Dany is approx 3 months old - she was so tiny when we got her she could barely walk - but she has practically visibly gotten bigger every day over the past 2 months.

We have started to think she's actually a purebred. Classic Rottie from head to tail and the most perfect markings I've ever seen. She LOVES water, rarely barks, and is possibly the CHILLEST dog I've ever met.

And this is where I get to eat some crow. I'm early forties, and have never been a dog person. I have very strict rules about the dogs - they can come in the house only if their owner is watching them, they don't LIVE in the house, and they CERTAINLY don't sleep in the bedroom or (god forbid) in the bed.

All that went out the window for this sweet girl. I'm so sunk it's not even funny. She even got to sleep in the bed (although that is tapering off as she gets so big now). She is a house dog - she goes outside to play with the big pack but then comes in and has a ridiculous amount of toys and a bed and different collars and treats and stuff.

If she stays true to breed she'll be BIG and she's the perfect indoor security in case someone got the gate open in the night and the other dogs ran off instead of eating them. And she's honestly got the best temperament of any dog I've ever encountered in my life. <3
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