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It takes you about 20 seconds to watch this
2 seconds to share it.
We have the ability to respond....
People like Antonia need a voice. Can you help?
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Spoke to our producers here. Working on an on-air mention. ;)
That hand pedaling looks worse than crawling on the ground. That device needs a little adjusting.
agreed - its too far away from her - maybe they should have taken some measurements first!
it actually takes 48 seconds to watch it.
does anyone else ever wonder..if we will ever evolve to the point where we can come together and stop spending trillions on weapons to kill each other..We can accept that we are all the same with the same basic needs..but different with our own unique way to view this trip we are on called life. Put away the guns use the money to help the people of the's the 21st century and maybe I watched way too much star trek but we are better then this day of age no one she need for anything. they might want but they shouldnt need...
Why didn't they bring the cart to her? Seems a bit cold to make her crawl to it!
Watching it and sharing it are pointless tasks - like changing a status to make people "aware" of child abuse. It's masturbatory at best.

If you want to help, it's the donate tab that does that.
figure of speech mate. It's a blessing to be able to move around better if all you can do is crawl. The woman is much happier now. Makes sense.
Its all about resources...that will happen the day we either find a more abundant source of energy or pool our total resources as a world
Jake, one day you will need a mobile cart when you get old. maybe then you'll change your mind. some people need it earlier. you never know. maybe tomorrow you'll need a wheelchair. just some thoughts. :)
I actually know people who do not have legs and need to get around. You'd be surprised how jealous you would get when they get those blazing fast motor scooters that can go anywhere that none of us able bodies can get. some of them go seriously fast.
+Chris Robinson I understand your point, but the Sharing is what places that Donation button in front of more people.

+Jake Saevitzon The people that this charity is designed to help are those who have no legs, or no use of their legs, and are a) immobile, b) forced to drag themselves around (streets, fields, woods, gravel, rain, mud, filth, etc.) or c) be carried by others, if they are fortunate enough to have other to carry them. The carts are designed to be easy to use and to be as off-road as possible, while also providing a place to carry things in the back so they can actually even get work done and earn money.

It answers many needs in one tool.
well that's understandable assuming you don't live in india where it's not a rich country. Understandably that it wasn't awe inspiring because in most able countries can afford wow factors. just saying. To me I think that's awe inspiring for a poor country. Those carts look like locally hand made that's inspiring to me.
Although i have complete empathy for this woman and those in situations all over the world that are in similar situations, I have to ask, why dont we ever see this type of help for the people in America that are screaming for Help in all ways. I say... Keep the Charity at home THEN we can go help others.
We do, plus there's plethora of tv ads for those who have social security. Even those without have options. we're better off than most countries. so fair is fair.
And you are most surely entitled to your opinion.
i see such people where i live day in day out... I have never been so compelled as to feel exceedingly sorry for them. Such is life. I guess its because i grew up seeing them, and seeing most of them go about their business casually, albeit crawling and/or limping.
+R. Keith Heim If this woman were in America she'd a charity that help her to have a wheelchair, maybe even motorized. We have literally thousands of charities that can help people right here at home, too.

If you go the donation page at you can select another team charity or even start your own fundraiser for the charity of your choice.

You are not locked in to supporting this charity. You have options :).
think before calling India as poor country u dont hav tht much population of ur whole country that many billionires r there in India"s one state n think again becoz once there was a time when India was known all around the world as Golden Bird a bird which is made of pure Gold go ahead n look into history Your Britisher"s came to India to establish trade n by ditching innocent People they takeover it n used its natural resourses even after 300 year rule of bloody british rule India recover and now riseing and one day will become Super Power as still now if u look in ur nation world"s best surgeons doctors scientist engineers are from India. So look Your words before spitting out of ur mouth...................
I think the goal here is to say options exist for those who need it no matter what country you're in. no need for sense of entitlement that's irrelevant in this case. All people should be equal. that includes you.
yeah it makes us better people when we understand the difference between needs and equality.
wonderfull cause for the Guatamalan people.
then your point is irrelevant here. you can post else where that your interests lies. I wish the best of luck in your endeavors.
Is the crawling some sort of hazing ritual they all have to go through? 
Kinda makes the crick in your neck or back when you first get up lose its importance. We do need to be reminded of those that live with disabilities on a daily basis. God bless them and prayers for the things they need to help them live and enjoy life.
you are looking also hot the why are you working hard.
+Dean Embry +Danny McElmury Yes the device did need adjusting. I was there when the woman received the PET cart in Guatemala. The physical therapists adjusted it after her first seating. The therapists didn't make her crawl across the floor. That is how Antonia gets around. Just like you would walk across a room, Antonia crawls. She's done it all her life so while it's uncommon for us to watch, it is the way that she gets around. Shortly before that video, she also crawled up a flight of stairs.
I am glad to see that there are still genuinely good charities and groups out there helping the less-monetized (by media) illnesses that plague our planet. When your news network is full of pro-gay, anti-abortion, and other American plights, you almost forget that there are actual people out there suffering even more basic needs that should be helped to be met. Bravo.
+M Monica you make a great point. Let me clarify my blog post as that should be in quotes. These words about being on the bottom of the world's pile of human misery are their words. This is the way the people who live on the ground and the cart builders who are trying to help them...describe their condition to us. They are crawling through dog manure. They are spat upon. They told us in Vietnam they get infections from dragging their bodies through sharp rocks. You are right to point this out to us. We all need education on the proper ways to refer to people with disabilities. I appreciate you pointing that out to us.. Changing the blog post now.
I am at a loss for words... So touching... Nice post!
wow Thank you for serving people in need wings God always watch over you, you're an angel
Inspiring. There are many times and places where there is the possibility and potential for good things to happen. Right here is a perfect example. Thank You +Sarah Hill
This is truly amazing how people can keep hope, i wish we could help everyone like this...
+Booger Bender what if these PET carts were able to be made in these countries that these people live in?
Currently they are made in a small workshop in Missouri.
Ikea has a huge operation in Vietnam, along with several other corporations.
Most publicly listed companies allocate 1% of GP to not-for-profit organisations as "social good". Some are even more generous than that.
Hmm, perhaps my comment was poorly stated, but +Keith Prossick hit the nail squarely. My apologies, I didn't intend to make light of her condition, and perhaps she moved across to her new cart before it could be brought to her, but the clip as it was presented didn't deliver that feeling to me.

Your organization deserves the kudos for doing this. 
so nice for people to help out with immobile people
Reading some of these comments have such inappropriate remarks and there's zero need to be making fun of people with disabilities. For those who do make fun of people with disabilities, one day it will happen to you when you get old or have an accident. Some kid comes along and makes fun of you, you'd change your heart quickly. It's a shame people have to make fun of disability. true shame.
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