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This is hilarious #iphone5 
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A chance to win a iPhone 9 in 7-8 years, hahahahahahahahaha..dat was the most superb part..still laughing..:D
My favorite part was "in the iPhone 5 we said F*** Google Maps" and "... adjective"  But the chance to win was pretty great too.
LOL at the "Black Apple Employee (he's still the only one)". And that last guy should be in films. He's believable!
Please let one of the tools that is currently waiting in line to get one - get one - then get mugged of it 30 feet outside the store - on camera - by a nut in an android costume. This is my Sears Wishbook Christmas wish.
i don't hate apple. just the iphone 5.
haters gonna hate haters gonna hate id be fucking models while they sit and mastur****e
Its definitely sick how some people lust over iphone when most cannot even tell the difference between iphone4s and iphone5
androids are doing well in the market
smiley for love the iphone sad face for haters!
Funny as hell and I'm Team Android but I gotta say it is a nice looking phone.
Well this will get some peoples panties in a wad.  I ask those people, why are you so uptight about a phone?
yeha but whats the diffrence betwen market and the customers mind aren't they the same?
look at the PRICES AND PERFORMANCE! SAMSUNG HAS A GREAT PRICE AND A GREAT PERFORMANCE RATE! no matter where you are you can see tits on your phone. Sold!
im not going to get anywhere with this am I?
Apple fans should get a kick out of this also. It's just funny! It's not an attack on iphone owners lives. So please get over the crying about everyone making fun of the iphone crap.
@ Pyro Maniac   No your not!  Back to my previous post.
only thing iphone has that is better than any other phone is it's design, hardware and software is just to laugh at :) my sony xperia s eats iphone for lunch and it's out for half a year now and costs 2 times less. no hate for the apple or iphone in general, just hating their innovation progress and false marketing.
bwa... 3 minutes of my life wasted on this clip.
If a competitors are born (Android), then this type of promos emerges
You could of turned it off 20 seconds in. Just saying
that proves that iphone users are stupid
Very funny but unnecessary imo. The original apple iphone 5 promo video is a great parody in and of itself.

"by making the screen taller, but not wider, you can see more of your content but still hold your phone comfortably in one hand"

The Onion would be proud of that line alone.
you people need to stop comparing iphone to galaxy s3, galaxy ain't the best choice out there either -.-
le derrp, wtf are you talking about? :O even the current samsung has a bigger screen so why would they have to make bigger than that to compete? 0o
First black employee at first this video looked nonfiction lol impressive also hilarious 
sol nor
i hate iphone
Just wait...Android will show the world its capability.
I found this video pretty funny. Thanks for posting it.
+Brad Kenner i never said GS3 isn't better than iphone 5, i said there are better picks than GS3, i find my sony xperia s a better phone than GS3, i realize it's not a better phone if you compare specs, but 4.3" suits me more than 4.8" and i prefer 12mpx camera over 8mpx. still costs less than both iphone and samsung.
LOL "we updated the camera lens...cover" HAHAHA :D
so childish of the video makers.. learn to innovate not to discriminate ...
I take back all the bad things I said about the iPhone 5. This advert convinced me =)
This is so true Iphone 5 sucks there are way batter phones coming out this year that best it in every aspect
This is hilarious! Love this...sharing it! Lighten up people have a sense of humor! 
There were more phones in PREVIOUS years that best it!
People already in line for iPhone in new York oh my god and phone not coming till Friday !! You People make me sick !! 
That not spirt dude that money making fool 
Not one fucker keeping it !! eBay ready for your ass 
Hahah loved this, so classic
iPhone 5 garbage it's all about getting it and selling it !! 
Lol what in 2013 iPhone will be you all :-) 
What's a iPhone 5, and what happen with the previous 4?
I am happy with my $150 iPhone 4 32g but still waiting on galaxy 3 that phone I want it bad !! 
iPhone 4 and 4s are on sale at gizmo :) they buying it now 
150 for 4 and 200 for 4s hahaha them losers pay 500 to 600 are crying hahaha 
Will the iPhone 5 be unlock that ? Now and when and can we use sim card ! 
Micro sd card what that mean to them people using t mobile and other service ha
Very that true...a different connector?  Not cool.
Le go wait for others make $100 dollar that what I bet you doing hahaha 
That what I seen today !! People want stay line for 100.00 to keep your spot hahaha what loser over $100 
I love this ad!!!! I want the iPhone 9!!
Le you pay double you damn lair :) you want even get it ! 
I must get a new will change my whole life....Samsung 4
"Doing well in the market, but not in customer's minds..." Yah, I've heard it all now!
How much it will cost to buy.. anybody know
This is awesome. It's the best thing I've seen in a while and definitely the funniest. I love it.
You either have to be humorless,a HUGE Apple fan or both not to find this hilarious.
I dont get it. Was it because he said *its?
That's the funniest thing I've watched the last fake iPhone promo!
Adel Dj
freaking hillarious
LOL.. Extramezilucionary!
Ha . Too good . Even as a fun boy I find this hilarious 
If at a party, would anyone grab an apple over a buffet table full of ice cream sandwiches, cupcakes, gingerbread cookies, eclairs or grab a handful of jelly beans? Just a question really.. +Sarah Kimmel 
only if they are on a diet...
Pre-ordered my black 32GB today :p. i'm excited about the new camera lens cover ;-)
@JP Goodings- yes I would take an apple and take some caramel sauce too.
Thank you Sarah. Thank you thank you thank you. Brilliant
<<--proud owner of NO iphone
Proud owner of a iPhone 4S, I'm waiting to get my iPhone5
Loved this.  Thanks for sharing.
Awesome ad. I just realised all the iphone ads of workers only had white people in it.
I prefer Android in all aspects
kim M
I must say that was pretty hilarious... Ha ha
This made my day and I'm still laughing
i love this im gonna share it w/ a lot"""
They said 'we took the iphone 9 and worked backwards... Priceless
I am am Apple fan. In fact I am such a fan I was the one who bit the Apple. But this is funny. Lighten up a bit people. Go iPhone 5!!!!! 
It does look pretty on my Galaxy S III ;-)
I find it amusing that the first people to start throwing venomous name-calling attacks are the Apple FanBois.  That, alone, shows the maturity level of Apple followers. 
"Extra-mazi-nary-lutioning...adjective!"  LOL!
any one selling iphone hit me up.!
Verizon only clean esn
That was funny but in an odd way it highlighted what's good about 
nice phone i want like that phone i hope we have somebody to give me that phone
True the S3 has tons of featured but honestly how many will u use? 
You can see tits on your phone , lol
I hate trolls! I want to get though one thread without hearing someone try to say android is better then apple or the other way around. But That's the interwebs for you.
Haha nice. Looks like quite a cool phone though. Lots of other cool phones are out though and this one doesn't really stand out from the crowd.
That was awesomely funny and true!
It's certainly getting a lot of stick, rightly so some might say. Apple are known for producing extremely well finished and reliable products with the trade off that they are about 4 years behind the competition.

