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Yes, You Can
Man who could barely walk does the unthinkable.
Grab your kleenex.... this is worth watching to the very end.
I've asked this guy if he can come in my hangout and share his story.
h/t +Tyler Hayes
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Must see... that's all I'm going to say the story speaks for itself. :)
Watching him run broke the dam ... I miss being able to run ...
I hope I learn something from this guy.
Inspiring makes u think what u can do when motivated and commited.

I wasn't this radically off the beam, but after some lifestyle changes I am doing much better. It's a commitment, and well worth it. Great video.
I personally know the guy who helped him DDP 
I injured my back in 2008 nothing like this but it was debilitating to a certain extent for me because I have always been active...doctors were of little help mostly just pushing pain killers and not having any options which in itself was depressing after almost a year of that I decided to research solutions and discovered that the key to rehabilitating the back is to strengthen the Core...there is a reason it is called the Core and now I know why! After 3 months of intensive core and strength training I regained complete use of my back and could do everything I had done before the injury... it just takes the effort and the idea that it CAN happen. Congrats to all that have climbed their own personal mountain and encouragement to those who want to!
+Don DeCaire I remember doing strengthening exercises for my back. It was so painful at first that I had to lay in bed for the rest of the day. Eventually I got past that phase. I do remember it took months and a lot of wanting on my part. I never gave up hope. I love when people find that inner strength. I wish everyone could have it.
Just goes to show what believing in yourself can do.
FINALLY this made it to the "What's Hot" Stream.
Just believing in the "possibility" can open opportunities we didn't even know existed. Truly an inspiring story, congratulations Arthur!
hat tip to +Tyler Hayes for finding that video. I've contacted Arthur and Dallas to try to get them in a Hangout to talk about his experience.
+Bill Mckim I would love to get Arthur and Dallas in a Hangout next week to talk. I've emailed their PR folks but if you have any better connection, would love for you to pull some strings. His story needs to be told.
i'd love hangout with this dude!
That is amazing. Interesting it took an old wrestler to show willing in helping the guy. 
so many good vibes on this stream!
a very inspirational video especially with Coldplay's song Fix You playing in the background! thanks for posting this +Sarah Hill
Streams down my cheeks! I'm so glad he prooved them wrong!
For me it's more of a story on not getting yourself into a rut by just believing what others (doctors here) tell you.
That was truly one of the most inspiring stories I've ever seen. I've got bad knees myself and have somewhat let myself go. I now have a new outlook. Thanks so much for sharing!
Cried like a big baby!! Sooo inspirational this man is.. :')
Absolutely amazing. What an inspiration!
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