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Am starting to switch from using my +Sarah Horrigan account (my Google Apps University of Sheffield account) to this account (my personal one) as a month today I will be finishing working at Sheffield - well, officially on the 16th of Jan but to all intents and purposes my last day is the 19th of December.  

If you've seen me add you here today then it's because I've just imported my contacts from my other G+ account - so please add me back if you'd like to!

Sorry this is confusing.  Basically it's this account which I'll be using in the long term.
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This is the 'new' account - so if you've already added me to a circle here... then you don't need to be doing anything!

Sorry it's so confusing!
I'll miss your Sheffield blog but look forward to keeping up with you here.
+Anne Hole - I'll blog when I'm at the University of Derby and continue with my own blog more... so will still be sharing stuff!  :o)
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