The main reason why most will get the iPhone 5 is because they are upgrading from the 4 or 4s, meaning they have already spent money on hundreds of apps/ music tracks & movies. I am one of those who now feels handcuffed to Apple because I don't want to start again and pay for apps I already have.

Android as an operating system, sets you free to customise most aspects of your phone but it still doesn't seem as solid as Apple iOS.

The new Samsung S4 is to be released so, I think I might just put off upgrading just yet.......... until then. :o) 
You android fans just don't get it do you?

I know we are far behind in tech, maybe not moving with the wave of progress, maybe even not enhancing the battery life but......

Is all about The ECOSYSTEM.

For the past years I have accumulate lot of Apple gadgets, peripherals, accessories and more. They work lovely together. I can move from my iMac to my iPhone to my iPod to my iPad as simple as walking over clouds.
I spended most of my kid college funds in apps, music and more.
Yeah I tryed to jailbreak but the battery is so lame that when I was out of juice I'd had to do it all over again. After the 67th jailbreak I gave up and started paying a lot.
Now at all my investment and dependency behavior I have developed over the years my natural move is iPhone 5. If I try to go out of the ecosystem I might die.

But you Android boys can care less about it...forever been jumping from ecosystem to ecosystem fearless. Never been slaves of no one party software vendor or accessories maker, boosting your storage and even your hardware/software performance at your Android boys would never UNDERSTAND.

So stop the hatting and leave us alone....because is all about the ecosystem. :'(
I'm getting on because I have tons of Iphone accessories and docks and cases that it will work with ... Wait.

Dang it!


Still getting one. :( 
Eric K.
+Gabriel Verduga Did you... basically just make the argument that you continue to buy the iPhone because Apple has exerted excessive control over your purchase choices?

If so, you're right. No Android vendor forces themselves upon the market like this (which is a good thing). I'm glad someone's smart enough to see this. :)
I love this... I just traded in my 4S for GS3, soo much better!!
Hee hee, haha, jaja (Spanish)… ;) Funny! Actually… most mobile OS options today are functional. Many prefer one over another, but we do the same regarding jeans, cars, etc…

My only Apple-hangup? I don't recall Levi Strauss suing Wrangler over the shape of their jeans…

To each their own…
God, I laughed so hard XD
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lol. I have no words.....
Android takes up 70 % of the market no wonder apple dont sell much with adverts as bad as that
Very refreshing "reveal" on this over adored Apple product.
from ware you get these film at was a big fantastic. 
These guys are always hilarious. Gentleman's rants are badass,
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I will file that in my "Intolerable air of smugness because I use Android" folder (because I do)
This was the
best isuck 5 joke yet
I'm kind of an Apple fanboy, and still find this hilarious. They really should stop the exaggerations. Lol 
Apple user here and got a kick out of it.
rofl at all the people dissing every display that's above 4", but when apple comes with 4.8" display it will be revolutionary and every apple fan will be dying to buy it.

