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My 14 year old experiencing....Midnight Mobile Meltdown. 
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Nice moment you caught here...she is probably dreaming of texting :)
txt her,  wait 2 minutes call,  then repeat.  lol
what the ...i thought i was the only one to sleep gripping my cell now days...cant stay away from the phone even for one seccond...ok i admit i cant stay from my phone neither..happens to me all the Night!
so nice what a teen now a days are so close to their c.phones like their best buds or their bff's...ahahaha so cute just like my little sister...
i don't think its okey, everyone should get min 6-8 hrs sound sleep.. those should keep out of bed..
yeah because of the radiation of the
still a CELL PHONE IN SHORT... C.P gets??
I used to have midnight computer meltdown. Where I fall asleep with my hands in the keyboards, then quickly waking up to do something, then falling back to sleep. It's sad. Lol.
sweet dream beautifull girl!!!!
i doubt it the little tiny radiation coming from the cell will have any effect on the body...on the other hand cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, medications will effect any kid for life...she's fine let her Sleep
it affect to the directs hit the brain but not that high...but still..can harm...start reading books now...
The mobile phone is one of the first appendage additions to the human body... due to it needing human interaction for practical operation it can be defined as 'bionic'....
That's definitely meme material right there. 
Sarah: its not right!! Her finger on screen will not permit tablet to sleep and it will become irratable (& powerless) when she awakens.
And now, Goodnight.  It's time to sleep.  So we will Sleep while our Android Beeps.  The day is over, the day is done.  Tommorow is aniother one.  Every day from here to there, cell phones and tablets are everywhere!!
**Apologies to
    Dr. Suess
    On Beyond Zebra
    and my Pet Zeep
It always happens to me at night.
sorry i distrubed u ...........i have sent u there a message
like mother like daughter - all beautiful
Tu es l'une des plus belles femme du monde!
don't worry I took it out of her hands.... no need to nuke the kid.  :-)  
That's so funny, and probably typical for a teenager these days.  Bet she was instagramming.
+Sarah Hill 
ha.ha.mugkin dia mimpi, atau tekhnologi dalam gengamanya tidak pernah lepas...pegang terus walau tidur sekalipun.
it is very cool to do that................
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