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Pretty sad video if you ask me. Hmm, let's judge Google's innovative capabilities by the hardware they put out.
Have any of you kids ever heard of Windows, everyone seems to have forgotten the graphic interface was invented by Jobs and stolen by Gates! Wouldn't you be a little patten crazy if someone stole what became microsofts core platform from u? Honestly what a bunch of haters, if all these other companies are doing all the innovation why is it that the Apple products are so far ahead all time? Why can't these other companies get the patens first if they invented it first? If getting to the paten office first with the idea isn't the standard, then what is ?
No. But the employees of Apple might have.
ali hamdy
apple friggen sucks HTC rox
+Ton van der Liet In that case then Gene Roddenberry's estate should sue Apple as the tablet computers was in Star Trek many years ago!
+1 for star trek next generation and them touch screens!
I am a HUGE Android and Windows fan so of course this video caught my eye at first.  After the first couple of minutes I just closed it.  Pardon me if it goes any deeper than the following:

Saying that a clever array of already-invented pieces is NOT an invention is very close-minded.  Would you say Harry Potter is not an invention because it is just a bunch of already-invented words simply put together in some clever way?  Would you say the mouse is not an  invention because it merely was a plastic case (plastic cases are everywhere) with a sphere inside?  The wheel was invented a very long time ago.  By that standard this was just boring from the start!

So there.  Bash/Reply/Flame/Whatever.
si it means that Apple has only copied others idea and have added some spices into it and have made something cool!
But apple's products are still quite reliable and nice! :)
The problem is... They only improved what was already invented and claim they invented them and stole all credits.
I like the "invention" of slide to lock. Apple should sue the dark ages! I like Apple but patent abuse needs to stop.
+José Ramírez the difference is no one is suing J K Rowling for giving the consumer an new book to read or taking to courts in bankrupt American state (who'll take the money no questions asked, friend) so that they will find in favour of the American company, Which are not above doing exactly what they accuse Samsung of doing. Apple fear competition Writers, mouse manufacturers and tire makers don't.  
+Ton van der Liet Google is not a hardware company. Apple is. Google actually invented a lot of things when it comes to software.
samsung copy all product apple…trust me…u can know iPhone 4s have a siri n samsung have 2...
I understand the grave tone of the Apple-Samsung situation +Tim Whitehead.  I am only saying that the opening argument is SO weak it is not even worth watching, at least to me.
This is all just pointless child's play. If Apples products are so superior then why would they feel the need to sue.. it would be like Nike sueing golla or hi-tek because there running shoes have shoe laces too.
But no, the quality of Nike over golla makes the consumer want Nike however in this situation the quality from Samsung is on par with apples (which is to be expected considering Samsung make the iPhone anyway). Apple are just the playground bullies and they run away crying as soon as someone stands up to them.
Nice video! While Apple is no doubts a terrific company that's able to create a lot of great, innovative products, they shouldn't be idolized (just like Microsoft or Google shouldn't be idolized either).
He is stupid actually, for his knowledge since apple is in phone . Tablet and laptop and computer market they make every one running , before iphone every mobile provider was sleeping and all mobile was stupid . After iphone every wakeup from sleep and stated copy from apple and same things about iPods and iPad . This person make so stupid vedio !!!!!!
+Todd Brasells Lol Apple ahead all the time. Are you stupid? android is always atleast a year ahead. Who had 4g first? NFC first? Multitasking? Pull down notification? Voice to text? The first IPhone didn't even have picture messaging lmao. Apple has stolen from every company out there
Logan is the man, moved on to bigger and better things, The Tek! The video is spot on too
Apple invented patent law suit to prevent competitors getting better then them. Nikon never thought of this when they made the first DSLR. Nintendo never thought of doing this when they have the patent  for cross shape joypad.
How come Samsung have to pay Apple over $1billion dollars?? Ahh that's right they stole everything from Apple. 
Yes - Apple invented the most valuable company on earth.
That is right GUI WAS invented by XEROX... Oh wait who was the person at Xerox that invented it? Research time!
Sorry I was talking in today's terms and not historical terms.
Yes - the most recognised tech brand on earth.
When apple bring any product there hardware ad software million time reliable then any provider in the world , as everybody is saying apple copied from every one but i will say apple know how to present , before all technology you can't get in one place and apple did it. Before different technology was in different product . Which is this stupid is saying . But now apple is consolidated maximum technology in one place and that's call smart mind ... This stupid will not understand this . iOS is still reliable then android , I am not saying you can test it !!!!!!! 
So Apple 'Value Add', sounds like good business to me.
This is a fun and creative way to make one of the biggest arguments against Apple. 

What this really is is a criticism of US patent law. People who make this argument are saying that Apple's patented inventions are too derivative of prior inventions, too small to be inventions in their own right or otherwise too subtle or obvious to be considered bona fide "inventions." 

This criticism has two components: 1) The patents Apple has been granted would not be patentable if our patent system was as it should be; and 2) Apple abuses the flawed patent system by being too aggressively litigious. 

My criticism of this criticism is: 1) Yes, the patent system is deeply flawed, but it's the system in place right now, and companies like Apple have to take the system as it is, not as it should be; and 2) the difference between Apple and other companies isn't one of agression, but competence. They're better ALL aspects of device manufacturing than competitors (they're better at designing, sourcing, distribution, marketing AND patent development and enforcement) than competitors. 

In a nutshell, critics of Apple should instead be angry at Samsung or other Apple competitors for being less competent than Apple. Apple doesn't need to voluntarily work against its own self interest; Samsung and other companies need to work more skillfully at THEIR own self interest. 
People need to understand between hard work and smart work , Nokia , lg , Samsung is hard work , but Samsung start to stole . Apple is smart and they will deliver smart product !!!!
Thankyou for posting this again i watched a few weeks backs.
Nearly all tech patents are a con game and a lie as there is prior art behind almost all current technology period. The US Patent Office needs a complete change in how they approach tech patents as it does nothing but make money for IP attorneys and kill tech innovation.
+Mike Elgan compare Apple to Microsoft. Microsoft actively pursue licensing, even their lawsuits are to pressure the defendant to cough up the licensing fee.