seriously, apple WAS awesome, their marketing WAS awesome, now it's just plain bullshit and the fact that iphone 5 is already sold out proves nothing but ignorance of people who have too much money. 
md996 D
apple sucks..... I wished LG would sue them for copying the Prada and put an end to the iPhone !
I have trouble with the hypocrisy here... is it excessive or too excessive?
This is sick. LOL
"We basically built the iPhone 9 and worked backwards" Fantastic!! :-)
Iphone the greatest cult on the planet
Funny lol still want an iPhone 5
No matter where you are, you can see tits on your phone
Hilarious! Amazing! True! Made my effing day
Come on guys, this post has been up for 5 hrs and it hasn't hit 500 comments yet?
Normally a post related to iPhone ice cream sandwich and/or iAndroid 5 takes about 20 mins to fill up that I can't even leave a message...
Yessss. candor at last...!!
iPhone 5, hurry up and preorder yours soon. Stand in line over at apple store, while u there don't forget to bring flowers for good old Steve. look at him smiling down on all ya. Yall so crazy. Tell me this what u gana do in about a year when iPhone 5S comes out. Redo all this again. 
Haven't laughed like that all day, ha!
Agh I just can't wait when it's upgrade time. I am getting iPhone Galaxy S3.
Really funny... Siri cn tell ur wife is cheatin on u!!!!! Computers talk...... Ha ha ha.....
That was great...thanks for the laugh to end my Monday with!
Extramazingillusionary!! Lmao 
Lol! People can't get over iPhone... You guys have a choice. If you like Apple, fine! If you're an Android fan, well then good! Whatever makes you happy then go for it! 
HAHAHA! The blonde guy is amazing with his sarcasm!!
When apple actually invents something new, I might be impressed, and when I say might, it's a might so big it wouldn't even fit in the screen of an iPhone 9000 lol
Funny should be on tv
Lol! " So no matter where you are.. .you can see tits on the phone"
My simple question is.
How can a company basically relaunch the same device again with a so few small changes after so many years and manage to make such a big deal out of it ? And charge top dollar without most of their actual users notice that for the current technology on the market at the moment it should be a lot cheaper. (Cheaper than S3, note 2).
And just to add, to all the android haters here, what you doing on Google +? Anyway if you hate us that much?
we thank God for today and praying for his protection and guidiance....Amen
+Le Derrp cost is not why people hate apple its because when they buy it they realize how much better there android phone was and hate themselves for buying crapple then it turns into hate for apple
Lmao. I'm going to stay with my windows phone XD
Extramasionarylusioning .... adjective.  LOL
Just wanted to say, i will never buy an apple product!! Samsung should stop selling their processors to them. theyve probably had enough time to engineer something themselves for a change.
+Le Derrp how much does the iPhone cost cause the galaxy s3 32g is 800 so how much more is the iphone
Apple probably spends more money on lawyers than product development on phones.
what the heck....this is hilarious
K Wells
Now that's funny
I have a Galaxy Nexus and I love it. But I am opening up a second line for the iPhone 5. Looks very nice.
iPod Touch + cellular radio = iPhone. iPhone + bigger screen = iPad. Amazing ONE invention!
Well done video; now if we could just ban iPhone.
Most of the reasons I hate the iPhone. At least there's a $199 model now that Steve Jobs is dead.
A phone is a phone who cares as long as it calls and texts 
Apple products may not be the best ones ever created, but they are just beautiful :3.
Free advertising for apple. People don't realize - no matter what you saying about iPhone you making it more popular ... Who talks about Nokia lumia or new apple tablet? 
They ban it before I can a call .. makes me a little paranoid! :-)
last rabbit is out of hat.....finally. I think apple has run of juice.
Hello K.A. anitagee here. I'd like the opportunity to use an iPhone could you help me load it?
jusreign's iphone 22g parody video is much better than this
Hello, Kelly C. I'm new yo iPhone could you help me get started? Is this message reaching anyone in realtime or only hours later.
Hello Stuportino...How does my arse taste? Buwahahahaha!
What? The Android is the intelligent phone! Where's the chip?
Me too! Hello P.M. anitagee here. how did you get to be anonymous? The system never let's me do that.
why everyone had a right to decide what phone they want. its a competive world .
l think I'm getting a psyche analysis since i'm new to the system!:-) lol
I:-) 've sent a few messages so far, although I'm not sure where they landed. Looks like Mars right:-)
Love it...
you name it I can do it now :D :D :D
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