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So the global conclusion from the CERN press conference, at the CMS, a 1.9 sigma excess at 124GeV and from ATLAS, a 2.3 sigma excess at 126GeV. No joint confidence measurement just yet.

This is great, because this is where we'd hope the LHC data analysis to be at this point, but it's also not something to get all that excited over. The LHC is still working as hoped, which is exciting, but there is not enough data yet to say we have seen evidence of a Standard Model single (or other) Higgs boson. At the end of next year, hopefully that statement will be different, because there should be enough data to exclude or, gasp, confirm, the data range in question here for a possible Higgs. Right now though, this is really just another "The LHC is Still Working" news day, not a "The Higgs Boson Has Been Found!" news day.

Check out +Sean Carroll's post on statstical error ( to see a little more why results under 3 sigma really aren't results (and honestly, results under 5 sigma shouldn't be enough to jump up and down over).
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