Apple sued for sales injunction. Which means that Apple is scared of competition.
+Vimal Mishra The grammar in that comment was so broken I really don't know what you were trying to say.  That said, apple hardware and software isn't reliable.  It's without fail designed to have planned obsolescence, and all of apple's software has a lot of glitches.  Have you ever been in an apple store? Because I have never waited in a longer line then to have my iPod serviced.  Apple is just easy to use, which is what the general simpleton of 2012 needs.  Android phones run faster, are more user friendly, and are capable of more things.  They are just not as idiotically easy to use. 
+Jim Steps No... It's because the patent system hasn't been adjusted to account for software and the speed of the advancement of technology, not to mention many of the patents Apple was granted were ridiculous.

Good thing Apple isn't in a band... Can you imagine that? They'd sue anyone who was inspired or influenced by them. That'd be a sad day for music, just like this is a sad day for technological advancement and consumer choice.
+Pandu Poluan Corporations don't have emotions. They're not "scared." Every company is trying to pursue it's own interest in an open marketplace. Every company is trying to succeed financially. If Apple succeeds (which it does) in manufacturing, component sourcing, sales estimations, distribution, marketing, retailing and, yes, patents, it's because they're skillful. Being "scared" doesn't help you win patent lawsuits. 
+Johan Eriksson Exactly. If a company does not patent something they could patent, the question is: why? 

Every little startup I've worked with -- even though they don't really have the time -- patents every single thing they possibly can, period. 

Why are bigger companies so incompetent that they're failing to do this? That's the question. 
+Chris Lewis you beat me to the punch. Laughing at ppl that think apple invented the GUI. Hell Steve Jobs never invented anything Steve Wozniak did the work in his garage Jobs just marketed it. So tell me what did apple invent. Motorola has been around longer and android was doing it b4 apple.

Ha fuck Apple. Went from 3gs to android Samsung epic and now to the S3, both wife and I. I will never own apple again since I own a kindle (rooted with Hellfire ROM) Asus Transformer (rooted with Prime ROM) a Asus G73 with Win7, Ubuntu, and hackintosh soon to test Win8. All my desktops I built for far less than apple and would kill any apple machine. So fuck apple and their outrageous prices. I mean really who do they think they are and I laugh at the ppl that buy apple. This was typed by my kindle which you can do what you want with, unlike apple products, stuck with what you get no way of making it better. I am no way a fanboy for anybody but I am a fanboy for technology and yes I do think the S3 kills the iPhone by far and if you don't agree then you can't see past the bright red apple that is about to fade out since the only thing they can do to the iPhone is make it bigger, oops to late. I could keep writing but need to sleep. FAN FOR TECHNOLOGY
How is IOS more reliable than android?? There both Linux based... Duh!! And Bill didn't steal, he borrowed from Steve and did his own "mixing" to create windows. Just like Apple does there own "mixing" to create their products.
everything in this modern technology as what i know need UNIX for single database for run the powerful technology .. lucky UNIX never claim anything other than they own name.
+Eddie Delgado First of all, not everyone is American. So, that argument is ridiculous right off the bat. Further, we should all be for innovation, product choice for consumers and competition for companies. This ruling is bad for everyone except Apple. EVERYONE. Companies that wish to develop products and consumers who wish to buy products. This is a disgrace.
Apple takes existing technology and presents it in a stylish useable form. While they are probably one of the most INNOVATIVE companies, they are not as INVENTIVE as they will have us believe. As a business model, their legal teams have always claimed as much as they can to gain a competitive advantage
Apple is a marketing firm with a great legal team. Or at least one that can pay off the right people. What a joke.
Absolutely true. Because when best engineers combine usual components in unusual way - they can get something really awesome.
+Johan Eriksson linux is the OS everyone associates with Unix because it is the most common form of Unix outside of Apple's OS.  However Mac OSX is Unix based.
Good knowledge and history, if we look from the hardware side...
Apple just mix all fruits into juicer and so they have found a bit new samsung does too..patent abuse needs to stop..
+Johan Eriksson Patents and inventions are not about "things you can do" but methods for doing things. 

If you look at Xerox Parc, which gave Apple the idea for the mouse but themselves did not invent the mouse. Apple went back and came up with a completely different method for how a mouse functions.

Is that patentable? Or once someone invents a mouse trap, no other mouse trap methods should be patentable? 
+Todd Brasells Other than 1 great device 5 years ago, where are any other devices they have been ahead of the rest of the field?
+Johan Eriksson You're making my point for me. The issue is not what Apple has done, but what companies are "allowed" to do -- i.e. patent law. 
+José Ramírez Invention is a clever array of elements, which perform a function that no device was able to perform before. There were phones that could perform everything and more than iPhone/any apple shit could. Having a multi-touch and few software enhancements is not an invention.

And... Harry Potter is NOT an invention. Neither is something software-related an invention (Photoshop, slide to unlock, etc.). Writing uses words to express an idea that is one step higher than language (hence, translations are available). Also, words were not invented, so your argument fails. And thing is covered with the © protection, and plagiarism can result in suing. Same goes for the software, except that there's technically no anti-plagiarism mechanisms. If you pay attention, Firefox 4 and anything newer is, considering the GUI, a complete rip-off of Opera (75%) and Chrome (the rest). That clears any guilt for look&feel thing according to the common sense, but patent law is retarded.
Yes, Apple has invented things, or rather the people in it. Honestly I haven't owned a single Apple product since the rainbow faded and with it the real innovation.
+Johan Eriksson It shouldn't be, but is. So what's a massive consumer electronics behemoth to do? "Be nice," and not patent or not sue? 
Yes, it is true. I believe it. I am happy for Apple. Samsung dead.
So if I invent something never seen before that uses a screen made by Samsung, I haven't invented it?
Xerox got paid for showing jobs their GUI and mouse. But xerox also got the idea from someone else. It's hard to tell what is an invention and what is an improvement. I'm just happy we have a company like Apple who picks up good ideas and make them great.
+Thomas Scollan  dead? They copped a $1bn fine (which they will appeal), but they made over $5bn profit last year.
Samsung is the opposite of dead. Even if their mobile business failed, it's still a small part of what they do. But their mobile business is a rabid success. They're the only company besides Apple making billions in profit from phones. 

