#MayaVoiceApp: Pinging Intellectual Property Talents
These guys are using their talents to try to make sure Maya doesn't lose her voice but they need some intellectual property types in this Hangout to help.  via +Chad LaFarge
Contact +Kelvin Williams if interested. Read about Maya's story here.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/12/speak-for-yourself-ipad-a_n_1591671.html   #Plusketeers  
Google+ we need your help!  Having our initial design brainstorming Hangout for the #MayaVoiceApp .  Have some great ideas for a handful of "IT Guys" (as +Jo Anne Thomas called us).  However, we have some serious patent infringement questions.  

As you may have guessed it, the patent holders hired lawyers who made it overly broad, but specific enough to get a patent.  So we need to navigate around it.  *If anyone knows a Patent/Intellectual Property attorney please get them in contact.*

Also, we need artists!  We need a lot of vector graphics.  

Please!  Thank you.
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