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We are holding a Hangout tomorrow on Ebola. We have a top line up. Take a look:

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An account purporting to be that of Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal is no longer live on Twitter. The account was likely a fake, from the screengrab we can see an inconsistency in the spelling of "Al-Saud." The account had reported the death of Saudi King Abdullah. The King's death has not been confirmed.

h/t +Sarah Marshall for screengrabs
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This is great. Worth tuning in if you have time

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Just starting!
Dubai-based Emirates Airline is now the world's largest international carrier after a 30-year expansion that's attracted plaudits for its marketing savvy - and fierce criticism from some rivals and governments who claim it enjoys unfair advantages. Emirates and its Persian Gulf rivals - Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways - are increasingly dominant on routes between Asia and Europe. North America is the next continent for conquering.

Emirates launches flights to Boston from Dubai on March 10. We’re sitting down with Tim Clark, Emirates' president, to chat through this U.S. expansion, and how he aims to almost double the number of passengers the airline carries by 2020.

Got a question for Tim Clark? Email Rory Jones at or tweet us @RoryWSJ and @WSJ.

Please note, this Hangout will begin at 9.45am EST (Boston), 1.45pm GMT (London) and 5.45pm GST (Dubai). 

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This WSJ Google Hangout is about to start. 
Is it becoming easier to fund a startup in the Middle East? Find out from +Rory Jones and guests.
The Middle East is awash with positive sentiment around startups, and a regular flow of accelerators, incubators and venture capital funds have been launching in recent months to the audible cheer of entrepreneurs.

With that in mind, The Wall Street Journal Middle East is conducting a live Google Hangout discussion aiming to answer one simple question: Is it becoming easier to fund a startup in the Middle East?
Five panelists will help us answer this question currently being posed by countless entrepreneurs who are considering starting a business. The panel will chat through how entrepreneurs can seek funding; which sectors are most likely to get that much-needed cash; and the challenges that still remain in building a startup eco-system across the Middle East.

Join Rory Jones, reporter for The Wall Street Journal, as he talks to:
Wassim Kabbara, head of retail & local in MENA at Google
Hind Hobeika, chief executive and founder of Instabeat
Ramez Mohamed, chief executive of Flat6Labs
Sam Quawasmi, managing director and cofounder of
Chris Schroeder, the author of Startup Rising; The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East

Don’t forget to add the Wall Street Journal page to your circles on Google+. You can tune in to the live Hangout that will be playing out live on their Google+ page as well as their YouTube 

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+James Cridland I followed your advice ( After a winter of a broken timer and a cold start to each day, I now have Hive. Thanks for your tip!

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+Stephen Rosenthal shares tips with WSJ journalists

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I like these videographics / live charts / explainers from The Economist

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