Also: Most of the patents in the Apple case are about obsolete old products, not the current ones. 
Generally, we have in the market the results of manufacturers innovations spooned out in a product migration format, what apple did was to bring the market much closer to current technology levels.
Perhaps this will create a market that does not 'level peg' with its competitors.
What a surprise, more anti apple propaganda promoted on the google channel - its becoming too predictable and childish .
I make condoms with touchscreen, and I using ipad firmware and logo...
Planing to improve business with (v)I-brator that will be mac OS compatible.
Tim cook actually meant that " why should we correct everyone's mistake or do everything right and let other people take credit for it'

You have no brain 
The Game is flawed! The current patent system is designed to promote litigation over innovation. The Apple-Samsung skirmish is one fallout of that. It will get a dirtier when patent sharks like Intellectual Ventures start flexing their muscles
Apple is the worst company in the history of technology and computers.
I seriously don't understand.
Does anyone can tell me when Apple's patents where filed?
I had a Nokia 7710 touchscreen around 2004 (2004 launch date), that has this rounded icons features, and I still have it in a drawer somewhere if anyone wants to have a go.
One of the first touchscreen phones.
Im not sure if it had the elastic band flick also, but to find that out I would have to find it , recharge, and then turn it on..... can't be bothered.
Well, they became really good at selling overrated and undercapable goods for unreasonably high prices.
Windows was ripped off from Xerox >_>
Apple is not an innovative company and I say that loudly. They are always behind the scenes, always lurking and reinventing others tech. They happen to produce a well rounded product and present those products well. That does not make them innovative, it makes them capitalistic. Apple was not the first smart phone, mp3 player or tablet. It produced the best mass produced products in the segments and created industry and consumer standards.
Being a Visionary itself is something quite innovative.
Verdict on Apple vs. Samsung is really absurd and ridiculous.
Most stupid video ever " invented."
How about when apple said "you're holding it wrong" when they designed a garbage product and refused to even acknowledge that they had antanna issues for a long while? I wouldn't doubt they didn't care because they know they can just block every single company from the ""free"" market.
Not sure how that could be called superior, honestly.
+Ton van der Liet I'm sure others have said this by now, but boy how wrong you are. It goes to show how ignorant and misguided people are about the truth of Apple.

"Jobs invented the GUI" actually made me laugh. Jobs and another Steve who people seem to know a lot less about - Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple - were touring Xerox when they saw the GUI and bought it from Xerox, as Xerox did not plan to pursue it further. Wozniak single handedly rebuilt a GUI from the ground up from what he saw at Xerox. Jobs had no part in it whatsoever.

Jobs would later screw Wozniak, among many, many others, out of their share of Apple stock. Wozniak was the genius at Apple, Jobs built hype, wore turtlenecks, stuck his feet in the toilet at work, treated women horribly, and made his employees life a living hell.

You know what Apple did invent from the ground up all by themselves? Mac OS 9.
+Michael Atwood honestly, you should.. if apple is able to push, probably at the least majority of, companies out, they will be able to raise prices even further. Have the same product they do now, with basically no change and it'd just hurt the consumer. They're a company, so they would take advantage.
Android started to have like NFC, and now there's rumors iOS will. stuff like that just would more likely not happen if android or windows can't push back.
+Todd Brasells In court it was proven that Steve Jobs copied the GUI from a visit to Xerox Corp, Apple were forced to pay creative for the technology they stood from Creative Corp to re invent a mobile media player, the iPod. Just name a product that Apple Corp has invented, Apple bring there version of products out, then sue everyone else. Bill Gates did us all a disservice by saving Apple from failing. The next IP battle ground will be Television, which Apple invented recently.
As a Samsung Galaxy S owner I do think Samsung made their chocolate cake a little too much like Apple's but I think that fact blinded the jury into agreeing with everything. The patents I think should have been invalidated, pinch to zoom and menu bounce (which I personally dislike)

Just because Samsung's chocolate cake looks like Apple's doesn't mean Apple invented chickadee or cake
Now I love a bit of apple bashing as much as the next guy but to say apple didn't invent anything and just brought it all together is ridiculous. That is innovation right there! Although it was interesting to hear apple didn't come up with the word iPhone
Yes, it's has invented a generation complaining about not having money, but buying things at double of the price cause they're white.
well apple is like hypercar company produce expensive car with awesome speed n samsung is like super car company with quite fast but more affordable . well not the rest of this world population able to buy hyper car n instead they choose supercar . of couse the hyper car company get mad because the super car is no 1 consumer electronic device
Apple has done little to actually innovate over the course of the last 8-10 years. For example: the ipod was not the first mp3 player, nor was it the first to possess an intuitive menu for dong playback or selection. That distinction belongs to creative labs and their zen line of products. In fact, Creative Labs sued Apple and won! But the suit was for a paltry $100 million and liscencing rights, meaning Creative could produce products for use with ipod. Then Steve Jobs got the inspired idea to add a phone antenna to ipod and call it iphone. Again, beaten to the market by assorted products this was not new but it did come in a package that wss recognizable to the general public and marketed by a company that could give PT Barnum a run for his money. That is Apple's true innovation; marketing. Does anyone truly do it better? The patent system is decidedly flawed, in that there is no doubt, but that isn't only an American problem, as our patent system is based on the Swiss patent system. Apple has been able to file suits seeking injunctions all over the world in an effort to kill the competition. Let's face facts, the idea that a person can patent a series of keystrokes is ludicrous but we allow it. Many companies have avoided that path for two reasons: 1) it can get costly and time consuming & 2) there is little actual value added to the product if they can't be the first to market. And some patents are really dumb, for example: Ford was recently issued a patent on disc brakes for the addition of a set screw that holds the disc to the hub...really? Did Ford honestly just claim they invented that idea? Well, apparently in history of disc brakes nobody ever thought of that. The reality is that someone probably did, it was viewed as an unnecessary expense when building the automobile. This whole iPhone fight is a new version of Tesla vs Marconi, lets hope we get this one right.
they win this court battle but will lose customer's trust. In long term they wished they have never started this stupid fight because in the end it is the customer that benefits the tech competition. But some people at the top can only see the profits. I will never trust a company that puts finance before the customer satisfaction. NEVER!
Simple words: APPLE IS A CRAP
We all just lost. Not just samsung.
Xerox made the gui ....research before .yu harass
Wat's inside a apple? Apple chips... lol :-)
I's just a plastic cover...
+Michael Atwood you're right: Apple isn't stupid. However, the limited supply of MacOSX virus is because no one who wants their virus to spread is going to target a 2% market share. There have been a few, but they peter out on their own long before Apple gets around to making a security patch.
They invented patent licensing and suing :-P
+Todd Brasells apple invented graphics really? In which universe were you living grandpa? It was xerox who invented graphics and later jobs stole it from them. Get your facts right before doing some crazy gibberish.
About getting patents... most of apple patents are on paper ideas only. For example patent on Google glass like tech, Google has prototype so it make sense to award them patent but how come apple? This way I can present some crap on paper and patent future generation 3D holographic display and then sue others who worked their ass off to make it possible. Is it right? Nope... so we need a patent reform. 
+Rene Bee so true mate. you just nailed the comments section :P . Apple is like a cry baby , the one who is jealous and greedy of everything. they had the craziest lawsuits ever :D
+Todd Brasells apple stole graphical interface from Xerox. Do some research first, Apple invented absolutely nothing. Every thing from them is stole from someone else. Look it up people. I admit they are brilliant at selling things.
Oh boo hoo. The giant corporation you so faithfully support got sued because they ripped off some other giant corporation. Get over it.
I just think apple is overpriced, and what are they scared of.products have to appeal to masses.way to go Samsung
Can we all agree that all inventions are built on the backs of previous inventions? 
This guy have no idea WTF he is talking about, first read the case then talk, these days any one grabs a cam make one-sided video, and think they are smart, talk face to face, ull know how s***t u r. 
This video stops short of asking the truly interesting question: "has anybody ever invented anything?"

