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I feel tablets are for people that do not understand PCs. Keep telling people they lack the power and versatility of a real PC whenever they spout that "post-PC" era stuff.
Gamers and geeks understand.
+Chaz Steen I agree.  I think one of the main reasons people these days are so tablet-friendly is because most people don't. Even. Know.  When I talk to tablet-advocates I feel like I'm saying things like "But all you can do on your tablet is check email and watch Netflix," and they're like "WHAT ELSE IS THERE?"
The article is a fair representation of the desktop's superiority over laptops and tablets of today. But not of tomorrow. Desktops will make way for all-in-ones (aka giant tablets) and all-in-ones will make way for TV/PCs. At some point the only difference between devices will be screen size; computing power will be the same. With shared storage and apps, wireless interfaces, synchronized settings and configs, one device will be as good as another. But we are not yet. So, enjoy your desktop for now!
+Michael Snyder You bring a whole new meaning to the word 'Extrapolate'. Good response but Sarah does have a point when she says most 'tablet-ers' rarely go beyond emailing and watching movies & games on their devices.
imho, desktops don't hold an advantage over laptops. I've been desktop free for years, and my MacBook pro kills it when it comes to graphic design, photography, video editing, gaming, general productivity, etc. 

Now, I agree tablets do have a ways to go, and are not quite the desktop/laptop replacements Apple and Google want them to be. With that said, most people don't know how to optimize their tablets.

If you look at the "Industrial" Photos under my photo stream, all of those were directly upload to my iPad from my DSLR and edited there as well. I can easily create and edit MS Office docs as well as iWork docs, edit video, manage twitter, G+ and FB, manage content and ideas in Evernote, and even program.

Yes, program, as long as you have an internet connection so you can compile your code.

So, tablets are making more headway than people know.
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