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Montreal Demonstration Captured via Google Plus Hangout
Tonight in my kitchen in Columbia, MO in the US..... +Jean Francois Desmarais took us to a protest in Canada. Earlier this week, 85 people were arrested in a violent protest over student tuition hikes. Jean....(Jeff) used a laptop with a mobile wifi connection to take us live to the protest via G+ Hangout OnAir. This is the future of mobile live reporting as someday, we could see all of the Hangout thumbnails filled with 10 different perspectives of the breaking news event from citizen journalists. Initially, Jeff thought it was a couple dozens protestors but quickly learned hundreds (and as it turns out thousands) had spilled into the streets chanting "To who is the street? To us." Here's another experiment we did with the demonstration and others in Hangout asking questions live. Thanks +laurie dillon-schalk and +Steve Kilbride for helping me gather information and for the French translations. +Jean Francois Desmarais: Glad you are safe.....
For additional info on tonight's demonstration, please see
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+Sarah Hill This is amazing coverage, and would not have been possible without this tool.
You've been talking about this kind of stuff a lot
Montrealer signing in... good to see more representation.

À bas les hausses.
Funny that they pay half of what students do in other provinces.
I have been saying since G+ was in Beta that Hangouts real power was in citizen journalism. It was about the time that Occupy was gaining steam and they were using a lot of UStream to show live footage.

Google+ would have been so much smarter. They could have had 10 people with cameras getting different views of the protests and police violence.

It will happen.

Someday there will be some big event that happens, a smart television network will broadcast the resulting hangout footage as it unfolds and that will be the defining moment for citizen journalism on Google+

It's just a matter of time.
I think hangouts and the entire Google suite of apps is highly disruptive. I think it's kind of scary for the Establishment to realize that simple citizens can actually have a presence that resonates and can broadcast.
Thanks for sharing, +Sarah Hill
i've always dreamt of starting a hangout from inside a hostage situation....
THIS is innovative. Remote cameras take away geography from news, and you can be an international reporter from your kitchen. I bet your audience will become emotionally involved and informed about tuition issues in Canada, as if the protest were happening in their own cities. This is magic, Sarah. Congratulations.
I thought it was a good Saturday night on St. Catherine street.
To +Sarah Hill : Have you tried this from a smartphone with G+, front and back cameras, and Android? Now that would be mobile broadcasting!
Hi +Carlos Figueroa Castro. Currently users are not able to join a Hangout OnAir (streaming Hangout) from a mobile phone but when those legalities get worked out we are all anxious to have mobile OnAir Hangouts as another tool in a journalist's toolbox.
+Carlos Figueroa Castro we have used this before and it works well and as Sarah says the legalities are worked out then we will have a really powerful tool for immediate stories.
There are other tools that can post stories quickly including SocialCam which will send a short video to various Social Media sites + Dropbox.
Imagine a billion free satellite trucks with citizen correspondents out there at your disposal +Sarah Hill "And now we go to Mohammed who is live in Homs..."
This puts a whole new meaning on #HIRL :P
+Denis Labelle Drats! I wished I'd known that as I could have had you in there as well. Next time I'll do a public post before I start the Hangout. This one came up quickly. Did you see Wednesday's riot?
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