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I've been researching home theater audio for the better part of the last month, and I think I'm ready to pull the trigger on the first half of our future 5.1 system. Thought I'd share my setup choices and get your expert opinions.

L&R: (in Rosenut)

Center: (in Rosenut)

Sub (went wireless, don't want to see it):


Eventually I'll probably stick with B&W for the rears coupled with a Sonic Air wireless amp in the back of the room (don't want to run cables from receiver or drill holes)

Seriously having so much fun obsessing over this stuff and being crippled by choice, but it's time to buy.
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Have you looked at wireless to connect the rear speakers? Any recommendations? Looking to replace my old Bose Lifestyle system, but tired of the cables going all the way across the room...
Very nice choices...let us know how it all sounds once you get it installed.
You should call into Scott Wilkinson today!
Why only 5.1? Space? Budget? Law of diminishing returns?
Definitely stick with the same brand and if possible same model range for all the speakers as all mfg. vary in how they sound.
B&W are excellent choices, I have some and they sound great.
I'm not so sure about the choice of amplification.

What is your budget for the receiver/amplification and what are the much have features?
You aren't going to go 9.1.. wow, JK :)
Doesn't TWiT have a home theater specialist / podcast? What does that guy think?
+Sarah Lane - You should call into The Tech Guy today (or tomorrow)... Scott Wilknson (The Home Theater Geek) is filling in for Leo this weekend. 88-88-ASK-LEO :-)
Why go 5.1 when 7.1 is available :)
Can't really go wrong with B&W, so won't complicate things as far as speaker selection goes. Denon are great - I have a Denon receiver myself. However, if you are looking for friendly suggestions, then I say take a look at NAD. I have a few NAD components (some of them for years now) and it's all excellent stuff. NAD has a great design philosophy, both engineering and aesthetically speaking. Definitely worth a look. Oh, and it's pronounced 'en-ay-dee' : )
Bizarrely, I just got a Denon receiver to work with some Tannoy speakers I was gifted - yesterday!

I'm only using it for PC/PS3/Phone use, and not TV, but my first impressions have been very positive. Easy to set up, although very, very heavy.
Oh, and for those asking why I'm not going 7.1, the receiver is capable, I'm just not ready to go that far yet. Baby steps!
+Alain Zarinelli yep, the Sonic Air wireless amp I mentioned gets good reviews from those I've asked
Have a pair of b&w central speakers. Love'em, are a great choice.
Nice choices. I have a B&W center speaker on my home system. We also had B&W speakers in the studio I used to work in. They sound great. Denon is also a solid pick
I'm no expert, but, it looks impressive.
Can't go wrong with Denon in my opinion. :-)
It should sound... 'interesting' with a mix of different brands like that. See if you can stop by work and ask Scott during a break, especially a top-of-hour break so you have plenty of time.
Can your receiver be configured to double up the amps for the front speakers? Might as well, since otherwise you're using just three of the seven amplifiers :-) Also I strongly recommend taking the time to complete a full calibration of the MultEQ system. Even if you end up not using it, it gives you a good reference point for what flat EQ sounds like. It also sets up all your channel levels and delays, which is handy (particularly when you're using wireless amps for some parts of the system).
Very nice choices I have the B&W series a step below the CM line and I love them. Using 2 685's as my rears and 621 as the center/ Running as 5.0 system as The 684's seem to push enough bass for me. All powered by a Marantz NR1602. :D Definitely choices I will never regret.
+Mark Evans and what brand would make those? :) I would love some eloctro-stats but I am just too scared that they would get shredded.
+Sarah Lane b&w and marantz amplifiers will work well together because they are all part of the same company phillips believe it or not +Kevin Gault
I think you should defiantly go for a 5.2 setup, daisy chain out of the SubWoofer channel another line to a set of Butt Kickers (see car audio store) that you screw firmly into your couch so the whole thing silently vibrates during BIG explosions and such Low channel effects ... Inspired by this +MAKE article :
Specs are all great but let your ears be your final guide and have a demo with the music/sound you actually play at home.
The Audyssey included in the Denon should make setup a snap.
Denon and Marantz are part of the same company, D&M Holdings. +George Byers I do love my set-up though. :) In 2008 Philips sold its remaining shares in D&M Holdings. So Philips no longer is part owner of those companies. As far as I can find B&W is still a privately owned company. Though they do have ownership in Rotel and Classe.
+George Byers Very nice. How do they sound?
I just have a feeling it would be a bugger to get them here in the states. :/
May I make a suggestion? Whatever you buy, please make it as versatile as possible; because, I believe the best sys. lays in the different ways it works.
+Dan Bennington I don't know about how the Martin Logans would look in my living room, prefer a traditional style.
Don't get suckered into buying overpriced cables. Get all you're cables from google the CNET article on cables from a few years back. You can save hundreds.
Specifically hdmi cables
+Tom Yang thanks for the tips. haven't even thought much about cables yet. i guess that's how they get ya?
Ever since I found years ago, I refuse to get my cable anywhere else. Their prices appear to be wholesale so no fluff involved. Even the flat screen mounts are a heck of a lot cheaper than stores. Quality is there also, so don't worry that prices are low because it isn't cheap material by any stretch.
+Kevin Gault I totally agree with you. The only thing that bothers me is almost everything is made in China. When it works out to at least 1/10th the price though it's hard to walk away. If I could find a place that was say 1/3 to 1/2 the price and made in the USA - I'd be all over that.
+Tom Yang I know right? I agree, if was made here in the U.S. and a bit more, I'd certainly pay for it over the lesser price. My feeling is the things on monoprice are the same as what you would pay on the brand name, just without the added brand name.
I don't kow of much in electronics and wiring even being made here so I think we're sort of out luck finding made in the U.S.A. products.
+Dan Bennington who recommended ML, & krell, I know u mean well but it probably just won't work. Cause that means Sarah will have to get a processor just to run the krell. Plus Sarah does not want the ML cause she does not want to be like prager, or Kevin & his Klipsch system am I right, Sarah?

Sarah, have u heard the denon with the b&w in person? If that is what u have settled on, I'd recommend getting the denon as a factory refurb for $649 shipped. Still comes with 1 yr factory warranty (vs 3 yr as brand new) & save u some money. Use that saved money & put more into a more formidable sub.

If you have not not settled on the denon, then I'd recommend you give a listen to anthem receivers. And depend on whether or not u like a feature laden receiver like a denon which has a lot of Internet features, or if you're going to maximize audio performance. If you're really wanting some good sounds, then I'd say find an anthem dealer & audition it. I think no matter what you end up with, you will be pretty happy. Enjoy your system!
I thought you told Leo, "and don't say B&W", and here you are
+Sarah Lane when you mentioned to Leo that you were looking at speakers, you said that your friend had an amazing sound system. Leo was saying he had a recommendation for you and you jokingly said " and don't say B&W." I assume you were just saying that you already knew about B&W and wanted another recommendation. Sorry for the long response, but we have streaming all day long.
Off-topic, but do you use Thumb on iPad or iPhone. If not, I think it is a great app for you to review
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Delivery/installation on Saturday! So excited. Finally!
we're gonna need to see a picture of said system ;) congrats and enjoy the system
now price one out for normal people on normal salaries... and go...
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