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Maine, home state of Gov. Paul LePage, has just come the first state to decide to use ranked-choice voting. This is very beneficial to voters, because it leads to more positive campaigns, greater chance of success for third party candidates, and higher numbers of voters who are satisfied with the winner. I hope other states will follow Maine's lead, and suspect at least a few nearby states will after seeing it work.
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Trying to organize my recipes all together. Also coincidentally stumbled across this comic.

Mouse-over text: "Look, recipe, if I knew how much was gonna taste good, I wouldn't need you." Amen.
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Our fortune cookies (which actually contained real fortunes and not generic life advice!) seem to confirm each other, so I now fully expect to hear from an old friend in the next week. And if we do, boy am I going to listen to whatever they have to say!
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I discovered my Patronus is a Kingfisher on J.K Rowling’s Pottermore. Find out yours now:
+Rita Pagan I knew it'd be a bird :D
Pottermore Patronus
Written by J.K. Rowling, created by Pottermore, discover your Patronus now.
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+Rita Pagan :) You have to create an account on Pottermore to do it. But I think it's worth the effort; it's a very polished and immersive experience. Try it out!
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So Google+ just asked me why I was using it today. They didn't have an option for "I'm stuck on the internet clicking all my favorite buttons like a rat with a lever, not yet awake/self-aware enough to get offline yet"

I decided "interacting with an online community" was close enough.
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Are you using G+ or is G+ really using you?
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So I'm going through my childhood stuff, and I come across these super cool Harry Potter socks that I forgot existed. Bonus: they were too big for me as a kid, but now they'll fit great!
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You are FREEEE !
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"She’s Ginevra Molly goddamn Weasley, and she’s not impressed."
Six brothers. That’s how many brothers it takes to make a Ginny Weasley. That’s how much familial finally-a-daughter pressure is required to make a Ginny Weasley. That’s the weight of hand-me-down …
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I'm pretty sure I have thought this. I may have some kind of always-feels-guilty complex.
"I’m pretty sure I’m not relaxed enough."
MALVERN, PA—Silently wondering throughout the hour-long appointment if there was anything she could be doing to enhance the experience, local woman Caitlyn Leigh reportedly worried Wednesday that she was doing a bad job enjoying the full-body massage she was receiving.
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"If they hit a good spot can I tell them to stay there for a while or should I be silent and them do their job?"
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That moment when you spend three pokeballs on a 10 cp Rattata because HE KEEPS MOVING SIT STILL YOU INFURIATING RODENT!
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That moment when Golbat wants to eat your face...
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sigh I guess I'll have to make another sheet.
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Yeah, no choice really. 
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The lady working the front counter was very kind, even replacing a milkshake my family had incorrectly ordered for me at no charge. That's southern hospitality! Thank you for making our road trip more pleasant!
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