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As you probably already know, piracy lawsuits are totally my thing.  A Pennsylvania judge has ordered that copyright trolls' tenuous BitTorrent evidence be put on trial in a bellwether (precedent-setting) case:
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Hi my name is Ruland, I was wondering how much you know about recovering personal information and protecting my phone from hackers.....can you help? It's a cell phone....would changing my #help?
Are you asking about a phone that's been lost/stolen?  If so, changing your number will help to a certain extent (for example, if you change your number on bank accounts, email accounts, etc. then hackers won't be able to verify your identity using two-factor text/phone call authentication), but will not help the hackers from accessing information that's already stored on your phone.

Hope that helps, at least a little.  If you've lost or stolen your phone, unfortunately there's not much you can do retroactively, unless you've already taken precautions such as setting up "find my phone" and "remote wipe" options.
An interesting article. I would love to hear the outcome of the matter.
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