The same rhetorical strategies used here could make a case for "no".

But that would tell us more about the power of rhetoric than it would about invention.

Great video, great summary of what is happening!
Everyone following the case and debating it in either side needs to watch the whole video. Educate yourselves my friends!
Jobs did not invent "the windows" interface. Xerox did. 
Yea, now I'm sure Apple became the worlds most valuable company without inventing anything...

Hey, I just invented something: the polka-holed cup. Useless, right? It's not about inventing a new type of steel or new type of compressing pixels onto a smaller area - its about taking inventions (which are usually very isolated -> if you've ever read any engineering journals etc., where inventions comes from academics and researchers) - inventions themselves aren't often as valuable and/or powerful if you can't find a good use for them. And you can bash technology companies as much as you want, and you can cherish one, but do it for the right reasons.

Everyone saying Apple stinks and Android rocks are stubborn geeks (stubborn in a bad sense, and geeks being positive); because when it comes down to what a phone should do best - and what most people use most of their time doing, on the phone, which is: talking, texting/typing. And while I do believe Androids quirks will be straightened out and surprass Apple at one point; as of today, Apple is far superior, and if being technical is the way to go on your definition of invention, look at patents -> which is the "proof" that you've invented something. It has its flaws, but as of today, no one has been able to come up with something thats superior enough for us to switch it out. So, I guess Apple hasn't invented anything - BUT STEVE WOZNIAK HAS BECAUSE HE'S A GENIUS. Fantastic video, I almost watched the whole thing...
+Vimal Mishra Apple is not smart and sometimes does not deliver smart products. For example:

1. Apple III
2. Lisa
3. Puck Mouse
4. The Cube
5. ITunes Phone
6. Apple Bandai Pippin

Thats just to name a few.
People have to stop thinking about which side is more fun to "cheer" to and start thinking about what's in your best interest as a consumer. Everyone copies everyone. Apple copied a lot of features from Android  and improved upon them. Samsung copied a lot of stuff from Apple and improved them to levels Apple had never gone to before. As the author of the article shows. Copying doesn't stop innovation. It has always been like this with any innovation. There's a reason Newton and Einstein said "I can only see so far because I'm standing in the shoulder of giants". Any innovation made by humans is inspired by hundreds of years of history.
Jai Ko
+Walker Haber apple didn't invent siri. They bought it. and even the concept of voice/speech-recognition isn't new to the company Siri (that made siri). 
Jai Ko
+Ton van der Liet the point of this video is to say, "apple doesn't have the right to go around and sue everyone they don't like." not to compare it to google.
Great video. It shows how mankind's creativity should be shared with everyone in lieu of making a supposely authentic original invention benefits only some shareholders of the stock market. Remember all that at the end what they really want its our hardwork money both Apple and Samsung so why not stop this non-sense battle of ownership pattents and false arguments and join forces and ideas and make it available to everyone for a reasonable price. How can companies which produce eletronics and softwares be more valuable than the companies that treats the water you depend on your vital daily life....just a simple example to think about. The planet Earth can possible survive without some tecnology but not without the vital basics services provided by the utility companies (private or not).
Some things they have, for example, their operating system. Other things, like the parts inside a macintosh PC, they haven't.
I guess Jai Ko got to the main point of the video message which reflects the reality. Good comment.
Android folks are so blindly delusional. It really gets funny at times. But, they'll say the same about Apple fans. It's like religion and politics. You're not going to convert anyone with your arguments. So, enjoy what you enjoy and let others do the same...

