As our daughter approaches age 18, we may become a two house family. She has said for some time she would like to move out with her galgo and try living alone, in preparation for next June when her best friend from the US is planning on joining her here.

A local mini mercado owner here whom we have known fairly well for almost 2 years has a 2 bed 1 bath house with full furnishings and appliances and a completely fenced yard for the dog available 2 blocks from the Playa Grande beach about 20 minutes walk from here (perhaps 10 uphill on a bicycle, and less than that for the return trip.)

They only want around $450 a month for it, and it's only 3 years old and quite nice. She works for my company and can handily make $1000 per month working approx 4-5 hours a day, leaving her plenty of time to study. That's enough to cover rent, utilities, food for her and her dog, and a few extras per month. She also has freelance opportunities on a number of platforms if she wants more pocket money.

Best of all no guarantia, and a month to month lease through the winter to see how she does on her own. It's a good "training wheels" exercise and lets her see if she is ready for independence. She is completing her high school diploma and will be ready for college by the time her friend gets here - at which point the cost for the house and utilities will instantly go down by half.

Wish her luck!
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