recently came on my radar, so I don't know much about his character. But for the sake of making this a non-trivial discussion, I'll consider him to be accurately portraying his views as well.

So on the topic of abortion, which I consider to be the most important thing on here, we have a nutjob and two pro-choice. I can't vote what I want there, so I'll ignore it.

Next we have gun control. Now, I realize we've had a lot of shootings recently and we need to fix that. But Clinton's solution is to use an existing list with a defined purpose and policy, and extend its use to gun control. This is a terrible approach. Not only does it awkwardly couple two very unrelated policies, it's not unnatural to consider the slippery slope argument: why not just have a list of "bad citizens" that aren't allowed to fly, have guns, vote, or get jobs? We don't need to go down that route.

Then we have legalization of drugs. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm in the drugs-are-bad camp. But just because a thing is bad doesn't necessitate that it be illegal. Drugs have been illegal for a while now, and it doesn't seem to be helping. We've got overflowing prisons, and prison doesn't really help an addict get his life right, it just makes him worse. The point IS still to help people, right? Anyway, Johnson's approach is the same one we currently use for cigarettes. (I'm in the cigarettes-are-bad camp too) Maybe that approach will work better than the one we've got. I'm ok with trying it.

Then we have refugees. Yeah, let them in! As a Christian, I want to open my home to anyone that needs it. Everyone is a soul worth saving. I shouldn't look at anyone any differently just because they're not a fat, lazy American like me.

And lastly, Johnson wants to introduce Congress term limits. What a great idea! To be fair, Trump and Clinton haven't said anything about this yet. (What? A topic Trump hasn't stuck his fat toupee in yet? Weird!) And, also to be fair, I have no idea if that's something the president can even accomplish. But hey, my other two options are pretty hopeless. I'm voting for Gary Johnson.
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Are those entries the party platforms, or the candidates' positions?
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My most recent acquisition! I'm only level 14, so this is the highest CP I have. Caught her near an airport.
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Start powering up, look at all that stardust!
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