Posted from my Apple Newton...
+Jim Steps did they steal everything from Apple? Android had voice to text, 4G, pull down menu, multitasking, 4 inch screens...and now look how big the next iPhone is going to be. Just wait for the iPhone 5 and see if there's actually anything it has that the best Android phones don't already have. You're kinda retarded.
Yes it's true. They didn't invent anything! I still have my motorola with the apple like wide plug. The communicator a008 was a touch screen with a gui using icons and menus like apple does. My hp palm used to have rectangular shape with soft corners and in screen keyboard. The apple os is also not their original product. The mouse was invented not by apple! I think apple can patent only the logo but should be aware of God patent!
Haven't watched the video yet because the comments have been far too interesting. I used to be a huge fan of the iPhone but their 1 year warranty, crack prone phone screens, faulty home button and poor quality power button design left me tied into a contract without a functioning phone. I discovered how to fix the many broken components by watching youtube videos and buying parts from amazon. I fixed my phone for a fraction of the cost that the "Genius" muppets quoted. Oddly they always say "hmmm...I've never seen that defect before...and as you are now 24 hours past the warranty I can charge you hundreds of £€¥$ for someone to just look at it. If they find any defects then there will be labour and parts costs..." ppft...if they find defects? Are you blind mr genius? Never seen the defect before? Then why so many complaints/fixes online? Why make the quality of your products good enough only to last 1 year when you insist that mobile carriers tie customers into a two year contract? Not confident enough in your products quality to provide a warranty of 2 years? I have now bought a galaxy s3 despite the imminent launch of your iphone 5! Yep it's better than any iphone I've owned in so many ways, so please lay off the patent jokes aimed at stifling competition. Focus more on what the customers want/need and less on trying to prove you've done it first. Sorry rephrase..."attempting to prove you have a piece of paper to prevent anyone from coming up with something more advanced"...
both MS and Apple took their first GUI from unix and xerox.
+Chris Lewis: You forgot to add the fact that Apple paid Xerox for using their technology in the form of shares! Xerox still sued Apple and lost.
They invented the frivolous law suit. No wait, they perfected it.
Apple is getting severely beaten in the smartphone market share and they feel like the only way they can fight the competition is in the court system.
The US patent system is deeply flawed. It grants far too vague patents, and that's half the problem right there.
There's a lot of emotions on this topic, its hilarious! THIS IS BUSINESS! Its survival. If samsungs lawyers aren't as good as their creators then they need to strengthen their weak spot. Business is more than just making a product and selling it, its war with the competition. I applaud apple for a job well done and a great product and I look forward to their demise when the rest of the industry catches up and wows me. It shocks me that the same type of people that boycott a huge chain like Walmart can take sides in a battle between to bigger companies. Lol. They aren't loyal to you! Why are you letting them get your blood pressure up? Lmao. I say let the fight continue, I'm the one who benefits! When the patent cases are over, these companies will have to be more creative, which means a better and new technology for me.
yep totally. the best stuff ever!!!!!
"I"-diots thinks that they got the best phone or tablet, if they have the iphone & ipad, need to wake up and look. Things that are better than "i" anything is more than 100+. Many many months ago, they already have become the inferior product.
Apple is fear from samsung and other manufacturers,people want's cheap and quality things and apple so away.
Apple company won a billion dollars from Samsung company. Not Apple designers, nor Apple customers (made money), but Apple lawyers and its shareholders. I just decided I will be an Apple stock holder, and a Samsung customer. I can then have the best of both worlds!
Apple has opened the Tablet PC market, can't you see? Not the damn iPad, but the whole ecosystem: the Store, Developers and Customers. 
I like apples the're when nor sour and windows always need cleaning.
HP had a similar device years before Apple's i-Pad and I don't see them suing Apple?  I have one and it is a great little tablet.  It was just released before the market was ready.  Looks just like an iPad and runs Windows XP!
+Vimal Mishra unless you want large screens, 4g, nfc, quad-core processors, more ram, bigger/replaceable batteries, external/expandable storage, multitasking, notifications, voice search,...

Ok, so iOS kinda has the last 3. But they are cheap copies Apple stole from others and don't work nearly as good.

Apple stole UI of mac and mouse from Xerox. Apple stole hardware design of iPhone from LG and software design of iPhone from Sony. Most of the parts were manufactured by Samsung. All of the technology in the iPhone is pre-existing, invented by others, and Apple is certainly not the first to integrate them. All they do is but a shiny white case and Apple logo on it and the morons will buy it.

Apple is not the inventor for the world. Apple is the thief of the world.
Apple creates markets for product. Finding the Marketable recipe for devices is still inventing because it's a new combination of hardware. If ford made a car that looked almost exactly like a corvett that would be the same as making a tablet that strongly resembles an iPad. UI design aspects also fall into that.
Ed Lee
BASF commercial "We don't make the things you buy, we make them better.
Apple could do "We didn't invent the ___, we made it better."
Sony actually said something like this with their Clie PDA line... "We didn't invent the the Palm, we made it better".
iPhone 4 was my last apple product! 
I've commented on this video before: it made me think of fried chicken. Mmm, Mmm!
Maybe because of this court decision consumers finally will get some choices because companies will be forced to innovate instead of relying on a rectangle with rounded edges as the automatic basis for their design. 
Apple even invented the fruit ......
+Frankie Bloise both IOS and Samsung TouchWiz (Nature UI in S3) are all fucking ugly and shit anyways. Seriously don't know what people see in IOS that makes it magical and beautiful. It's ugly, fucking slow and not very intuitive. Why would Samsung think for a second to make something derivative. Samsung also makes the buggiest hardware designs in their phones. Gps still doesn't work on S3 or Galaxy Nexus and soft plastic backs make them feel cheap like an iPhone.
Well no, they haven't invented anything but they have revolutionized existing ideas and made them really nice and usable :)
Stop claiming apple. If u cant buy dont regret. Just collect by selling ur androids. Androids are behind ios and will be ever. 
So bad patents are many times now used as a way to kill competition and make money unfairly stopping progress or allowing others to build upon generic ideas. This needs to change.
Even Goliath had a foe that killed it. Someday they will meet theirs. Nothing last forever down here.
I wanna hear the CEO of Samsung say, "I'm going to go thermonuclear on Apple." :)
I agree that it's ridiculous that Apple is arguing over minute details, but it's clear that Samsung mimicked way too closely things, at least via software, that Apple created. Yes, they are too nit-picky, but when Samsung comes out and blatantly states they copied Apple's design, why wouldn't they sue?  Also, as far as patents goes, why can't any other company use Mickey Mouse as a platform in Cartoons?  Mickey should have been in the in the public domain years ago, but similar to Apple products, it's still revenue, so of course they are going to sue other's for any "mouse related" copies.
Lately 4-5 posts in Google+ What's Hot comprise of articles & videos either trolling on Apple or Samsung.

All this is getting quite lame....
Didn't they invent iOS?
Ton vander liet Google is not a hardware company get it right. They are a search company, And there innovation has given apple ideas to steal and claim as there own. With android being open source its given basement developers the ability to come up with some pretty additions and ideas to the android system that some are not even native to android. It is because of android being open source that there is innovation. Everyone feeds off of ideas. Apple seems to be the only thief claiming they invented all these ideas.
Samsung issued this statement:

