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Street View of Montreal Demonstration via Google Plus Hangout OnAir
Again tonight +Jean Francois Desmarais took us through the streets of Montreal as protests there attracted thousands for the 4th straight night. We had other Canadians and Americans in our Hangout asking Jeff questions as he moved through the crowd with a laptop and 4G stick. Here's a link to Friday Night's Hangout from the Montreal streets: Here's background on what sparked these sometimes violent protests.
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Thank you Sarah for all that you do. I hope one day that your media colleagues around the World follow your example.
+Sarah Hill
+Jack C Crawford all it takes is a ripple to start and the rest will soon follow. This is a whole new paradigm that is similar to when TV sets were first on the market 60 years ago.
I think your work with G+ and Hangouts an example for me, a brazilian student.
good stuff we have setup already never used g+  hangout we use our own network (server) after this i have to try for our news And event transmission 
Been expecting this for ages. Now, pay attention Google, THIS is why you need to put a second camera on Nexus! 
"Starting today (on Android, coming soon to iOS) you can join Hangouts On Air from your phone, and participate in someone's broadcast! "

I'm sure I've joined hangouts from the G+ app on my iPhone. I'm fuzzy on what has changed here. Can someone clarify this?
How do I join a hang out ona mobile phone? That is all I have but it is not an iphone.
Used Google+ hangouts for the first time a few days ago with great results. The demonstration hangout is an example of its potential. 
Niko P
+Steve Mays "Hangouts" and "Hangouts on Air" are two different things
Technology will save us all.  With it we cant hide or be kept from the truth.
Very cool.  The news media no longer provides any news without a biased viewpoint.  It's good to let people decide their bias by themselves.
Would be lovely if you could bring the fully featured Google Voice and Music features to the UK. Or at least give us a timeline for roll out, or a reason why it will never come.
+Gary Gotham My understanding is that there are many features being rolled out presently. Is there anything in particular that you wish for?
I'm going to try this out 4 a little & see what it's like.What do you guys think?
There's still no way to start Hangout On Air from mobile... That would be a killing blow for competitors like Ustream and They already have mobile clients to start streams from Android devices, but they don't work very well yet...
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Hi I'm new to chating with the stars keep that great look going 
Sarah,i m glad of u n hope to interact with u someday,THANKS.
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Finally I'm here to say something.
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