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Woo hoo!  Router replaced!  Can finally start my Google+ Hangouts again!  Look for the event announcement for next week's hangout!
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Looks like things have changed a little.  You don't HAVE to register for an account to manage your local router.  You can manage it without the cloud account.  Personally I signed up for it.  LOVE that I can control my router from my phone when I'm out!
Just watch for terms of service changes!

If I may ask, what reason would you need to change router settings while away? I'm having a hard time thinking of one. Maybe I'm just not enough of a tinker-er.
2 years old...just one child, but I think I know where you're heading with this. Not into locking down the computer altogether, just restricting the internet?
right, and sometimes you need to allow stuff on the fly.
Or deny something if you are going to be out longer than expected....
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