Today’s verdict should not be viewed as a win for Apple, but as a loss for the American consumer. It will lead to fewer choices, less innovation, and potentially higher prices. It is unfortunate that patent law can be manipulated to give one company a monopoly over rectangles with rounded corners, or technology that is being improved every day by Samsung and other companies. Consumers have the right to choices, and they know what they are buying when they purchase Samsung products. This is not the final word in this case or in battles being waged in courts and tribunals around the world, some of which have already rejected many of Apple’s claims. Samsung will continue to innovate and offer choices for the consumer.
Since apple was formed microsoft has created most of apples software. When the first macs came out jobs asked gates to write software for it
Rory K
The only thing apple are good at is simplifying its products and marketing. Innovation is not their strong point.
Who could giv u a better stainless steel FINISH Other than APPLE???
Galaxy 3 all the way. Apple iphone sucks.
apple is the walmart of computers. same type of thieving corprate dogs running them too.
Athar M
Well! the matter of the fact...they won, so just suck it up...and come up with some new interesting stuff not to get sued...whoever is?
+Johan Eriksson the Mac team abandoned the windows model when Gates stole it, this was all common knowledge at the time. Gates never really denied it , he simply disagreed with keeping the software on only Apple's hardware. He wanted anybody to be able make the hardware and buy the software the way the Microsoft business model works. That's why Windows is a piece of crap! That's why such thing as antivirus even exists. The Mac team which Gates was originally part of, wanted to wait until the product was ready for market and gates just wanted to get rich. The Xerox product you're talking about was not a consumer product, and I never claimed jobs created a mouse I claimed he created the graphic interface which he did. I was programming computers b4 windows was invented. Don't try to give me a history lesson this all went down when I was the tech savvy . The idea that this generation is trying to write its own history, is alarming! Don't believe me? Go read the articles published at the time. 
 when the world is hit with 3G fever, other camponies created phone that can make video call , apple created the  iphone 3G . if i not mistake that phone cannot make video call or even receive mms(multimedia messaging system) but all apple fan said this the greatest invention after iphone. so now apple iphone 4S can make video call, should'nt other companies sue apple
Don't blame Apple blame the Laws that make these suits possible in the USA. In the rest of the world Apple have failed to fully win their arguments ~ only in the USA have they won. The short-sighted and covert protectionism of American patent laws will only damage the USA in the longer term.
+Todd Brasells actually that was Toshiba that invented the Graphical Interface using system they referred to as "windows"
I think the Verdict is good for Samsung cuz I think its going to make them press even harder to become better than apple
To everyone bringing up Xerox, Apple PAID for the GUI from them. I forget how much, but Xerox's products using it was failing. They were happy to get rid of it.
I get the idea of the video but it's really coming off as bitter Google lovers. While Apple may not have "invented" anything, they certainly revolutionized (and patented) the products and made them mainstream. Why didn't these other companies patent their products? Because they were terrible and nobody wanted them.

You only need to go back about 7 years to see where we'd be without Apple. Flip phones and physical keyboards. 
apple is best and other are good and good can never beat best
mac pro and ipad are the best
the only reason you think apple is worth a pinch of shit is because you JUST got into computers.   they were terrible in the 80s and stupid expensive - in the 90s they got worse the operating system was terrible - one button mice and stuff ... in the 2000's they switched to intel architecture and lost everything apple about themselves - they became a glorified operating system and makers of an mp3 player.  Has only been the last few years that they've released some decent stuff - albeit still overpriced.  hahahaha god damn technology newbies.
wow so for my type because i am so good with computers
Apple is scared. Apple is brave enough to sue Samsung but I bet Apple won't risk suing Google itself. Wait until Google and Motorola sue Apple for using their patents without permission, they will bury Apple for good.
oh and I'm waiting for Apple getting patents for round shape, triangle shape, and cross shape. then they will sue Sony Playstation. LOL.
+Silas Miller there's nothing wrong in boycotting a company who claimed they INVENTED A RECTANGULAR SHAPE.
All I can say is Apple is good at cosmetic and refine what available to them. Just like Samsung,they were inspired by other company design and they win the race to the patent office. Apple win this case is truely sad for consumer. Without Android, Samsung & others, the IPhone still sell at $600 with 8GB when it's first released. Look at how far the price has come down since 2007? Apple won the game by utilized the weak patent law and perhaps those guys at the Patent office need to go back to school.
"Apple is a technology recipe company" Nice!
So this is the "hot" post about yesterday, Google? Interesting! This is why I barely check on "what is hot". Totally biased!
I hope this hurts apple and brings them down a couple of notches in the long run.  I can not stand this whole lawsuit thing.  I like all sorts of products including apple but I can not believe, with all the success they have had, that they would take that amount of money from another company. Has every product that apple has ever manufactured been a completely brand new idea that no one else has ever tried before?  No.  Ideas should be shared and improved upon.  To claim a curve or something ridiculous like that should only be apples right to own and produce is just selfish.  Furthermore, a copy of an Iphone would look identical to an Iphone - key word being identical. I personally got sick of the Iphone because I like change and they didn't change there phone enough for me so I bought another phone that was different.   Samsung's phones are not copies of existing Iphones.  Should one person or entity have the right to control everyting?  No.  How can a jury not see this?   It is nothing but arrogance from apple.  A decent person does something well and lets the fruit of his hard work lead him to success.  He does something well and it benefits him and also benefits his neighbor.  An arrogant person forgets his nieghbor, worships himself, and ruins a good thing!
Apple:if u can't beat them , sue them!.....I hate the crapple
Ma Loy
I got my first windows mobile back in 2005 then Atom, love how the way I use them and personalized, touch screen qwerty, excel, wifi, internet browsing etc.. Years later there came iPhone it was just the same just improved design and polished with very limited customization and functions, then came Samsung and other android phones. Glad to have them at least as a consumer I get to chose what I want and competition brings out the best products. Even if apple won, it won't bring labor employment, the winner here is China where apple gets cheap materials and labor then selling it at high price. Just my opinion.
Luckily Samsung made 6 billion this year partially by mimicking Apple, paying one billion to continue doing so for another few years isn't too bad, right?
By this logic to invent anything you have to first invent the new Universe. Of course ANY innovation is based on the existing technology. Apple did in fact invent a lot of things. These guys completely misunderstand the idea of invention. 
Apple fans are impossible to argue against! You tell them specs and UI and everything and they just won't stop saying that apple is the best and that they invented all sorts of things and are a good american company and all that. (Like +Vimal Mishra earlier stupid comments to this phone) so I'm going to keep it simple and short:

A). Apple products are slower, less customizable (which is why people tend to jailbreak their Iphony)

B). Apple was not the first with all the innovation and in the smartphone market, and what not, if you look at a lot of doors then you might realize that apple did not invent "slide to unlock", they stole the notifications bar from android (and made it worse), they did not invent touchscreens, or even a rectangle, a rectangle is a shape and does not mean samsung stole ideas, if anything apple buys and uses samsung hardware in their phones, and because I'm keeping this short I'm not going to get into the history of apple and name everything they did not invent

C). The good american way explains why they have factories in china with terrible conditions that are making children sick, and there are people outside of the USA (not america, contrary to popular propaganda) who make money off of apple and not everyone on the internet is in the USA
D). Apple is overpriced and all their products are worth about half of what they sell them for, apple is not the best or smartest company, but they have a lot of hype for nothing, and they are also not number 1 in this area, samsung and nokia sell more phones than apple does, and over 60% of smartphones are android,

