Montreal Demonstration Captured via Google Plus Hangout
Tonight in my kitchen in Columbia, MO in the US..... +Jean Francois Desmarais took us to a protest in Canada. Earlier this week, 85 people were arrested in a violent protest over student tuition hikes. Jean....(Jeff) used a laptop with a mobile wifi connection to take us live to the protest via G+ Hangout OnAir. This is the future of mobile live reporting as someday, we could see all of the Hangout thumbnails filled with 10 different perspectives of the breaking news event from citizen journalists. Initially, Jeff thought it was a couple dozens protestors but quickly learned hundreds (and as it turns out thousands) had spilled into the streets chanting "To who is the street? To us." Here's another experiment we did with the demonstration and others in Hangout asking questions live. Thanks +laurie dillon-schalk and +Steve Kilbride for helping me gather information and for the French translations. +Jean Francois Desmarais: Glad you are safe.....
For additional info on tonight's demonstration, please see
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