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Pool Repairman Saves Squirrel With CPR

"C'mon little guy. You can't die," Gruber, a pool repairman who lives in Phoenix, Ariz., told the waterlogged squirrel as he tried reviving it.

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Dialect Similarity Test

Oh geeze, I talk like I'm from Michigan?

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Why You Should Spend Your Mornings In A Cave

“Creativity happens when you work independently,” she says, echoing our finding that insight comes from not having distractions. “Individuals are really good at generating a whole lot of ideas, while groups are good at selecting, shaping, and refining those ideas.”

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Vintage Crime Scene Photos Superimposed on Modern NY Streets

"Grisly violence is an undeniable part of New York’s DNA and the juxtaposition of the old, black and white images with the modern “Times Square” version of what most people expect today is incredibly fascinating – truly making ghosts walk amongst us."

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The Habits of Supremely Happy People

Another one of those lists... but food for thought nonetheless.

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The Best Map Ever Made of America’s Racial Segregation

"Drawing from the 2010 Census, it shows one dot per person. White people are shown with blue dots; African-Americans with green; Asians with red; and Latinos with orange, with all other race categories from the Census represented by brown."

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A: "You might have to guess, based on whether they seem to be yelling at the same kids."
- Derrick, age 8

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NASA has officially called off attempts to fix Kepler

"The $600 million Kepler mission has been in trouble since May, unable to point with precision at faraway stars in its quest for other potential Earths. That's when a critical second wheel failed on the spacecraft. The first of four gyroscope wheels broke in 2012. At least three are needed for precise pointing."

#Kepler   #keplerspacetelesope  

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NEW TRAILER: Hayao Miyazaki's "The Wind Rises"
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