Apple fans (not users) are idiots and if you do argue against this atleast come up with facts instead of just saying that Apple is still a million times better (I am pro-android/ anti-apple, not pro-samsung)
"apple is holding the industry back with rectangles with curved edges" That concludes it all.
Apple is all fuss, android is flexibility .
apple will be dead soon
you got that right,but it last long before that happens
This video was pretty dumb. But it's true that Apple is holding the industry back with their frivolous lawsuits.
In 1903 Mark Twain wrote: "It takes a thousand men to invent a phonograph, or a photograph, or a telephone or any other important thing—and the last man gets the credit and we forget the others. He added his little mite — that is all he did. These object lessons should teach us that ninety-nine parts of all things that proceed from the intellect are plagiarisms, pure and simple; and the lesson ought to make us modest. But nothing can do that."
As a consumer it would be nice to see my hard earned money being used by these companies to create new and better products for me in the future, but instead it looks like my money will be given to some lawyers in the form of a big bonus check. I understand Apple is trying to protect its investments but couldn't they at least pretend there is something good in this for the people who buy their products?
Hmm didn't blackberry invent email. Womder where they are today
This is one of the best threaded conversations I've read in a long time on the subject of Apple. Plus 1 to all who contributed by thinking before posting (+Mike Elgan +Johan Eriksson to name two). So often the conversation gets ugly and stupid before it starts...
These lawsuits are dumb and can be seen as silly as McDonald's suing burger king for having a kids meal.
+Eddie Delgado An American company that out sources their products! Share the wealth Apple to your employees here in America would you!
Apple takes it up the ass!!!!!
Yes, they invented the windows concept that made Microsoft windows so famous.
The apple logo actually comes from Apple Records in London. (The company The Beatles used). another stolen idea.
I have a Samsung gallaxy s 3 I love the phone over Apple iphone period
the problem is the world "invention", invention (wiki): is a unique or novel device, method, composition or process. So yes, apple is an invention. I'm an android fan, i love touch screens. First wide-globally touch screen device -> iPad. So did apple did a great job? YES. Did they have to sue everything else? HELL NO.

Yes, apple is an inventor. But hey! Android is an invention also...
I think Samsung needs to stop making the A type processors for Apple starting yesterday!! That would F apple over and give them a nice reality check. F apple it would be a cold day in hell when I would buy some of Jobs junk rotten fruit
Apple is a designer not an invetor. You can say you love the designs; not there inventions. Just to keep the peace.
p.s. I dont
 know if this is right but itunes/ appstore
+Peter Winters even if you are talking in today's terms, history plays a role in everything, and guys what, today is tomorrow's history, and you did say "Apple invented the most valuable company on Earth", so by saying most you are including all of history within your initial rebuttle. So no, Apple is not the most valuable company on the earth. Sorry.
Apple suck over priced rubbish samsung great phones
+Todd Brasells PARC XEROX invented GUI jobs himself has told it in biograpby "It was obvious it looked that it is going to be the future.They were sitting on a gold mine"-words told by jobs to isacson
I wish i had pattened
1.squares with sharp edges
2.circles with smooth turns
3.Triangles with curved edges
I could have also earned billions ( I never said apple patented rec.with round edge) ;-)
Samsung can still appeal know..... Someone tell me
+Mike Elgan tell me can samsung appeal and if they do whats happens then
No worries all that money is gona come back to Samsung via the increased hardware price...
The hardware apple buys from Samsung to build these devices. 
All Apple fanboys need to understand, I use to own an iphone but got bored with only one phone one tablet etc to choose from and being spear-headed into a single way of using All tech,.If Apple get their way it will be a nightmare for tech-junkies, I like being able to imagine,then being able to go and buy something that fits my needs NOT being told how things should be and having no option to buy what is attractive to me, Apple have turned into outright corporate bullies Who want and are doing a good job at monopolizing the industry. We need Freedom to buy what suites us not what They will sell to us.
Too harsh.  Apple makes nice stuff.  They've done quite a bit in the way of innovation.
So this video was published to tell world that Apple has no originality. WTF.. Apple is Apple, ok. It doesn't matter if some of  its things are from another company. Other company can't say they suppose to be Apple. 
Galaxy....why have chocolate when you can have silk...
Great information. Reshared
Raj, thanks for pointing out the XEROX PARC invention of WIMP to Todd. 
Factually wrong on many points. Not misunderstanding, wrong.
Now this video has caught my intrest!
Wtf jst see apple fanboys comments dey still dnt get nythng in their mind. world foolest people :/
If it wasn't for the lawsuit, I wouldn't have wasted 20 minutes of my life on that video. Damn you apple! 
They invented one of the most profitable marketing companies the word has ever seen....
+Todd Brasells you need to study your history a little bit more. There was a reason Jobs flew a pirate flag in the beginning. He stole the GUI from Xerox along with the mouse.

What Apple has done is use the horribly outdated patent system to protect things that shouldn't be allowed to be patented. It's as if they made their own recipe for chocolate cake and because of how much everyone enjoyed it they delusionally started believing they invented chocolate cake and patented it.

They are a great recipe company with very little original innovation and a fantastic marketing team.
Yes apple has invented stuff!!! where do you think the iphone, ipod, and the ipad came from you dipwit
whether they did or not, if you have an iPhone and want an otterbox, but don't want to pay the ridiculous price, then...
+Sharifuddin Ramdan Samsung didn't even create the personal assistant.. google did. That's why I love google, they work with other companies and respect them. Apple doesn't
+Jim Steps most of their US lawsuits take place in Cupertino, California. The Apple HQ is in Cupertino. They win almost every lawsuit they have there. Samsung's HQ is in Seoul, South Korea. They win most lawsuits in Seoul. See a pattern?
By this logic, Ford should be the only car company in the world. I mean, Henry Ford was the ONLY person who created or invented the car, and all other companies simply stole his idea. So anyone out there droog anything but a Ford, needs to give up their car. 
+David Parrish IPod = Mp3 player, Ipad = Tablet PC, Iphone = Winmo phone ie. HTC Polaris. Still called that invented by Apple?
+Wesley Sanders Wrong.  Ford utilized assembly lines before any other manufacturer, they didn't invent the car.  Karl Benz invented a type of motorized transportation that transformed into what we call a car.
Xerox should sue apple, Microsoft etc... for the use of the GUI...
+Wesley Sanders You need to go back and do history at school, Ford did not invent the car only first mass production of a car.
Agreed Apple components are from others , but why the hell those companies didn't come up with the idea . It's not just invention , it's how u present . And apple is worth paying the amount when u use it as a customer !!
great video. can we send this to tim cook. 
I typically hear Apple referenced as an innovator, not an inventor. These are very different things.

1. to introduce something new; make changes in anything established.

I think the above is still very true of Apple. This was a video about nothing.

+Johan Eriksson It's a big conspiracy against A South Korean company. Was this retort sent out to all Samsung fans in an email or did you just pick it up from one another? The decision wasn't awarded to Apple's because of Samsung's complete disregard for patent law and copywrite... Nah, that wouldn't be it, it must be a major conspiracy by America. Nice try.
Jobs stole the graphical interface from Xerox, dopes!
Wow. Why are everyone scare? Is because Apple won and now they are afraid of being next? If you are confident you didn't copy and you really innovate let Apple defend their selves about their products. I search on Apple site and read all the books and Apple never says they invent or create anything! NEVER! Yes, they are add this and that to offer a better and appealing product and they are good at it. So what? If all companies did the same we have more nice products to choose from! LEARN THE BEST
In 1995 the U.S. Department of Agriculture and a pharmaceutical research firm received a patent on a technique to extract an anti-fungal agent from the neem tree (Azadirachta indica), which grows throughout the tropics. Indian villagers have long understood the tree's medicinal value. Although the patent had been granted on an extraction technique, the Indian press described it as a patent on the neem tree itself; the result was widespread public outcry, which was echoed throughout the developing world. Legal action by the Indian government followed, with the patent eventually being overturned, outside of the USA, in 2005.

Importantly, the pharmaceutical company involved in the neem case argued that as traditional Indian knowledge of the properties of the neem tree had never been published in an academic journal, such knowledge did not amount to "prior art" (prior art is the term used when previously existing knowledge bars a patent). public knowledge and public disclosure (verbal or written) is prior art.

Neem has a wide variety of medicinal properties; antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal, amongst its other uses in agriculture. However, because profits have been diminished by this ruling, research and development into its potential has slowed. 
+Todd did apple not rip the gui from Xerox....
i take this comment from samsung fanboy 

Let's go step by step through each element of the operating system. So you press the unlock button on each phone. (For all intensive purposes we will use the Galaxy SII/SIII and the iPhone 4s.) On the Galaxy phone you are greeted with an unlock screen in which you can move your finger in any direction to unlock. On the iPhone you are greeted with the usual "slide to unlock screen." I don't see any similarities here. The iPhone unlock screen is unidirectional and the Galaxy phones are not. You either move an unlock picture or swipe through a pool of water on the Galaxy SIII. So we have unlocked both phones. On the iPhone you are greeted with an array of app icons and a particular number of screens depending on how many apps you have downloaded and installed. On the Galaxy phone you are greeted with a home screen that is customizable with widgets and apps. You can change the number of home screens to your liking. This is pretty much where the train ends on the iPhone. You have your array of apps and you can choose to open up whichever one you would like. Now on the Galaxy phone you have an additional screen in the form of an app dock. This is the only part I can see a similarity between iOS and TouchWiz Android. The apps are arranged into screens so that you may scroll side to side, similar to the app drawer/homescreen on iOS. In Samsung's defense, there are only so many ways you can arrange application. A lot of Android overlays have chosen to adopt the ability to scroll up and down through your apps, while Samsung has simply chosen the side to side scroll as their method of displaying apps. I don't see this as a major design element that warrants a lawsuit. I do see that Apple's newest iOS seems to have re-appropriated drop down notifications, which is something Android has had since version 1.6. All and all my point is, I don't think there have been over a billion dollars in damages here. I own the ATT variant of the Galaxy S2, have played with a friend's Galaxy S3 and have extensively used many iPhone's (I do mobile development). There is no doubt that TouchWiz grabs some of it's inspiration from iOS. The 4 bottom most icons are distinctively Apple-esque. However iOS has notably grabbed some inspiration from Android. Drop down notifications (remember the old awful iOS notifications?) were inspired by Android. Siri was even inspired by the voice commands on Android. The voice command system on Android doesn't understand natural human speech, but in times where I need the utility of voice features (voice text, call commands, etc.) It has never failed me. Apple voice commands were virtually useless until the advent of Siri. Apple is playing the bully here. Really the biggest players in the smartphone business are Samsung and Apple. They hold the most profit in the smartphone market. They hold the greatest market share. Apple felt threatened, so they attacked Samsung and indoctrined the public with ideas that Samsung was stealing. There is inspiration in TouchWiz, but it's not a straight up copy. In terms of hardware design, the international hardware of the Galaxy Series does have some striking similarities. I believe Samsung should have incurred some lawsuits for the original Galaxy S. However the Galaxy S2 has a pretty different shape and profile. It is thicker toward the bottom, thinner towards the top. The iPhone 4/4s is one thickness all the way through. Both are rounded rectangles, but the galaxy has an overall different feel to it. I also believe that a lot of these accusations on the Galaxy S3 should be squashed. The app drawer includes an entire widgets section and has a way different look and feel from anything Apple. I've heard many of my friends and colleagues say that it is actually smoother and sleeker than the iPhone. Truly this is a case of Apple feeling threatened. I think Google should have struck while the iron was hot on the drop down notification thing. Any way that's just my 2 cents. Inb4 I'm called a Samsung fanboi.
I would love to have a patent for the word "Apple" so I can sue Apple and the some of juice factories for producing a product called 'Apple juice'.
All of you totally didn't get it. It seems that you need to start from the basics. Look for the word "Patent" on google now that you r here.
I have reversed my feeling completely on this Apple patent case.

Originally, I was deadset against this lawsuit by Apple. I hate all IT patents. But now I see whats been happening. Companies in the US are having their innovations stolen, pirated, and copied by these Asian companies and industries in mass. Because so much pirating goes on in places like China, its really a form of theft. It shows quite clearly, that America continues to lead the tech world in terms of innovation as these people dont have the talent to come up with original designs. Thats not in all cases but certainly the case in the Web and Mobile and software markets. I mean the US invents the Internet, the search engine and all this great mobile technology, why are these people stealing from us?

It smells of not just money and market share but of cultural things like ethics and low self esteem. Its almost like a culture of "if we can steal your ideas and get away with it" we suddenly have power. It doesnt work that way. So Im glad an American jury and legal system implimented a thorough corporate spanking.
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